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Dearest Swamiji - We Love you

Dearest Swamiji,

I have to remind myself not to stand aghast at the workings of mortal mind. How heartbreaking it could be to see you treated with such disrespect. But, I will not stand aghast. The error raising its head will be burned up in the light of consciousness. And as for these persecutors of my Master, "Forgive them, Father, they no not what they do." Some higher purpose will reveal itself through all of this insanity. I love you Swamiji. No greater blessing have I had in this life than you're acceptance of me as a disciple. Come back to us when this is over. Don't let the insane world of mortal mind deter you from sharing your teachings with those that will continue to listen.

In Love,

Joe Long
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

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