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Dear Devotees,

Thank you all for your patience in these trying times and outburst of abuse by vested parties. Please continue to keep your patience and compassion in these testing circumstances.

A few guidelines to avoid falling into the hands of the vested parties:

  • If any caller tries to create a doubt in your mind about Swamiji or the ashram, calmly hear what is being told and call the below numbers for clarity if needed.
  • If you receive any suspicious email in the name of Swamiji or the organization requesting for any commitment, or giving any offensive information, forward it to asknithyananda@gmail.com and verify its authenticity.
  • Be always aware that Swamiji or the ashram gives only blessings and good messages to help you move forward in your spiritual journey.



Sugandhi said...

Thanks for sharing this information so all devotees are aware of what all ways vested parties are poisoning and attempting every possible threat via phone, social media etc..One observation certain facebook groups have recently popped up in the name of "Support Dharma" etc..and they have added majority devotees so they can access their personal profiles and then abuse negatively by writing negative posts.
I strongly recommend devotees to just BLOCK these Facebook Fan Pages etc and not be-friend them...let us not entertain them..They first create these fan pages in the name of supporting the mission and later show their true colors..please exercise caution

karthik said...

please save my master - god, he is really an enlightened being,,
please save my master - god, he is really an enlightened being,,
please save my master - god, he is really an enlightened being,,
please save my master - god, he is really an enlightened being,,
please save my master - god, he is really an enlightened being,,
please save my master - god, he is really an enlightened being,,
please save my master - god, he is really an enlightened being,,
please save my master - god, he is really an enlightened being,,

god-Buddha please save my master.........

rukmani said...

We know that Divinity will always come out with Glory , because past divinities remain glorious still .

We know Truth alone will triumph , because all past Truths did triumph.

We know that spirituality is a personal enhancement , because of past spiritual history where no judge ever could impact the spiritual seeker .

We know that Beneficiaries always have Gratitude , because benefits are no easy entries these days .

Never give in to voices of Mischief-makers.
Never bow to negative benefactors .
Never give up spiritual wars , Its unique and
Must To be Saved for world's own benefits
no matter the innocence of the Negatives !

Divinity and Truth Never lost in
Thousands and thousands of years even once !!
Divinity always manifested itself and blew the
air or divine light into the darknesses all over .



srimanit said...

April 28th,2010

Still the words of Swami ,"Don't worry about all these small small things.Continue the meditations.You will see.We will all radiate enlightenment.Let Peace and bliss be on Universe". are ringing in my ears.

Greatly missing our Beloved Master.

There is no life for us without Him.

But able to withstand these times only because of His teachings.

There is no Solution for us without His words.

The shastra sashtras (logical weapons) of our Swami will only help us to win this War.

As Swami says,"A huge elephant to be adored is there at one side.Do not see it.There is also a dog barking at you.Do not mind it."

We are beyond all these...

Ours is just one man army Radiating Enlightenment...only way to be grateful to our Mother Earth

NIYF Rocks!

nithya said...


to all brother and sister of paramahamsa nithyananda swamiji follower,me ravisharma who is a swami devotee had experience a wonderfull event which i never even think to occur in my life. when i was in indonesia a strong earthquake with 8.0 magnitude stuck and cause a massive destruction on 30 september 2009 in padand west sumatera... my life is insecure i keep on chanting swamijis manthra,,and the miracle is my university collapsed yet my room with swamis picture placed nicely were stand strongly without a single dust is disturbed.his framed photo i placed on jeevan mukthi book is strongly stand.The room where i usually meditate is undisturbed and the things in my housemates room are really destroyed...
everyone amazed with this and without swami i would have die and without his bless i might not enter my medical school...
swamiji the great no one can deny this only ignorant do this..

She said...

Swamiji - we will "radiate enlightment" for you, and for our world.

Your blessings and love are so Vast and Alive throughout this Universe. You are our Light and our Way.

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