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Support for Swamiji from Switzerland

Please receive my mental, emotional and loving support for Swamiji.
I spent 2 years evenings in front of the YouTube to follow Swamiji's teachings. Needless to say, how much my life has transformed.
I experienced tremendous spiritual growth, life solution insights and psychological eye opening changes for myself and the people
around me.
I want to thank Swamiji for all this and pray, that he soon might come out of this nightmare. Not only as a teacher I love him, but also
his entire attitude, lovely and charming being and amazing wisdom.
This adorable Swamiji is the greatest gift given to the planet earth and with collective prayers we hopefully will have him back soon,
happy, bubbling and save. May God bless and protect him always.

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Divine Leela

I would like to share my experience about my feelings at this time, with all people who had the fortune to experience Swamiji's truths, and to others who want to hear about Swami's teachings and grace.

I had met Swami only once in person. The rest of the time I'm guided by his truths shared in the youtube.

Initially I was also challenged by people around me about these media allegations and I couldn't express my inner voice for Him in the outer world around me. But with the grace of divine and Swamiji's truths I was able to always win the struggles within my mind at the least and stay with Swamiji's truths.

I had the good fortune of experincing a different space during my attunements in Reiki, couple of years back. My thanks to my Reiki teacher. Then my thoughts were wandering more about those experiences beyond the usual, which I came across during the attunements. Then I came across Ramana Maharishi's "Nan Yaar" question and answers booklet. That gave me better clarity that it is my mind that is playing the trick. But I wasn't sure how to go beyond my mind, and then I came across Swami's teaching and words most importantly "Unclutch" which is my key to go beyond the mind. Now my search for how to go beyond has ended and I'm playing the game of working towards going beyond with the help of existence and Swami's teachings.

Now I can clearly see how my mind works, and how I'm repeatedly doing the cycle of churning the unwanted thoughts in me. This clarity of watching the thoughts and its patterns are helping me to continue my life with gratitude and love. I'm still working on it though. The one word "Unclutch" that Swami says repeatedly is helping me move forward. And I wonder with amusement at times how this one word brings me happiness and awakens me to reality.

I have read Gita many times before in my school days and always wondered about how Krishna says expresses solutions differently in different chapters and talks about different paths to liberation. And always pondered about the lines in Gita which says that everything is Him. I had struggled many times to see those truths of oneness in my life around me.

But after hearing Swami's explanations, which had given me a clear understanding and confidence about those teachings in Gita, and how to practice and see the different states that Bagawan Ramana mentions in "Nan yaar" in my day to day life.

I'm grateful for Swami's clarity in his teachings and explanations. To whoever challenges my gratitude towards Swami even to my unneccesary thoughts which raise in me occassionaly my reply is "If Swami can make me sense true nature of happiness and eternity of existence within myself and around me He is my Guru and I'm not worried about anything else which will take me away from my journey with the Truth". I still listen to his timeless explanations in youtube and grateful to Swamiji for offering these teachings for free and thanful for the ashramites and devotees who spend their life time in uploading them and helping people across the world live with the Truths and be in bliss.

About the current situation I feel this way with love towards existence:

"Existence is eternally a playful child who plays different roles with itself.
Existence has expressed clearly more of its beauty and true form through Swamiji in Swaminji's teachings.
Now with Swami's role it has created a wave within itself where most of its expressions as life has started
appreciating itself.
Suddenly the playful child has realised, "Ohoh, what a game would it be without any characters contradicting
with others and all being at peace, won't that be boring, let me change the game now itself before it is very
hard, and put this hurdle to Swami's role by creating these allegations script now.
Now the divine has placed this hurdle and waiting calmly witnessing all the characters with this new script
and enjoying it interestingly as a playful child always.
As Swami says, nothing is lost or gained and it is only bliss that remains if we are just a witness always.
So we should also be a witness and enjoy the existence"

Thanks to everyone for the opportunity to express my deep feelings and gratitude towards life and truths.

Witness life don't tangle yourself in it, live in bliss and remind others to do so when opportunity arises.


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Everything is Shiva, auspiciousness!

Dear Friends,

When I came to know that Master Nithyananda has been arrested, at one point I was sad that people and media have misunderstood him. They are doing the same mistake which people did 2000 years ago with Jesus. Jesus was crucified on cross. Today people are crucifying Master Nithyananda on internet, media, defamation, allegations, and false reports. Jesus was killed by weapon, nails, and spear. Today Master Nithyananda is being assaulted with weapons of pen, internet, and media. During the Jesus time, the physical force was to destroy the Master. Today, psychological force is being used to destroy Master Nithyananda.

We are infact witnessing the crucifix-cation again, only thing is Jesus is replaced by Master Nithyananda, Spear, nails and cross is replaced by pen, internet, and media. The physical torture is replaced by psychological torture.

It is so sad, that even after 2000 years people have not learnt to respect Enlightened Beings. I felt as if I am watching the history repeat itself. Jesus came alive after 3 days of his crucifixion. I can see that Master Nithyananda is going to come out victoriously after all this.

I am saying this out of my own experience. I am not part of Nithyananda Sangha or organization. But I know, they are doing a wonderful job of reviving vedic tradition which is very important in today's life. Everyone, has his or her own karma in this life. But because of meeting Master Nithyananda I was able to understand Shivarudrabalayogi, Ma Karunamayi, Ammachi, Osho, Eckhart Tolle, Krishnamurthi, and other Enligthened Masters. I was able to understand meaning of rituals, meaning of mantras, meaning of how mind works. I follow his teachings and I can say that if you follow them, transformation is bound to happen.

My inner space is not disturbed by all these allegations. I feel sorry for the people who are doing all these nonsense. Instead if they spend that energy working on themselves, they will be liberated from their miseries.

I remember Master Nithyananda saying in one of the programs which I attended, " Go and learn from different Masters, collect all the beautiful flowers from different Gardens and make a beautiful bouquet for yourself." He never insisted on forcing people to join him. Although I was hellbent on joining the organization. He just said, "Unclutch,". He led me to other Masters. All I am saying is that Master Nithyananda knows what is good for whom. He exactly gives what your being needs and not what your ego needs. I dont know who my Master is? But now I dont care. I can say this, Master Nithyananda's teaching has helped me to stand up on my feet, think on my own feet, make decisions on my own feet, and not seek a Master from outside. He has taught me to look within and seek for direction from within. I will be eternally grateful for this beautiful gift which he has given me. Master Nithyananda has taught me to bless everything in life as auspiciousness.

In Nithyanandam

Vetrichelvan J

(Nithya Amareshan)

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Nithyananda Arrest: In support of Swamiji

Hi,i fully support Nithyananda.I am not a devotee but i support his mission to bring happiness and enlightenment to people around the world.I have gone through a great transformation which is changing my life and swamiji has helped me through his youtube videos.I have learned from many different masters and i know that smawiji is a great master.I sincerely hope that everything is ok with swamiji and he returns to the ashram soon.He is not the only master who has been a victim of the media.Osho was arrested in the united states when he was on his mission and was refused entry to many countrys around the world.They tried to kill maharishi mahesh yogi.Somebody is trying to stop nithyananda from reaching out to more people because they dont want world peace.I fully support nithyanada.Give him my love when he returns.Thank you


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Let us not be blinded by baseless rumours

I met swamji only in jan 2010 and was connected to him and his teachings since then. I attended NSP in bidadi for 4 days in feb and it was a blissful experience. Only those who have met him, read/heard his teachings and experienced the inner bliss can understand that swamiji is one of the greatest living enlightened masters of our generation. It is sad that media has made baseless allegations along with some vested interests. Iam sure swamji will be untainted and come out of this very soon. Iam looking forward to visit and meet swamiji in bidadi very soon. Let us all support swamiji and the asramites at this juncture of crisis and be unfazed by baseless rumours.

R S Kumar

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Standing by Swamiji

Im sending this mail to show my support to swamiji. . . We love swamiji alot and will ALWAYS ALWAYS STAND BY HIM . . .
Thank you,

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Love to Swamiji

Nithyanandam Dearest Friends,

On this sad day of the arrest of our Master Nithyananda, I reach my heart out to all of my Nithya family to enfold each of you in the love and comfort of Truth. We know who He is... in the very depths of our hearts and souls. This love is eternal and pure...There can be no blemish upon it... try as they may. Ignorance and the petty claims of the self righteous are fleeting...they have no substance.
Let us focus our attention on the Master now, and engulf Him in waves of love and support.

Embracing one another in compassion and tenderness, we stand united in the Truth of our cause: Peace and Harmony for the Whole of Humanity, with no one left out... Swamiji took great care to make sure that every single one was included and welcomed into the Sanga... our Divine family. We hold him in our hearts, knowing that the Truth will prevail and this too shall pass...

May we each feel the Presence of the Eternal Light of Love and Truth guiding and enfolding us all.
Ma Nithya Karunananda
Rev. Roma Carlisle

" I'm with

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Unwavering support to my Sadguru, Paramhamsa Sri Nithyananda


Paramhamsa Nithyananda is no ordinary being. I have been blessed to see and experience Him as Shiva Himself. For course it is painful to see the dirt and muck being thrown around about Him and to read how disrespectfully the callous media reporters are portraying Him with their choice of words. But their is not an iota of doubt in my mind that the tables are going to turn around very soon. Swamiji will reveal His true self to ALL and baffle them beyond belief. I eagerly await that moment.

I have been blessed to experience Him in my life. He is and will always be my Sadguru, that is the truth. No force on this planet can change that for me, that is how strongly I feel about Him.
In Nithyananda,

Ma Nithya Viroopananda

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Support for Swamiji from Toronto

Hello all readers,

I fully support Satguru Parmahansa Sri Nithyananda with all my heart.

Time for some analysis:

In India , there are many thousands of people who think and believe (in general) that Sadhu’s / Swami’s are fake without reason. I know this because I lived/ grew up among such people and community. Being unaware, I absorbed wrong messages. It was regarding Sri Satguru Asaramji Bapu.

With great fortune, I recognized that Satguru Sri Asaramji Bapu is truly the enlightened guru and is full of light and bliss. I thank God so much for making me aware.

I truly did not know anything, but I had beliefs based on very wrong and incorrect information propagated by media. You see media affects people’s minds and belief system because they have nothing else to see or hear. Thereafter, they close their eyes and ears to hear the truth

In fact, I helped a person (from my extended family) to see the reality without judgements and he denied, had a fight; he ended any form of communication/ relationship with me. These people become stuck & stubborn with wrong notions. Why? The reason is their fear, greed and status is shaken if they accept a guru. They cannot even imagine that Sat-gurus exist in real life; life is joy and full of bliss waiting for us to discover it.

Our guruji, Sri Nithyananda is so great that he tried to help people not to collect bad karma due to this incidence. His compassion overflows. In fact, Guruji is even helping those devotees who have doubts for him.

I hope that he would punish those who started these allegations, that way others will fear the consequences and stay away from ignorant behaviour.

There are many positives in this situation as well. Everything is auspicious. We know that he is and always will be taken care of. This is a test of faith for some followers, where they choose one or the other (whom Guruji is already helping). I hope the rest of people will take courage to experiment with Guruji and get to know him better on personal basis.

I love and respect Guruji. I hope to see him again as soon as possible.

Thank you,


Toronto, Canada

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I am always with my Guru Nityananda


I am Kalanidhi , i have been with swamiji since 2006 Jan. I have a pure inner space

because of swamiji.I always with swamiji till my life end. no media and society can shake me.

I pray to cosmic energy to come out all the problems exist now.


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Swamiji - You are a light on Planet Earth

To my dear Satguru - Paramahamsa Nithyananda

Oh my compassionate guru, you made me experience DIVINE LOVE and LOVE as it is
Your compassion healed me from all my pains, guilt and cervix cancer
Your unconditional love taught me how to express the same unconditional love to my loved ones & fellow beings.
Your teachings awakened my bio-memory of why I've taken this birth - to realise my Self, no more unconscious births.
Your endless courage and inspiration gave me the strength to follow my heart by taking a jump, I am liberated from the grips of society.
Your innocence helped me to regain my innocence and play like a child with my son
The divine motherly quality you exude awakened my own divine feminine consciousness - that of a beloved and a mother
It's was only through this latest epdisode, I truly experienced the Shakti, Buddhi, Yukti, Bhakti & Mukti.
You gave me a new birth, a life of a Jivan Mukta.
You know that many souls are eagerly waiting for your healing and blessing, please come back
You said that everything is choicless auspicious, even though I know intuitively this scandal is a part of your divine leela, I felt the pain that you are carrying for all the unconsious negativities and suffering.
Oh my beloved guru, I truly await to the day you create a major shift in consciousness on planet earth!

In eternal gratitude,
Siew Yong

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Love and Support from Istanbul


I was now watching youtube.com/LifeBlissFoundation,What has happened? Nithyananda arrest?

I am not worried,Everything will be good.I am completely dedicated to him,support him ,stand with him forever.The real devotees who understands and lives his teachings will be eternally grateful.Our gratitude will never end.And there is no end.This is the time,We realise that the Entity who has come in the form of happiness is our dearest Lord, and the Entity who has come in the form of sorrow is also our dearest Lord.We feel the divine joy of the cosmic play.We never retreat.In absence of mind, in unclutched! mind we are not in divine play any longer. At that supreme stage of surrender,we had been transformed in Nithyanada.This is the supreme surrender,this is the supreme attainment.Hope, Wish whole humanity understands his teachings, and live enlightenment in bliss.

Dearest Paramahamsa Nithyananda

You are tender and severe

Holding your rudraviina
You are immersed in the ocean of peace
You are above all feelings of gain and loss
You are uninvolved
You are immersed in the flow of bliss

With you
Reyhan Buket

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Dearest Swamiji - We Love you

Dearest Swamiji,

I have to remind myself not to stand aghast at the workings of mortal mind. How heartbreaking it could be to see you treated with such disrespect. But, I will not stand aghast. The error raising its head will be burned up in the light of consciousness. And as for these persecutors of my Master, "Forgive them, Father, they no not what they do." Some higher purpose will reveal itself through all of this insanity. I love you Swamiji. No greater blessing have I had in this life than you're acceptance of me as a disciple. Come back to us when this is over. Don't let the insane world of mortal mind deter you from sharing your teachings with those that will continue to listen.

In Love,

Joe Long
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

I am very fortunate

the great master is helping the humanity in various way .but I dont know why the media and who ever behind them are doing this.

In the past the great masters were crucified. but the media is crucifying the peoples mind not to get the spritual expreing thru the great master.

I am extremely lucky to attended the innerawakening in last december. I is a great blessing and experince from the master. .

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Help me out here...


After the news of Swamiji's arrest, I decided to see why He was arrested...most topics from the media on the net goes like "An Indian Guru arrested over alleged sex scandal"...and then some media news mentions different courts that are refusing to give Him a bail...strange...I saw some had decided to deny Swamiji a bail back in March (already?). I also saw a Senator mentioned, He was promising to give a tough penalty to Swamiji...and the story goes...Swamiji is being accused of something they are calling 'obscenity'. Whatever that is I have no idea...actually the people who video taped, produced and shared with public should be accused ...at the age of 40 years I could not even get through a few seconds of what I heard was the most descent video they produced....Throughout my life I have heard many scandals..of top people but NEVER had ever seen that kind of disrespect...To be truthful...just by the topic anyone knows what it means...but the media could not leave it there...they just went on and on...I was touring Bangarole around that time...even in the PM there were vendors walking around the moving vehicles selling papers with Swamiji..or whoo they claimed to be Swamiji in those weird positions..and they were bringing it to people's faces....

After traveling from South to Northern India...looking at the papers, the media, Bill boards, even the tiniest television screen in the Train Stations, advertisements...everything almost or over 80% have sexual connotations to go with it...some are so obscene, surely it feels very funny when sitting and looking at it with kids or even older adults....and they put it right in front of EVERYBODY....and nobody says anything...they just enjoy quietly...and now media comes up with Swamiji scandal and everyone is talking...I saw a post of westerner asking "Is it illegal to have sex in India?"...The media is treating sex a if it is a new breakthrough...and they are treating Swamiji as if He is the first one to do it...The post continues...the Shiva Linga stands for union of male and female...and the act is a coomon phenomenol, that is how most of us got here...So what is the big deal...

My imagination about Indian culture, is that of brotherhood and sisterhood...I hear Bhaiya and Amma, and Ma being used at the beginning of most sentences...How would anyone allow themselves to watch their brother or sister, mother or father in those positions....Swamiji is my Mother and my father...I could not watch even more than seconds...How would I watch something like that even if it is untrue..It is like watching my own mother and father....even the thought is too strong...for most, Swamiji is a son, how would one watch or even think of a son in those positions....

Bob Marley said "You can fool some people, but you cannot fool all the people all the time"...I am sorry I am not able to take this whole thing at the face value....deep in my sixth sense, Swamiji's innocence, is speaking very loudly and flying very high...

For the new seekers, this is the game with Guru's with large following...I belonged to TM Movement for many years, this was the game, actually it was worse,...but we stuck through it ALL..He (Maharishi) was our Father...How could we leave our father...we were at home...so much security He gave us, warmth and love.... if you read books by Osho, you will see how many times He was arrested for no good reason...Swamiji is not an exception to this rule...He is too revolutionary and works fast, He is too scaring to the mind....If you have to leave a Guru, do not do it, in a hurry, do not do it because of a scandal, do not leave because of Family pressure...just do it because you learnt enough from that guru and it is time to update yourself or learn something else...And one most important thing leave with gratitude. With Gratitude...existence can only place in 'better hands'.

Hearing all these, I think it depend on an individual to decide..if we want to pursue our sadhana and be liberated or just keep coming and suffering life after life.....the sad thing seems like scandals are here to stay...so every time we are born some scandal will happen..with one Guru or the other...so it is our decision to stay or fly off....and try another time, and another etc

Be Blissful

By, In and With Paramahamsa Sri Nithyananda Forever

Ma Nithya Lavanaa

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