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Support for Swamiji from Toronto

Hello all readers,

I fully support Satguru Parmahansa Sri Nithyananda with all my heart.

Time for some analysis:

In India , there are many thousands of people who think and believe (in general) that Sadhu’s / Swami’s are fake without reason. I know this because I lived/ grew up among such people and community. Being unaware, I absorbed wrong messages. It was regarding Sri Satguru Asaramji Bapu.

With great fortune, I recognized that Satguru Sri Asaramji Bapu is truly the enlightened guru and is full of light and bliss. I thank God so much for making me aware.

I truly did not know anything, but I had beliefs based on very wrong and incorrect information propagated by media. You see media affects people’s minds and belief system because they have nothing else to see or hear. Thereafter, they close their eyes and ears to hear the truth

In fact, I helped a person (from my extended family) to see the reality without judgements and he denied, had a fight; he ended any form of communication/ relationship with me. These people become stuck & stubborn with wrong notions. Why? The reason is their fear, greed and status is shaken if they accept a guru. They cannot even imagine that Sat-gurus exist in real life; life is joy and full of bliss waiting for us to discover it.

Our guruji, Sri Nithyananda is so great that he tried to help people not to collect bad karma due to this incidence. His compassion overflows. In fact, Guruji is even helping those devotees who have doubts for him.

I hope that he would punish those who started these allegations, that way others will fear the consequences and stay away from ignorant behaviour.

There are many positives in this situation as well. Everything is auspicious. We know that he is and always will be taken care of. This is a test of faith for some followers, where they choose one or the other (whom Guruji is already helping). I hope the rest of people will take courage to experiment with Guruji and get to know him better on personal basis.

I love and respect Guruji. I hope to see him again as soon as possible.

Thank you,


Toronto, Canada


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