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Love and Support from Istanbul


I was now watching youtube.com/LifeBlissFoundation,What has happened? Nithyananda arrest?

I am not worried,Everything will be good.I am completely dedicated to him,support him ,stand with him forever.The real devotees who understands and lives his teachings will be eternally grateful.Our gratitude will never end.And there is no end.This is the time,We realise that the Entity who has come in the form of happiness is our dearest Lord, and the Entity who has come in the form of sorrow is also our dearest Lord.We feel the divine joy of the cosmic play.We never retreat.In absence of mind, in unclutched! mind we are not in divine play any longer. At that supreme stage of surrender,we had been transformed in Nithyanada.This is the supreme surrender,this is the supreme attainment.Hope, Wish whole humanity understands his teachings, and live enlightenment in bliss.

Dearest Paramahamsa Nithyananda

You are tender and severe

Holding your rudraviina
You are immersed in the ocean of peace
You are above all feelings of gain and loss
You are uninvolved
You are immersed in the flow of bliss

With you
Reyhan Buket


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