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Love to Swamiji

Nithyanandam Dearest Friends,

On this sad day of the arrest of our Master Nithyananda, I reach my heart out to all of my Nithya family to enfold each of you in the love and comfort of Truth. We know who He is... in the very depths of our hearts and souls. This love is eternal and pure...There can be no blemish upon it... try as they may. Ignorance and the petty claims of the self righteous are fleeting...they have no substance.
Let us focus our attention on the Master now, and engulf Him in waves of love and support.

Embracing one another in compassion and tenderness, we stand united in the Truth of our cause: Peace and Harmony for the Whole of Humanity, with no one left out... Swamiji took great care to make sure that every single one was included and welcomed into the Sanga... our Divine family. We hold him in our hearts, knowing that the Truth will prevail and this too shall pass...

May we each feel the Presence of the Eternal Light of Love and Truth guiding and enfolding us all.
Ma Nithya Karunananda
Rev. Roma Carlisle

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