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Divine Leela

I would like to share my experience about my feelings at this time, with all people who had the fortune to experience Swamiji's truths, and to others who want to hear about Swami's teachings and grace.

I had met Swami only once in person. The rest of the time I'm guided by his truths shared in the youtube.

Initially I was also challenged by people around me about these media allegations and I couldn't express my inner voice for Him in the outer world around me. But with the grace of divine and Swamiji's truths I was able to always win the struggles within my mind at the least and stay with Swamiji's truths.

I had the good fortune of experincing a different space during my attunements in Reiki, couple of years back. My thanks to my Reiki teacher. Then my thoughts were wandering more about those experiences beyond the usual, which I came across during the attunements. Then I came across Ramana Maharishi's "Nan Yaar" question and answers booklet. That gave me better clarity that it is my mind that is playing the trick. But I wasn't sure how to go beyond my mind, and then I came across Swami's teaching and words most importantly "Unclutch" which is my key to go beyond the mind. Now my search for how to go beyond has ended and I'm playing the game of working towards going beyond with the help of existence and Swami's teachings.

Now I can clearly see how my mind works, and how I'm repeatedly doing the cycle of churning the unwanted thoughts in me. This clarity of watching the thoughts and its patterns are helping me to continue my life with gratitude and love. I'm still working on it though. The one word "Unclutch" that Swami says repeatedly is helping me move forward. And I wonder with amusement at times how this one word brings me happiness and awakens me to reality.

I have read Gita many times before in my school days and always wondered about how Krishna says expresses solutions differently in different chapters and talks about different paths to liberation. And always pondered about the lines in Gita which says that everything is Him. I had struggled many times to see those truths of oneness in my life around me.

But after hearing Swami's explanations, which had given me a clear understanding and confidence about those teachings in Gita, and how to practice and see the different states that Bagawan Ramana mentions in "Nan yaar" in my day to day life.

I'm grateful for Swami's clarity in his teachings and explanations. To whoever challenges my gratitude towards Swami even to my unneccesary thoughts which raise in me occassionaly my reply is "If Swami can make me sense true nature of happiness and eternity of existence within myself and around me He is my Guru and I'm not worried about anything else which will take me away from my journey with the Truth". I still listen to his timeless explanations in youtube and grateful to Swamiji for offering these teachings for free and thanful for the ashramites and devotees who spend their life time in uploading them and helping people across the world live with the Truths and be in bliss.

About the current situation I feel this way with love towards existence:

"Existence is eternally a playful child who plays different roles with itself.
Existence has expressed clearly more of its beauty and true form through Swamiji in Swaminji's teachings.
Now with Swami's role it has created a wave within itself where most of its expressions as life has started
appreciating itself.
Suddenly the playful child has realised, "Ohoh, what a game would it be without any characters contradicting
with others and all being at peace, won't that be boring, let me change the game now itself before it is very
hard, and put this hurdle to Swami's role by creating these allegations script now.
Now the divine has placed this hurdle and waiting calmly witnessing all the characters with this new script
and enjoying it interestingly as a playful child always.
As Swami says, nothing is lost or gained and it is only bliss that remains if we are just a witness always.
So we should also be a witness and enjoy the existence"

Thanks to everyone for the opportunity to express my deep feelings and gratitude towards life and truths.

Witness life don't tangle yourself in it, live in bliss and remind others to do so when opportunity arises.



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