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Always stand by you Swamiji

In support of my Beloved Guruji,

Swamiji has completly changed my life in a way I cannot fully put into words. He came and found me at a time I was at an all time low. I did not know where to go, where to turn, and considered therapy. When I met Swamiji, I realized the answers to life were not outside, but inside. Swamiji since then has taught me so much. He has taught me how to find the truth to life, how to always be happy, and how to make the world a better place. He has wiped away my tears and shown me a love and compassion I never knew existed. Until I felt it with him, these were just words. I am constantly amazed at HOW much he gives and KEEPS on giving. There is never any end in sight. During my LBE and IA program, whenever we had thought of a "good idea" or how to share his love with others, he would share his plans, and on every topic and more, he was 100 steps ahead of us- from the stray animals on campus, to the low income children, to women, to youth, to building schools, etc...He always knows what we need more than we do. He has made me a better person, a happier person, saved my marriage, and so much more I cannot say...he is the answer to everything that is wrong in the world. Everytime we think WHY is this happeneing, how to change an unfixable problem, etc, he is the answer. Swamiji, his teachings, meditation, and yoga.

No matter what the outcome of this situation, he is my guru, and I stand by him no matter what. We can never judge an enlightened master and what and why he is doing. It is not for us to comment on.

I am with you Swamiji, no matter what...

Love and Gratitude always,

Reema Khetan
Los Angeles
LBE 2009-2010

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I am proud to be Swamiji's disciple

I attended Kalpataru and NSP recently and all I can say is I returned a happier man. Here is a man whom Im proud to be associated with. if you want to see the difference between an enlightened and a non enlightened being, all you have to do is see Paramahamsa Nithyananda at least once and I promise it will change your life. It will be a real bonus you can give your self. I got meditative experience I can never forget (that UNCLUTCHED STATE) and Now I know how to get to that state on my own. I repeat on MY OWN. I saw the restless mind state and the seperation from it.

For the Nithya Spurana program, I visited India for 3 weeks and during my free time I had the chance to see some tv channels. some thing strange I saw there, entertainment channels have become bhakti channels..., in other words Im seeing Paramahamsa Nithyananda discourses dominating other programs of these channels. Actualy people have become more spiritual by all indications. In one of the discourses Paramahamsa Nithyananda says 'Entertainment is the worst conspiracy against Humans'. what followed in that discourse... Well must have pissed off these idiotic entertainment channels.
This is what is bugging most channels of india today, that Spirituality and Paramahamsa Nithyananda are dominating their primetime programs and also eating away their profits. And so they conspired.....

They are going after Paramahamsa Nithyananda of all people.. HA HA HA .. in a way it is a good thing(I wish everybody goes after him).. These channels might get ENLIGHTENED.

Now What happens...you must know by now.....
I can tell you in advance..... More and more people will know Paramahamsa Nithyananda Now and be in the PRESENT MOMENT.

That will be a real bonus...



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We are always with you



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In support of Swamiji

As one of the millions touched and transformed by the teachings of Paramahamsa Nithyananda, I have no doubt that the current 'situation' is created by some disgruntled elements to defame.. With the words of comfort we heard from Swamiji today, I am hoping this 'sistuation' will go away soon and Swamiji will continue to guide all of us in our spiritual journey.
I recollected the many times our Master saying he is beyond the body and we are the ones who try to put him back into the physical frame.. and we try to see him (and compare him) from our level. whereas he is at a different level....
.....and the times when he responded to us by saying "don't I know" to our stupid comments... I am confident that He knows the 'situation' and how to handle it..
For us, he has given us the ultimate mantra, "Be Unclutched". Let us be uncluched.
Nithya Anshuman

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Gratitude to master

I was suffering from skin disease 4 d past few years. After cuming 2 swamiji i was totally cured frm it.
Becoz of the disease i was not able to shake hands with anyone nor could eat with my hand.
When i met swamiji 4 d first time itself my problem was cured.Till date it did not peepout.
i dont have words 2 express my feelings and till my life i will be very very thankful to swami nithyananda


In Nithyanandam
Kannan SDE

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Thanks Swamiji


My husband met with an accident near ranipettai.
He went with his brother,friend,friends wife and their 1year old son.
When they left way 4 a bullocart they went and hit d platform and their car bounced and rolled on d road for 5 times.Everyone in d car
started shouting NITHYANANDA NITHYANANDA and without any hurt everyone was safed and it was a miracle.
I thank swamiji for saving my husbands life.
And even in my family everyone is very happy.
And we totally dedicate ourselfes to PARAMAHAMSA NITHYANANDA


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Beyond my realm of comprehension

Thank you so much!
My heart goes out to the Master and to all of you at the temple and working in the organizations worldwide.
No matter what is revealed in the coming days nothing can take away
the gifts and grace Swamiji has bestowed...absolutely nothing.
Unfortunately, the world seems to thrive on the spin of the media and people rush to judgment without even understanding what it is that they are passing judgment on.
Swamiji takes all of us so swiftly along our paths with his 'work'.
This drama/maya brings with it a deep truth and teaching,
for those that are ready to learn.
There are aspects of this event that appear contradictory and I do not understand,
but Swami told me, not long ago, "the answer will come from within"...
so however one experiences this,
is a direct reflection of their inner landscape.
We have the opportunity to directly experience how much of his teaching has become part of our being, that, to me, is the gift.
I can't help but wonder what this is really about.
It is not the beings and the drama,
that almost seems myopic...
There is something larger, on the divine scale going on,
that is beyond my realm of comprehension...
Much love and light to you all,
until our paths cross again - Jenny xo

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We will emerge stronger

I met Swamiji during his visit to US in early 2009.His presence,his compassion , his assurance that he is always with me has changed the way I live and respond to life. Sitting in his presence, doing the meditations has brought such incredible shift in my perception towards the life. For the first time I really experienced the peace, the stillness, the bliss that all the great books talk about.. An experience beyond words..
At this time..just want to mention that swamiji , my bond with you has emerged stronger than before. Give us the strength to remain united and together to pass through this time..WE WILL COME OUT OF IT and WE WILL be STRONGER THAN BEFORE.


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My life has changed forever

I am Ma Ananda Chandravimalaa. I am a professional with a Master’s in Counselling Psychology and my undergrad is in Child and Youth. I just spent 3months living at the Bidadi ashram taking the Life Bliss Engineering course. There were over 100 intelligent people at that course and I can tell with sincerity that the allegations and video are not true. There was never any inappropriate behavior by Nithyananda toward us or the ashramites that we lived with while we were there. The love and compassion of Swamiji and the transformations that happened for us all have many of us returning to volunteer as well as some that have applied to become ashramites.

Nithyananda speaks the truth and is making a lot of changes in India and in the world. Those changes can cause chaos for some and feel loss of control and fear so they join forces with the media to try and bring down the positive changes that are happening in the world.

I can only say my truth and that Swamiji have changed my life forever. The teachings and meditations have transformed me beyond my expectations. Nithyananda is standing up and speaking truth. He is moving forward on his Mission and will not let these negative forces make a change in that Mission. It is time that we all make that stand as well and stop these negative forces taking over our life.

I ask you to look within your heart. If you have been blessed to be in his presence, listened to his discourses, read about his Mission and what he has accomplished; then you too will know the truth.

Miracle by just listening to Nithya Dhyaan meditation

Dear followers of Paramahansa Nithyananda:

I am part of a meditation group in a small town in Canada. Only a couple of us have met Swamiji (at the Vancouver Kalpataru). The other thirty people have not. They have simply experienced the Nithya Dhyaan meditation. All of us have had life transforming events happen as a result of starting this practice. One woman plays the CD for her husband who is incapacitated with Parkinsons. After three months of listening to the CD daily, he had his first unaided shower in 2 years. He has never come to our group, never met Nithyanandum, he has simply surrendered to the meditation.
We discussed the news from India this morning, and no one was concerned. We all felt detached from it, and not at all in doubt of our dedication to this practice, and this guru. The group felt it was India’s lesson to play out, and we all agreed to carry on, blissfully, with many of us hoping to attend the IA program in the future.
In bliss,
Megan Bishop-Scott

My experience

I had so much phycological problems (anger, worries, sleeplessness, chronic tired etc) which affected severely my day to day life. I was actually not living but suffering. Iife was a pain for me. Many times I thought about commiting suicide. Many times I behaved like a mentally ill (histerically) person. During this period of my suffering I attended LbP program. After that my life was was transformed. All my emotions came under control. First time in my life I experienced true bliss. My family and friends are surprised to see how I transformed. They are so happy to see me a happy person.
I was so fortunate to get swamigi's blessings 3 times. I had so many spritual experiences which I cann't explain in words. I experienced that swamigi is an enlignted being.
I had so many questions about my religion. All my questions were answered through swamigi's discourses.
I do not care about swamigi's personal life. What he does to the humanity is matters for me.
I am looking forward to attand the inner awakening program in the summer.


In gratitude

In 2006, I was seriously wanting to do some meditation program because I had some problems at home. At the same time, I came to know about Swamiji and our whole family did ASP and NSP together. We all enjoyed the program. After that, my worries and tension at home were simply washed away. I learned how to take things as they come. After meeting Swamiji, my life really transformed so much. I am a much happier person now. I stand by you Swamiji, come what may. Thank you.

Ma Nithya Sneha Sangama

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Your teachings have changed my life

Swamy Nithyananda made deep impact on me. His techniques - unclutching, intense act cleansing of samskaras are gems. The recent controversity has not changed my view on his greatness. I am very lucky to receive his teachings. The grattitude of his followers like me will sail him through these tough days. I look forward to his contonued service to humanity

Deenadayalan D

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Thank You Swamiji

I was suffering from skin disease 4 d past few years. After cuming 2 swamiji i was totally cured frm it.
Becoz of the disease i was not able to shake hands with anyone nor could eat with my hand.
When i met swamiji 4 d first time itself my problem was cured.Till date it did not peepout.
i dont have words 2 express my feelings and till my life i will be very very thankful to swami nithyananda

In Nithyanandam

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Your teachings have changed my life

I met Swamiji at the age of 11, and ever since, there has been a wonderful transformation in my life. I attended various courses of his and even saw few of his discourses of his on youtube. I used to have 1 or 2 types of serious medical problems that even doctors could not cure. Swamiji cured it all by just touching me. I knew after this that he was not a normal human being or a man with just the title of 'master' or 'guru'. His meditations made me so much healthier. He teachings seems so useful to me in my daily life. I am so thankful that he takes care of each and everything that happens to me. He makes sure each and every step I take in life is safe. I know that no matter what happens, i know that Swamiji will take care of me. Without him life would not have been the same. I thank you so much for coming into my life Swamiji !

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In support of Nithyananda

Sri Sri Paramahamsa Nithyananda's teachings are helping me to sail through all difficulties and guiding me to move towards realisation of higher self.
in Nithyananda,

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The safest place on earth

Nithyanandam! My discovery of Swamiji has been the highest experience in my life. A true mother and father figure; he has guided me continuously and is my inspiration and greatest mentor. The allegations against him are such monstrous lies that I would not bother going into them. The meditation techniques that he has so compassionately formulated and which I practise have proved to be a blessing and healing experience for me. I have expanded in so many dimensions. I am continuously discovering my various potentialities. All because of his teachings!

Whenever I have visited the ashram I have always been treated with the utmost respect. I have observed that all men and women are respected alike by everybody in the organization. I have never felt safer anywhere else in the world. That is the truth.

I will forever be in gratitude to Swamiji! Infinite thanks to you.
If there is justice in this world, I know you will be vindicated. There isn't a doubt in my mind.
My prayers are always with you.

Radhika Paniker

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99% of human race spend their time before an idiot box (TELEVISION). None of them are qualified to criticize my Swami. Common human race cannot comprehend what My Swami is. Here are my understandings of my great beloved. He is the Indweller my heart. I do not care what this junk media says.

Om hreem Nithyanandaya namaha : My Swami is an eternal Bliss. People do not know what bliss is. Only a Buddha can speak and describe about bliss. It is his compassion makes him to speak which is really unspeakable. Enlightened master’s compassion is immeasurable.

Om hreem jnana pradane sankalpitaya namaha : My Swami descended on to the earth to invoke the humanity with his divine wisdom. My Swami is a gnani. Bhagavat geeta says “TAD VIDHI PRANIPAATENA PARI PRASNENA SEVAYA UPADEKSHAMTITE GNANAM; GNANI NAH TATWA DARSHAKAH”. My Swami is a Tatva darshaka. He is PARAMAHAMSA. 80% of crowds never understand what Paramahamsa means.

Om Hreem Arunachale janitaya namaha: My Swami is born near the Arunachala which is a womb of enlightened masters like Ramana maharshi, Annamalai Swamigal and great yogis.

Om hreem Citra naksatre janitaya namaha : Swami is born in Chitra nakshatra.

Om hreem Raghupati yogina yoga siksitaya namaha : My Swami is a student of great Yoga master Raghupati yogi who taught him Yoga. My Swami translated it as Nithya YOGA and gifted it to humanity. NITYA YOGA is a great gift to humanity.

Om hreem Annamalai Swamina upadistaya namaha: Annamalai Swami is the inspiration to my Swami. My salutes to great Swamis. My swami is inspired thousands of peoples across the nations in a very short span of time. Can you imagine 10,000+ people sitting before our master and did meditation. It happened in the time of Buddha and now again.

Om hreem Mata Vibhudananda Devina palitaya namaha : Mataji is my Swami’s first GURU. My Swami proudly says Women is my first guru. My Swami is Sri Vidhyopaasaka. It is a supreme science of all sciences on the earth. Swami says India is a land of enlightened masters and very few of them are Women. He give high respect to Women.

Om hreem Girivalapriyaya namaha : My Swami loves to roam around great hill Arunachala. This hill is a form of Shiva.

Om hreem Aruacale akhandanbhava prataya namaha : My Swami got first Samadhi experience under the foot hills of Arunaachala

Om Namastasyai Namastasyai Namastasyai Nithyaya namaha : I prostate to the lotus feet of my SWAMI physically, mentally and with complete gratitude.

aj~naana timiraandasya j~naananjana "salaakayaa |

cak"suruun miilitam yena tasmai "srii gurave namah ||
The whole nation is dwelling in darkness of Agnaana. Open the wisdom eyes and truthful eyes ; Oh Nithyananda Sadguru, I prostate before your lotus feet.

-- Muttuswamy

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The other side

He made me see life as it is...now my thoughts are -
This too will pass!
Let us UnClutch and be Blissful!
My opinion is we should draw attention of the media to this site and supporters to show the world the other side of what is televised...
in Nithyananda,
Anup Kumar

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Let's show our solidarity to Swamiji

Paramahamsa Nithyananda’s Resurrection is not only essential to the great Being’s message of love, compassion and deep sense of gratitude, but it is equally essential to the repair and rehabilitation of the shattered souls like us, His disciples. Nithyananda has come to our succour time and again, whenever we cried and beseeched him for his help, “…… like a bridge over troubled waters……. when friends just can’t be found…..”, etc. as in the famous lines of Simon & Garfunkel. So this is the way we pay back a Being, who until one day was your answer to every problem, real and imagined; and, the next day you trample upon the fallen, without even waiting to hear the other side of the story!

The media feeds on people’s taste for prurience. Godless politicians are ready top pounce on titillating tidbits – after all, they own and therefore manipulate the public taste and the craving for relentless sleaze and key-hole morality. It serves the godless, self-serving politicians’ purpose of selling their newspapers or TV channels better. They stoop to such levels and take the flock of mindless sheep, the public, with them. Isn’t there a law somewhere that says, no man is guilty until proved? No, not in India, the “great” land of tolerance and patience. In our country, your are guilty until proven innocent – because that’s what the media and the salivating politician waiting for vendetta would have you believe! Tomorrow it could be anybody, it could be your picture in the news channels – in this age of high- tech morphing, cut-and-paste.

Having Swamiji in our midst again is as essential to man’s faith in spirituality as Jesus' resurrection was to the Christian faith. St. Paul writes in his first letter to the Corinthians "For I delivered unto you first of all that which I also received, how that Christ died for our sins according to the scriptures; And that he was buried, and that he rose again the third day according to the scriptures" (1 Corinthians 15:3-4). Paul emphasizes the importance of the Resurrection with his statement "And if Christ be not risen, then is our preaching vain, and your faith is also vain. Yea, and we are found false witnesses of God; because we have testified of God that he raised up Christ: whom he raised not up, if so be that the dead rise not"

(I Corinthians 15:14-15).

Let’s not forget Swamiji’s core message – follow my teachings, don’t hold on to my being. I don’t believe that his message taught us to be judgmental - to pre-judge and to bury the man that still breathes. We have learned nothing from the great Being! We are writing the epitaph of a Being that cannot die. We are demonstrating true gratitude, aren’t we? Aren’t we, who are now ready to run away and seek yet another ashram or abode, the truly ungrateful? Let us all, for God’s sake, stand behind the great Being and show our solidarity when He is in need.


Dr. N. Ramchandran (a disciple) (posted on 6th Mar., 2010)

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At your lotus feet

I met Swamiji in 2005, The first touch i still remember(I bowed downed to his feet when I was doing so, he touched my spine and when I got up he embraced. It was incredible moment for me. It is like how the embryo attaches itself to the wall of the uterus and from ther it starts growing.
My eyes simply pour when I remember you. You are saviour for this world. It is not one or 2, the experiences I had with you. Some of the Shastra Shastras gifted by you is incredible. few of them I have put own in my own words
"The fear of negativity is nothing but the faith you have on it."
"Not only the goal but also the path towards the goal is also blissful."
"If you think you have Karma you have it, not otherwise."
"Be unclutch"
"At any situation, What does an enlighten master wil do, He will just continue blissfully taking the right action, not getting caught over fear or greed"

I admired and learned a lot by the strength and confidence you radiate by your body language and words(the volume and tone straight from stomach). Ever since I met you I have not even bothered too much, I always talk to myself "Hey why do u worry Swami wil take care, be blissful"

Some how the situation is not acceptable and is not digestable for me. I can only say please come out of this situation ASAP. I cannot accept what is shown in the TV. You are the saviour and you will surely know the way. It is fish out of water for me, whom shall we think off and pray.


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This is a testing period


We are extending our un-conditional support to you our guru and nithyananda dhyanapeetam in this so called troubled times(better said as fake times).... we take this as a testing period.

Ranjani Gurudutta

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Paramahamsa Nithyananda, the Ultimate Master!

One has to search far and wide to get a guru. One has to search for MANY LIFETIMES to get a guru like Paramahamsa Nithyananda! Blessed are those who are fortunate to get a guru like Paramahamsa Nithyananda. His teachings and techniques have transformed my life and of many others I know.

It is very clear that the current vicious campaign to malign him is the handiwork of vested interests using money-power and muscle-power. Politicians and the underworld too seem to be involved. The media too is playing a very big hand to smear Swamiji's fair name. They have proved to be the biggest culprits with their biased reporting. By continuously telecasting the sordid video 24 x 7, they have hurt the sentiments of millions of people worldwide. What was confined to the privacy of one person's bedroom has now been brought to the living room of millions of households all over the world by these irresponsible TV channels, viz., Sun TV, News 9, TV 9 and Suvarna TV, and websites and magazines like Nakkeeran. These channels, websites and magazines should be blacklisted and shut down permanently. Severe action should be taken against their owners. All their discussion panels are packed with people, self-styled authorities on every subject under the sun, whose only aim seems to be to blacken Swamiji. It is shocking to see that none of them is open-minded. They are not interested in bringing the truth out. Action should be taken against all of them.

However, I am confident that the truth shall finally triumph and Swamiji will come out of this with full glory! Swamiji, we are fully behind you. Nithyanandam!


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Thanks for teaching me how to live

I was thirteen when I got into Swami's path and since the day I did the ASP, my thoughts took a different turn. I was a kid with a big inferiority complex and I can safely say that I still would have remained a sad eighteen year old to this day if Swami hadn't happened in my life. I strongly believe that we bring the life we have upon us. I wasn't in the best of company and my "cool" friends didn't really help me boost my image. Staying in the path of the master directed me to a whole new life of innocence and pure bliss. I know that I will grow up to be a happy adult too and I would just like to thank you for giving me the best life by coming into my life at an early stage.

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Thank You Swamiji

I was eight when I did my first NSP. I must confess, I slept through most of it Jokes apart, when I grew slightly older, Swami being in my life turned out to be a pure blessing! I always had an overwhelming fear of death, and a weird worry that my family would die before me and for this reason, I would go crazy when they went out, even for a walk. This fear was instantly cured by Swami when I did the NSP of February 2010. This was the biggest miracle and I would like to thank Swami for the freedom I have now. Thank you!

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Swamiji, we are always with you

Dear Swamiji,

We offer our gratitude with complete surrender,for the love and compassion you have been pouring on us

on a continuous basis. When I sat to write," what I got out of swamiji's teachings",I wondered how to write spiritual

experience in words.The BLISS that you have helped us experience on an ongoing basis helps us

lead our daily lives with calm, courage and in a conflict free way.

Though I was born as a brahmin, my spiritual understanding and experience was only after THE MASTER

descended on to my life.The quality of thoughts that I have been experiencing after June 2005, when we became your

devotee has had a phenomenal impact on my life.Through swamiji's teachings,our children have flowered like angels

in the adverse conditions that confront all of us devotees, as parents in todays world.

Swamiji's overflowing grace, compassion and positive life teachings have helped all our factory workers(150 in all),

after they did a 2 day meditation program with the Enlightened master.They were deeply and positively

impacted by your divine energy when you blessed each one of them.

They personally thanked me and praised my love for them, for the experience they got in the program from YOU.

Our employees are all leading great family lives because they are able to have better control over their emotions.

Also,my commitment to create a holistic health care center on a global level,integrating Mind,Belief,Healing and

various ancient eastern health care practices has become a reality for me because of the masters guidance

and empowerment through spiritual practices.

We are permanently at your lotus feet for life inspiring energy, self less love and awe inspiring insightful teachings.

Swamiji,you taught us NITHYA ANANDA.There is only one Jagadh Guru and that is Swami Nithyanada.

With Love,reverence and gratitude,

Suresh Srinivasan

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Attack on Sanatana Dharma

It had been a harrowing time for all of us who believe in the Sanatana dharma of this great country. I feel very strongly that certain vested interests who are jealous of the Sanatana Dharma are trying systematically to malign the characters of those who are dedicating themselves to the cause of this great Dharma, which is several thousands of year old, through the media which has a biased and prejudicial mind. The gullible people are repeatedly shown bed room scenes by the media without bothering to verify the facts – may be they will be getting large sums of money through advertisements as could be seen that there were lots of these advertisements between regular flashes of these scenes. Many of us, who were in deep distress with neck deep day-to day problems and on the verge of mental break down have been benefited by the knowledge and the meditation techniques so compassionately given by the Swamiji. The knowledge of the Being, called Atmagnana can only be experienced and not taught by the conventional manner. The right ambience was, in fact, provided at the Bidadi Ashram. This must have infuriated those vested interest with totally biased mind. Like me, many are there eagerly waiting to see Swamiji acquitting himself beautifully and become 1000 times stronger than before.



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Real or fake


If I'm writing this article today, then its because of Swamiji. He has infused so much of self confidence in me.

Tell me say a few words from my background. Even though i came from a very rich family with all the traditional 'Brahmin' values, I was a worm. I had no spine. And so, I always suffered from sever back ache. I was on medication for a year & then ayurvedic treatment for another year. Nothing much had changed. I met Him in June 2005. During the NSP in Dec 2005, while he was explaining that one thought is not connected to the other thought, I was confused. During the Q&A session ( In those days, we were asked to raise our hands & ask the question, not write in a paper) I asked him, how can he say that & while I was going on to explain my poor statement, he stopped me & said, Ma, the back ache you had yesterday & the back ache you are having now are not the same. They are 2 different instances. I was totally zapped. Believe me, from then on, its just gone. Disappeared, never to come again.

Can this be done by any ordinary human? After imbibing all his teachings, he gave me a ego pat by letting me believe that I was the cause of curing MY back ache. Such is His compassion. I can't recognise myself from what I am today. I was a scared house wife, taking care of 2 kids & sitting at home, doing nothing. Today, if at all I'm managing a company & doing so many other voluntary works, then its HE who has given me that knowledge & power. My school friends dont recognise me. They say, you have changed & I say, no I have transformed. People had the courage to walk all over me & stamp me. I had given them that power. Now, no one dares mess with me. Can this transformation be achieved by me? NO WAY!!

Swamiji, I have no words to thank you. It sounds so bland. I can only bow down in reverence.

I have felt your energy be with me during these last few trying days. Giving me all the power & ability to answer all my 'friends' & foes. Which Master gives us this kind of power to believe in our own self? We are all independent & have the life transforming tools, which are irreversible. Swamiji, how can you say Thank you for standing by me? In fact, I saw you standing by me, not leaving my hand. I'm so glad you found me as your desciple. Thank you Swamiji.

In Nithyanandam

Lakshmi Suresh

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Eternally grateful to Swamiji

Have been exposed to Swamiji's teachings since 2007 january when I did the asp course in Mumbai...till then I was a typical mumbaiite.. a banker..same stress, same problems of being a rat in a rat race..

The second day of the course, came to know that swamiji was blessed by Mahaavtar Babaji with the name Paramhamsa Nithyananda...
that was the turning point for me.. as inspired by his teachings all I wanted to do was meet him...

Got the opportunity to do that in jan 2008 when he conducted NSP at the Bidadi ashram. Once one meets one's true guru, there is no looking back..
one just knows the experience which cannot be put into words...

My life was transformed.. I experienced the energy, the bliss and insights into my life which I never had before through the program, my questions and or problems just melted away during the discourse
and it seemed to me he was picking incidents from my life and directly narrating the way to handle them to me during the discourses. I returned to Mumbai only to go back within the week for the next set of
courses, BSP and Healers Initiation...

Inner Awakening was the program which opened the flood gates of consciousness for me, filling me with awareness, wonder at the way master was leading each one of us individually out of the labyrinth of suffering
and ignorance into light of awareness, understanding the self and knowledge.... his love and compassion is boundless at the same time exacting too.. his guidance has brought me out of attachment and suffering and
on my way to a state where i can experience joy, peace, universal love, and wish to share the same with the world...

The kind of feelings that are evoked for the master can not be described as one dimensional... have glimpsed in him the the divinity, the love and compassion of a mother and a father, along with the guidance of a guru...and more..

From my own experience, I can say that swamiji is the genuine master that my being was searching till now...

All the things spoken about him and shown are all falsehood, as shall be proven in time to come...

Eternally grateful to you swamiji..

Nithya Kavyaroopini

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In the hands of media

The society today, if we see, is practically trying to build itself on media. Starting from a small child, who picks up responses from movies and advertisements and thinks that that is the way he or she has to respond in real life situations as well. Naturally, when the guidance from homw or school is missing, where else would a child seek for it?
Media, esp TV and newspapers can be Big instruments,.. but the question is.. in what!?
Today, almost every single house in every single village would not compromise anything for a TV. Just that 16" screen can make or break anything. We, as conscious individuals need to wake up and realize to whom we are unconsciously selling our lives to!

We all like vibes of peace.. positivity.. love.. etc. Then, lets tune in to those that radiate these qualities.
Let us wake up to the truth and the realities of life.
We cannot keep silent when the TV channels go on and on with some stories, without any authentication or sensoring.. God! Isnt there anyone to keep a watch on them?
Let us become more intelligent and allow our Masters to help us elevate our lives. There is so much of truth and simplicity in them, which we cannot miss.
At the end of the day, the media.. TV etc etc are all so ephemeral. ten years down the line, there will be ten other new channels telling more stories and corrupting more minds

But, what remains eternally are the truths given by our Masters and the deep experiences we get by their grace and blessing. There are so many masters trying to revive and keep up our ancient Vedic lifestyle. Its now time to join hands with them. Let us live the Vedic way!


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My experience with a great master

March 6, 2010

I met Swami Nithyananda in November 2007. Even since, I have been practicing his meditation technique, Nithya Dhyann, which infuses my day with blissful energy and clarity. I find his teachings practical and easy to put into practice. Furthermore, Swamiji has contributed to the stability of my local community with the installation of a beautiful Vedic Temple in Montclair, CA. The temple is maintained by volunteers, devotees, and disciples who work selflessly and joyfully to give the public free healing, meditation and educational sessions on a daily basis. The temple celebrates major Vedic festivals and holidays, performs aarti, puja, and abhishekam, for those who connect with the path of worship and devotion.

Swamiji has initiated thousands of people as healers. As an initiate, I enjoy sharing the gift of healing with all, free of charge, only exchange of love and goodwill.

His program, Inner Awakening, which I attended in December 2008, profoundly transformed my life into a conflict-free existence that allowed me to achieve great personal and professional success.

I continue to practice Swamiji’s meditation to my benefit. I’m deeply grateful to my beautiful Master, Nithyananda who has given me the tools to live a balanced and peaceful life.

(33y/o) Pharmacy Owner.

Chirons Pharmacy

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True SPIRIT of Hindu-ism !

Thank you swamiji for pin-pointing the true spirit behind "Hindusim" and standing up for the same, making us too to stand for the SPIRIT.

Not just as being born in a Hindu family.. a gut feeling exists that there is no such a boundary existing called hinduism, it's a way of life, way of thinking, way of treating yourself and others, and a channel to go into the depths of life.

There is no feeling of a boundary as being a Hindu.. i feel Swamiji has taught me to see the rest of the world "same as me". So much of tolerance, openness, innocence, beauty has been infused naturally, i personally feel... catching the true spirit of Hinduism.

Thank you Swamiji!
- Aruna

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