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Thank you for your continued support & contribution to this blog. This material is helping us build a comprehensive case portfolio that can be presented to the press, on TV, etc,. to garner public support for our cause! It is great to see the overwhelming positive responses and flood of emails in support of Nithyananda. If you want to post on this blog, share your blissful experiences by writing in to: Ncourage1000@gmail.com


Always in gratitude

Nithyanandam all,

This incident really opened my eyes to how much Swamiji really gave me. There was not much disturbance in me and for every doubt that was rising there were more thoughts about the great teachings and truths that he has drilled into us. If material pleasures were what he was interested in, his supreme intellect and ability to work 24x7x365 would enable him to get everything in the world. But he so selflessly spends all his energy into transforming us knowing fully well that some of us would spewing poison in the form of hatred at him. What compassion! His teachings and techniques and difference that He has made in our life is so tangible that it is almost unbelievable.

I pray that this drama end quickly and that this whole episode makes the whole world realize His greatness even more.

With sincere gratitude and respect at His feet

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We stand by you Swamiji


We standby Swamiji and truth will will win..Lakhs have people have been benefitted including my self with his teachings, meditation techniques and compassion.

All these scandals will not stand in front of truth we all need to wait patiently so that all the offences charged can be systematically dealt and given a fitting reply.

I urge each and every one to be supportive and excercise restraint and calm and time will take its course

With Respect

Kumar S.R

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Avatars are beyond the Comprehension of ordinary Men

I am Prof Sailanathan from Coimbatore.

In this hour of challenge, trial and crisis, we stand by our Swamiji. He is, undoubtedly, the Representativeof the Guru Shakti sent to re-establish the sanatana dharma in all its glory.

My direct contact with the Swamiji started only on 12th July,2009, when He visited Coimbatore for a Kalpatharu Programme. I am a Kriya Yoga disciple of Sri Sri Paramahansa Yogananda, the author of the spiritual classic"Autobiography of a Yogi".

My attending the programme was only to receive the blessings of a living saint to perfect my sadhana and to be lifted to higher levels of consciousness. A speck of doubt whether I was being disloyal to my own Guru remained within, when Swamiji Himself, during the darshan, assured me that He too belonged to the "parampara" of Mahavatar Babaji! A click and the doubt was gone forever.

From then on, the inner bond grew from strength to strength, and we could be part of the Nithyanandam 2009 Program from 1st Sept to 8th Sept 2009 at the Bidadi Ashram. The design of the program itself was divine---the journey of a sould from its deluded state to the state of Jeevan Mukthi. His personal counselling on spiritual matters and the energizing blessings continued to possess me and I went through indescribable and very rich experiences on the spiritual plane.

Again, at the Bhagavad Gita Satsang in Coimbatore on 16th and 17th Feb, He showered His divine grace on me,which added yet another dimension to my understanding of the prapancha.

Throughout my 8-month-long association He explained and helped me perfect my sadhana I had received from my Guru. He never forced any new technique on me, and urged me to go on my path, blessing me all the while. He is indeed an 'avatar purusha'.This world did not spare even Adi Shankara with such scandals. Avatars are beyond the comprehension of ordinary men. Te discerning and the noble souls are with Him as ever.

Swamiji will simply walk out of it, for the prapancha shaktis with Him, and continue with His Mission with re-doubled vigour.

Jai Guru, and Nithyanandam.

Prof Sailanathan.
Mrs Padma Sailanathan
Mrs Meena Sathiamurthy.

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My blissful life at Ashram - Thank You Swamiji!

I am Miss Gay Clotilde, 34, also called Ma Nithya Chandrananda in Sanskrit- which is the spiritual name my Master, Paramahamsa Nithyananda, gave me in 2006. I came to the ashram for the first time in august 2005, and was instantly touched by the serenity of the place, the friendliness and genuine wisdom of the ashramites I met.

I decided to join it in august 2006, to become volunteer of Swamiji’s Mission, to practice my Master’s teachings, to translate his teachings into my native language (french), and to learn and teach yoga , which I’ve been doing till date. Having a background in the social field, I have decided to contribute to Western societies by sharing vedic knowledge and spiritual techniques which are acclaimed in Europe because of their well-known effects and the well-being and strength they provide to all.

I decided to take Bramacharya training in 2006 and I’m following it without difficulty till date. I want to add that nobody forced me to this decision; I am completely responsible for my actions and decisions, and I’m sharing my experience here out of integrity to the Truth.

I can declare out loud today: I HAVE NEVER FACED ANY HARASSMENT OF ANY KIND FROM PARAMAHAMSA NITHYANANDA. I have never come across a single person complaining about any of the allegations held against Him today, and I have never seen anything neither obscene, illegal nor hidden, in Paramahamsa Nithyananda’s body language and any girl or boy in His surroundings.

I deeply love my ashram which is a sacred place where people harbor a sacred attitude towards each other. Such a declaration may be manipulated, defamed, or laughed at by others, but it is a fact to me. The whole Dhyanapeetam Sangha should have the right and discretion to live its lifestyle without being judged, or being falsely and illegally exposed, as it is the case today.

I have seen over time how my Guru, Paramahamsa Nithyananda has complete grasp of the spiritual subject as expounded in genuine ancient texts and books. He has fully imbibed these Truths in his daily life. His actions and speech are expressing it in His day-to-day behavior. He is even able to convey the spiritual Truths to all around Him without a word. This is my experience. I have seen Him handling all types of mental set-up which come to Him, leading aspirants on the path from where they stand; with utmost compassion, care, generosity, fairness and altruism. He can relate the vedic scriptural truths to any faith or religion and emphasize on these universal Truths without hurting religious feelings of western seekers as well.

He is an enlightened Master of our times, a Brahma-Jnani or in simple terms: He is having knowledge of God and leads His disciple on the path of ‘Living enlightenment’, constantly reinforcing the Truth that inner bliss is the Master and never failing to His purpose. He clearly has no other motives than sharing His knowledge with utmost respect to all beings that come to Him for guidance.

The devotees I know from all over the world are not disturbed by the on-going propaganda held against Him- we are completely clear about our experience with Swamiji and Swamiji Himself. He has unveiled in us an unshakable, incorruptible and indubitable experience of the Truth and this very fact makes of Him a Being who should be honored with utmost respect and reverence by all.

Let us not forget that over time, great Masters have been persecuted by societies having other motives behind the scene. I invite you to investigate history and draw your own conclusions.

Thank you

Ma Nithya Chandrananda

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gratitude to master nithyananda

With thankfulness I have received your daily Nithyananda email-messages. Also through Nithyananda's YouTubes I have learned a lot, yes, a lot indeed! And today I can show my gratitude through this blog. The spiritual path is sometimes difficult to pursue: how many times is our sense of self deeply hurt. I guess, the lack we may feel (hoping 'someone else' will take this away) is deep-rooted. Even for Adam and Eve, who were in the paradise-garden with God Himself (and with His all-caring, all-embracing Divine Love), He was not enough. And so, unless we have integrated Him and are manifesting Him at all times, having become One with Him (even though paradoxically we already are), we may get hurt because we are still searching outside, whereas the Kingdom of Heaven is within us, is us. And the Teachers have the task to bring us there, to our Home which is ourSelves. Not an easy task, indeed! They get all the blows from God's Children who feel misunderstood. But it is only the feeling of lack of God inside that is the problem, isn't it? And so, even when people get angry, throwing them back on themSelves, it links them more to their own Divine Core.
With love from Tarakeshwari

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The truth of experience

Please post this message on the blog: "Voices Against Nithyananda Scandal"


My first feeling was, "God, what have I done that you have thrown me thus into this darkness?" Never in my life have I felt myself living in so entirely opposite to all that I know as True.

And when the contrast grew very intense, I could not prevent my submission from taking on a hue of sadness.

The calm and mute converse with Swami within was no doubt transformed for a moment into complains that I removed the energy bead and his photograph. Next day, I strongly felt, Oh! How much I miss him and his words.

One more day passed and the pain lessened next day. Gradually, in more clearly than ever, I became aware of the Mental Peace Swami Embedded in ME in just One Time Darshan that turns my intense mental and physical pains into potent bliss.

I noticed (to my surprise) that this little gift is still working despite the apparent sadness of my own situation. The silence is so firmly established in my 'bones, blood, muscles and body' (upon hearing him say it) that it passes beyond any personal limitations (if any...even if proved to be true) in every aspect...that my being rejoices in a constant perception of gratitude and love - that again the very Master has taught me to see.

What more can be said?

Urmish R. Mehta
Member of Technical Staff - UMTS/LTE Design Group

6410 E. Broad Street
Nest# 4K04-1K
Columbus OH, 43213

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Showing my solidarity with true disciples of Nithyananda

Name : Dr.Veena
Email : amruthavarshini.worldlight@rediffmail.com
Address : NO:5,Cortmalaw Loan,Robryston Glasgow, Scotland
Tel : 0044 141 5583496
Subject : Crisis ;True or not true

Message : This is to show my solidarity with the true desciples of Nithyananda in time of crisis.Iam not a devotee of Nithyananda Life bliss Foundation. Yet,I understand what it takes to wear the saffron clothing to give bliss to others selflessly.People go mad in mob in time of crisis. Fools can't perceive the definition & meaning of the word Guru, swami, & concept of God & ADWAITHA philosophy so easily.They tend to do the blunders with half knowledge.Whether it is true or not,Nithyananda has every right to guard his privacy & personal life.Students & Media has no right to intrude in the privacy & personal love life of any teacher.Guru, yes, but in which subject he is a guru? pls focus on that subject.Don't ever try to bcom guru to a guru by burning his Goodwill Ashram property.If u have so much urge to burn, burn the devils hiding as politicians, businessmen,film stars, who don't mind doing the vulgar & obscene compromising posture in front of the cam publicly despite knowing cam is rotating around them.Everyone on this earth are born bcos their parents had sex.Nithyanada is still a young boy of 32 yrs who has every right to enter Gruhasthashrama if he wishes to despite his spiritual expansion.Being spiritual doesn't mean one should not have lovelife.Wearing the saffron doesn't mean one has bcom a saint. Pls note swamiji means Lord . See the Supreme Lord of the creation in every atom.If not atleast in your teachers & parents.Pls know all our worshippable masters & dieties have their consorts. whether married or not sex has been the expression of intimacy & love among our own religion.Media is trying to propagate the cheap news like a old wine in a new bottle. Burn the SUN tv channel office for telecasting what was not supposed to be seen infront of the children publicly.Adults ofcourse know what their parents did without a cam to have more & more children who bring pleasure & pain.Sex is the communion of Shiva & Shakthi.It can be viewd as sacred as well as dirty depending on the levels of the mind.Taking the time to declare the truth is not cheating.I reassure if my brother or son has contributed so much to this world & ends up in the same shoe as what is happening with Nithyananda,Iam sure I would have guarded my brother's every cell for what he has contributed & for what he stands for rather than digging the hole to intrude his privacy.

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My experience with Nithyananda

No matter what, Swamiji is still my guru.

About three years ago, I was totally confused with life.
In search of truth, I took a copy of Gita and start reading.
May be, I read couple of pages and didn't go further, because I couldn't understand.
Turned to youtube to see if there are any discourses on Gita and listened to swamiji's discourse.
That is it, connection happened. Since then I am listening to his discourses almost every day.
I had darshan of swamiji in CANADA & in newyork. Swamiji's teachings are always with me.
Not a single day passed without remembering him and his teachings.
Regarding recents events, I believe ignorant/evil minds are at play.
Still, for me swamiji's teachings will be my guide and I pray God for his safety.

Nithyanandam !
Techxp Inc.

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Support for Nithyananda from Mexico

Nithyananda Nithya-eternal ananda-bliss

Always Nithyananda for me, for you, for the whole world.

The energy that awakens consciousness, for the ones that are tired of ignorance, is >Nithyananda.

Wake up and live, express, your true energy-spirituallity...That´s the inspiration in form that is in our turbulant times..present....Nithyananda...Is proff that live in bliss is possible...

Nithyananda has inspired my life and consciousness to clearly see the answer for many dramas that the mind presents.

Whoever has the gift of have heard the message to the individuals, to the groups and all, knows Nithyananda will wake up millions and millions around the world, is happening by the second...will continue to shower light to many...dispite the few that are spreading wrong info about his organizations...Sometimes people that have no other job will feel important targeting their mal intentioned comments over someone that is well known...that makes them feel present in that space of fames people...


Today´s times will not me permited the ignorance to prevail...WILL NOT SUCRIFICE the TRUTH in FORM-NITHYANANDA, those who are not willing to wake up...reserve your comments do not polute others.


In Mexico...we stand for Nithyananda, millions have been benefited by Nithyananda´s teachings..and will not hear, accept or adopt, any strange opinions that may fade the light...Nithyananda. We in México, Jalisco, Mexico DF, Sinaloa, and other centers in South America...STAND BY NITHYANANDA, SUPPORT AND APPRECIATE...NITHYANANDA´S GIFT TO THE WORLD..

I HAVE KNOWN NITHYANANDA, AND NITHYANANDA´S MISSION,for last 6 years,is an association, not proffitable and always sharing knowledge, tools and meditations techniques to open consciousness., and heal Body-Mind-Spirit...

Whoever has the gift from the mission...EXPRESS YOUR VOICE...KEEP YOUR BLISSFUL LIFE AND MAINTAIN YOUR OPEN MIND TO THE EXISTANCE, TO YOUR TRUE DIVINE NATURE. experience-express-irradiate...eternal bliss N I T H Y A N A N D A

I share the bliss and light in México along with many other teachers that follow Nithyananda

Yolanda Nuñez-Yoga Teacher vichaarini@gmail.com

Lic. Leticia Aguilar-Yoga Teacher and hundreds more.

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Always with Swamiji


Hope you are safe and well. I wanted to wright you and tell you I am with you as you said to me in Dallas I am with you and I closed my eyes and nodded and saw your face as I opened my eyes. I still relive that moment .I had such a radiant experience with you that short day I will never forget.After you gave the discourse you said cover your eyes and sit up straight you closed your eyes for a moment I saw a small gold moon come from up above and go to you ,you became silent I was in awe .I know you are real, I know you radiate enlightenment, I know you are compassionate for I experienced it with my own eyes and my whole being.I know you are going through a very bad time and my heart is with you.Tonight I picked up the very first book I ever bought from you its Guaranteed Solutions the pages are bent there are lines underlined and words circles and stars to remember certain points the cover is care worn with splits and cracks it is my beloved book the words and solutions you gave to us for I have unexplainable gratitude.I Wish I could give you solutions to your problems as you gave us but you have my devotion. Your
tireless endeavor to make people understand the basic happiness of life is to be happy with whatever you have, thus showing the only way to save the world. It is your philosophies and morals of life, which will make keep alive in our minds forever.Your teaching will be with me forever.When it comes to pass and all this is behind you we all will be blissfully singing and dancing and radiating enlightenment.My heart is with you with eternal bliss .

With Love and Devotion
Deanna Bello

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Supporting Paramahamsa Nithyananda

I am 76 years old, a retired reader from Pune University. All my life, I have been deeply interested in Yoga and Adhyatma. In fact after my retirement in December 1994, I pursued these exclusively. I have learnt under many Masters. In fact I was a Teacher of Transcndental Meditation from 1974 to 1979. In Nithyananda I found my Guru. I have experienced peace joy and clarity. I am with him since 2006 and I am an ordained Healer. He is pure. I am with him, for him--ALWAYS.----Rajendra Kulhalli

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Standing by you Swamiji

I met Swami in November 2002, my experiences have been profound.......... From a depressed being, blaming, cribbing, etc., about the outer world, after i attended his programme i changed to an aware, conscious being, learning the art of acceptance, understanding life is all about one's attitude . Then began my journey into my inner world and there has been no looking back. He has enabled me to grow in various ways and be in charge of my innerspace, whatever comes my way. He has been friend, philosopher, consultant, doctor.................... Never have i ever felt gender conscious with him, he has always been 'compassion personified', to one and all.

Though I have never been able to offer much, other than being integral to my 'self', i have received in plenty. His words resonate with every move i make.

All i can say is do we need to be so dualistic???? good, bad, right, wrong.....? And if we do need to classify into right and wrong, can we stop....feel.......think...... before concluding? Do we delete / discount all that we have received for one supposed wrong, that can even be beyond one's understanding?

In gratitude and prayers
Ma Nithya Aparna (Revathi)

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In Nithyanandam through thick and thin

Swamijee being targeted gives me a lot of pain. This is truly a cruel world. A person who only preaches good and efficient ways to live an enlightened life being made the target. Having read so many of his books and seen most of his disclosures on youtube i am left with nothing but gratitude for him to show us the way of life. His clear ideas and thoughts can never be doubted. I wonder if any of these people who are raising fingers at Swami have ever read or imbibed any of his teachings at all. The answer would surely and clearly be a no.

Well I continue to read his books and making a difference in my life. I pray that others instead of using their fingers to raise against Swami use it more to flip through his books. The choice is clearly theirs for Swamijee has nothing to loose. He only has abundance of knowledge to share.
In Nithyanandam through thick and thin. Rightly the 2010 message of Swami to radiate enlightenment with or without problems in life is now to be practised.


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Grateful to Swamiji

We have attended several of Swamiji's programs for the last 2 years. He has transformed our lives in many many ways. The simple and straight truths he delivered in his programs and the meditation techniques practiced have given us the strength to lead our life with courage. The very remembrance of those truths gives us the strength to face any situation. We have benefited immensely from Paramahamsa Nithyanananda's teaching and programs. We are grateful to Swamiji for everything he has given to us in our life...

We stand by him..

Vishwa and Chethana

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Standing by you forever...


We all love to say our deepest gratitude, respect, love and appreciation to Swamiji. We don’t care what the Media says or write. In this disastrous world, we are living with Terrorists, Dirty Politicians and Dangerous Criminals. Swamiji we all stand with you forever.
we all Love you

In Nithyananda
Sri Vishnaroopan

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My support to you Swamiji

when i visited you in NY fushing it was amazing like a child he was and shining eyes and felt deep relaxation and very less thoughts in his presence. When i looked into his eyes i think i had become thoughtless and then i touched his feet and then walked on. I can trust you because of my experience around you i felt not thought but felt. I love you nithyananda and am supporting you.


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If somebody can be like him...

If somebody can be -
teach - like Swami Nithyananda did -
can build up in the shortest time such an spirituel organisation worldwide -
helping the poorest and give education -
if somebody can catch Million of people with his divine words, discourses -
like Swami Nithyananda did -
befor the video came out -
this person can talk - all the others - shut up.

"With a grateful heart - the day is wonderful."

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Undying support for Swamiji

Hello Everyone,

I am very fortunate to have the opportunity to express my undying, unconditional support, gratitude, love, and humble feelings for Master Nithyananda.

My life has transformed because of Swamiji. I am not white as snow, but Master gave me the courage to stand up for my faults and improve my life. I met swamji couple of times in the year 2007 and always cherish the memories. I listen to his videos and also practice his teachings in my life.

I dont see anything wrong with the video. Even if we blindly accept the video, then also it only shows two adults hugging and kissing. But it is serious violation of individual privacy. Also we should be aware, that if technology can make films like Avatar which is totally virtual, morphing images of swamiji in a video is child's play. In todays world of graphic and multimedia, what you see is not exactly what you are seeing. I have studied multimedia and know how people can shoot films in a room and show that the shot was taken in sea, or jungle, or street, or moving aircraft. Even the shots which shows closes up of aircraft flying not real. So we cannot say that video is real without asserting facts and authenticity.

I dont care what the media says about Swamiji, I love him and I believe him. There is nothing wrong in making love if two adults are in consent with each other. In fact there is no sex even in the video. I dont understand why people are so crazy and hyper about. That only shows the level of maturity of media and society. Also celibacy needs definition in todays world. If people express sex and if their inner space is free from sex, then they are true celibates. If people dont express sex, and their inner space is filled with sex, then they are not true celibates. So who should be the judge for this. You are yourself the judge. Dont judge others. Just look within and look little deep in yourself. How free is your inner space from sex and lust? Just ask yourself, is your inner space free from sex and lust, if not then keep quiet and work on purifying yourself. Listen to some of swamiji's video and implement them in your life.

All Masters who have tried to make a difference in society, have been crucified. Sai Baba has been crucified on Internet. Jesus was crucified on cross. Siddha Yogi Shiv Shankar Baba's ashram was burnt, Osho was misunderstood, and now Master Nithyananda is being crucified by media. I think it is time media should be revolutioned and enlightened media should replace present media which is more mature, responsible and intelligent. Government should make efforts in creating Enlightened Media.

In the end, I pray that Lord Shiva expressess himself through Master Nithyananda and transforms the immautre society and media in todays world. I pray that is he is safe, healthy and radiating eternal bliss wherever he goes.

In Nithyanandam

Vetri Jayaprakasan

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A poem for Swamiji


I would like to submit this poem from my blog (http://psuday.blogspot.com) as a tribute to the Swamiji: this was written after my first meeting with him in May 2009.

Blog: Truth
Post: Master's advent
Link: http://psuday.blogspot.com/2009/06/masters-advent.html

- Uday Kumar

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Thank you Swamiji for everything

Swamiji's meditations and lectures have truly transformed me. I always had questions about our spiritual practices. Swamiji's lectures gave me convincing answers. I have done LBP/ASP and YSP programs. These, along with Nithya Dhyan have made my life stress-free.

San Jose, CA

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Eternal gratitude to Swamiji

Nithyanandam! Please post my comment to your blog. Thank you.


I have been following Swamiji’s teachings and attending his programs for 5 years. I am well travelled, educated, not religious, and used to only trusting my personal experiences when judging people or events.

In brief, my personal experience with Swamiji is this:

· He healed me from a devastating chronic disease (no cost).

· Through his simple teachings and unbelievable personal grace, he made my life meaningful.

· He has given me knowledge and simple, effective tools to live my life happily and help others.

During all that time, Swamiji astonished me with his trustfulness, clarity, approachability and sense of humor, as well as his non-stop, genuine efforts to better the life of each person he comes in contact with and the world at large. My entire family and many of my friends follow Swamiji’s teachings for all the above reasons as well.

Being around Swamiji is a once in a lifetime opportunity for one to enrich one’s life. The real tragedy of the sad events like this is that in the result, he will become less available if at all.

However, knowing Swamiji, he is not going to give up on us that easy!

Love and many thanks, Swamiji,

Ananda Sarvottam, NJ, USA

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I trust Swamiji no matter what

Thanks for helping pull the blog together.

Immaterial to me
I utterly stand by Swami. Whether or not it is him in the video is immaterial to me. It does not take away from the amazing changes I have experienced in just the 3 months with him. There is no doubt that there are bigger games being played and I pray that we all find the strength and belief to stand by Swami as he navigates these crazy times. Nithyanandam.

- Anu

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I have known swamiji for the past 3 years. During this period, i have learnt and achieved great heights through his truthful teachings. I lived my life the way he has taught me and i realised that my life changed so much for the very best. None of these allegations have shaken me even to the slightest for i know that Swamiji is far beyond divine to be even related with such a humanly behaviour. We will stand by you swamiji and we will always be. With lots of love.
With Regards,

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Paramahamsa Sri Nithyanandhavuku Jai..

Nobody can shake my faith on Swamiji..
Swamiji is not a person to be comment. He is Paramahamsa Nithyanandha..
Paramahamsa Sri Nithyanadha Swamiku..Jai…
Be Blissful,

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Deepest gratitude to my Guru

Whatever the TV or the Internet may show, it does not matter. The transformation in me and my husband is real.
My husband and I did the course called LBE (Life Bliss Engineering) and I am a mother of 2 kids. Swamiji has brought happiness to our married life, taught us how marriage is also a path to enlightenment and how we should help each other in this path. I experienced motherly compassion, the way he is taking care of us from smallest things like hot water to helping with a mediation technique called unclutching. Patiently listening to all our complaints to giving all the things We ask for. I learnt how to take care of my kids from this crazy society and all the conditionings. In 3 months, I have learnt how to deal with my anger, my restlessness and now I feel highly energetic and carry a happy smile on my face. Any situation I am able to come out in few moments. Nothing affects me any more, and nothing bothers me. I am now in Bliss. I came out of my shyness and social anxiety, and I am now very comfortable in talking to any one and every one. How did I get this courage to write this truth came about? In just 3 months all this transformation happenend only by the grace of my Guru. Our deepest gratitude to you, Swamiji. My family loves you Swamiji no matter what. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. We are egerly waiting to see you again.

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Swamiji Nithyananda - Sanathana Dharma Renaissance

Thanks to the one who started this blogspot.
Please urge everyone to use "Nithyananda" as much as possible - this will increase this site's likelyhood of search results!
My heartfelt gratitude and namaskar to Swamiji Nithyananda for inspiring, clarifying and reintroducing Sanathana Dharma - eternal law of bliss tradition to me and my family. Swamiji Nithyananda has revealed universal truths to me that directly improved our day to day life with inner peace and stability. Swamiji Nithyananda's message has touched me to the core which shifted my thought patterns towards truth, consiousness and bliss in each and every action that I am doing. Swamiji Nithyananda has made me to love my immediate family in a better way, practice ahimsa to my neighbours, colleagues, whomever I know and whomever I don't know. Swamiji Nithyananda has made me realize the potential that I (and everyone) have and put that into action immediately.
Swamiji Nithyananda has showered compassion on me and my family to lead life without unnecessary worries, which I consider as the best gift. Swamiji Nithyananda has wonderfully made me realize the difference between "karma thyaga" vs "karma phala thyaga", and take up karma phala thyaga. Swamiji Nithyananda has given wonderful meditation tools and techniques to inqure into the deep chambers of mind, and to "unclutch" from the harmful desires of unconcious memories - make me the free soul.
Swamiji Nithyananda has ignited the spark of the pursuit of enlightenment within me. Swamiji Nithyananda has demystified the dark layers surrounding Sanathana Dharma a.k.a Hinduism and has shown me the right path. Swamiji Nithyananda has been the lamp brought into the dark room of ignorance and confusion with respect to me and Swamiji Nithyananda has been the one who dispels my ego which impacted quality of my everyday life.
Swamiji Nithyananda has been the Guru who lit the lamp of clarity on various rituals and pooja, their signifance and importance. Swamiji Nithyananda has been the one who explained the difference between seriousness and sincereity, and made me more sincere in what I am doing.
Swamiji Nithyananda - thanks for everything that you have offered to me and my family, and to entire humanity. Swamiji Nithyananda, you are required to lead the humans in the right path of Sanathana Dharma. Swamiji Nithyananda, you are the Guru. Swamiji Nithyananda, please shatter this dark clouds of allegations and bring the light back to our mission.

- Raj Jayaraman

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Standing by you always

Thank you for giving me opportunity to express my feelings for Swamiji. And Thank you Swamiji for showing up in your statement to world.
I love you and you are such a great person of Integrity. I dont care what the media writes about you and shows this video to everyone. Ofcourse I am hurt by them doing this to you and to all people who love you and have Faith. But they cant take my Faith in you. They cant take away my Love for you. I met you in December in Ashram and for a very short time only three days. But I had opportunity to have your sacred blessings four times during those days and that Compassion and True Love I felt from you is not going to be washed away by this videos...
You have protected me and my son and you are always with us. Whenever I call you, you come. How can that be possible otherwise if you were not God? I love your teachings and Discourse. I love everything about you. By the way, I dont care whether you had romantic relationship with someone or not. I never expected you or command that you should live in Celibacy. Its your choice and your private life. That has nothing to do with your Love, Compassion and Divine Teachings you give us. You still remain God, the Divine Guru for us. Thank you and Love you from Shahin in Sweden

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Absolutely with Swamiji

Thank you to whomever is organising this blog because I have wanted some way to express my deepest gratitude, respect, love and appreciation to Swamiji.
I am a changed and happier person thanks only to his teachings given so freely over youtube and through his book Living Enlightenment.
Swamiji has not misled anyone in anyway. He has neither taken vows nor advocated celibacy, in fact to the contrary he has always been open about his views on sexuality as being natural and been the most unjudgemental human being I have ever come across. He has done absolutely nothing wrong and even if he had it still does not take away from the collossal good he has already done and continues to do. Look at the lives of his devotees. We are all happy and extend ourselves with love.
Swamiji, I stand with you and you have my undying devotion, today, tomorrow and forever.
With love

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A turn for the better

I was first introduced to Swamiji and his teachings because of my mother. I was twelve years old at the time and didn't care much for attending these courses that my mother was constantly talking about. In fact, I used to get irritated, watching her get so obsessed with something that I thought was nothing but tales. One day, for her happiness, I attended my first Kalpataru session. It's 4 years later now and I cannot thank myself enough for making the best decision of my life! I began to see, that no matter what decisions I had to make from there on, Swamiji was always by my side! His solution were so practical in daily life, that even a clueless 12 -year-old like me could make use of them. I attended my first NSP a few weeks ago and after that I can never see the world in the same way again! Swamiji has never ever let me down till now. Every single problem in my life whether it was because of friends or school grades, Swamiji has always guided me to make the right decisions.

Over the years my faith in him has grown so strong and nothing can shake it.

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in Nithyanandam Always...

My first ASP which swami had conducted in the US was such a positive experience for me. Swami Nithyananda, the grace he exuded, the authority with which he spoke and the profound truths explained in such a simple and practical manner truly amazed me. Meeting of swami is the best thing that ever happened to me. Thank you so much swami.

- devotee of Swamiji

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our gratitude more than ever

My love & gratitude toward him is more than ever. I conducted a beautiful satsang in my house last night. This shall pass, all enlightened masters have gone through similar situation but true bhakti will never die.
I bow down to the truth in him.
love you all.

Naghmeh Eskandari

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Our connection with Swamiji cannot be broken so easily

I am so sad about how the media can play with our lives…

I would like to restate how much Nithyananda gave and still giving to us. All positive experiences which we felt and all his wise worlds that continue echoing in my mind are so strong and very real.

I still here doing my yoga, my meditations, and also reading one of lots of Swamiji’s books (I have almost all of them)…and everything that I learned, I saw, and felt in my soul…more and more I am truly grateful for our Master, you, Deera, and Marahaj, Boghanana…everything is so bright and full of this Divine Energy that brought to my life, and of course, to myself and all people who live around and with me…more clarity, security, patience, awareness, joy,…

It’s Swamiji’s fault that I am living a new life now…a better one with less conflict, and problems that I used to make than bigger than they are. So, I want to tell you everything that Nithyananda or each one of you there in the ashram need from Phoenix, please count on me. We are a big strong and united family which who mess with one is the same that mess with all of us. This is my way to return all gifts and blessings that our Master is giving to us with so much unconditional love.

Please Swamiji, I just want to ask you to be safe and strong for us, yours devotees which need you as a big father…you create this family…so, you have to take responsibility and care of us. There is no option, so you can’t feel alone because we are by your side. Remember what you said for us… the darkness/negativity is auspicious. I hope that everything will be all right soon. I wish that you will be unchutched by this event, also you still radiating your Ananda state with much more Energy and Bliss. ILOVE YOU!!! I MISS YOU!!! I am with you the same way that you are with me J!

Our connection with our Master is not a glass which is very easy to be broken; on the contrary it is very sacred and powerful.

Please take care and be safe all of you. I am sorry about my English, but I am writing from the bottom of my heart,

With lots of love and gratitude


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Ashram - the safest place to be in

Let me talk a few words of Internal security at the Nithyanada’s Ashram at Bidadi. Two of our daughter’s are staying at the Asram for the past several months. They are absolutely safe. In fact they are much safer at the Ashram than at the unsafe Bangalore. What the Government could not provide to the Ashramites as was taken note of during the recently witnessed vandalism by anti-social elements, who themselves , perhaps indulge in the unethical acts, but protected by elements with money and muscle powers, the Ashram authorities were providing utmost security to the inmates. It is very easy to comment on others without knowing the facts.

- Devotee since 2006, Bangalore

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Swamiji will come back in greater force

It had been a harrowing time for all of us who believe in the Sanatana dharma of this great country. I feel very strongly that certain vested interests who are jealous of the Sanatana Dharma are trying systematically to malign the characters of those who are dedicating themselves to the cause of this great Dharma, which is several thousands of year old, through the media which has a biased and prejudicial mind. The gullible people are repeatedly shown bed room scenes by the media without bothering to verify the facts – may be they will be getting large sums of money through advertisements as could be seen that there were lots of these advertisements between regular flashes of these scenes. Many of us, who were in deep distress with neck deep day-to day problems and on the verge of mental break down have been benefited by the knowledge and the meditation techniques so compassionately given by the Swamiji. The knowledge of the Being, called Atmagnana can only be experienced and not taught by the conventional manner. The right ambience was, in fact, provided at the Bidadi Ashram. This must have infuriated those vested interest with totally biased mind. Like me, many are there eagerly waiting to see Swamiji acquitting himself beautifully and become 1000 times stronger than beforeIt had been a harrowing time for all of us who believe in the Sanatana dharma of this great country. I feel very strongly that certain vested interests who are jealous of the Sanatana Dharma are trying systematically to malign the characters of those who are dedicating themselves to the cause of this great Dharma, which is several thousands of year old, through the media which has a biased and prejudicial mind. The gullible people are repeatedly shown bed room scenes by the media without bothering to verify the facts – may be they will be getting large sums of money through advertisements as could be seen that there were lots of these advertisements between regular flashes of these scenes. Many of us, who were in deep distress with neck deep day-to day problems and on the verge of mental break down have been benefited by the knowledge and the meditation techniques so compassionately given by the Swamiji. The knowledge of the Being, called Atmagnana can only be experienced and not taught by the conventional manner. The right ambience was, in fact, provided at the Bidadi Ashram. This must have infuriated those vested interest with totally biased mind. Like me, many are there eagerly waiting to see Swamiji acquitting himself beautifully and become 1000 times stronger than before.

In Nithyananda,


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A great learning for me!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Two very important things came to my awareness..........
I am not effected by the outside drama happening...........
I am totally centered with myself and with the devotion to Swamy.....
I only feel sorry for those who created this whole mess.......
Simply for the guru dhroga they would be carrying .............
And the people who will miss Swamy because of them.......
In Nithyanandam

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In Swamiji we trust

Brothers & Sisters, this is the time to stand as one, as one Nithyananda family unit. It is so endearing to see the Nithyananda family across the globe stand together in this critical time. My heart goes out to all who are hurting from the course of recent events. The support, love, and undying trust is the greatest thing to see at this time...and truly depicts that world peace is indeed happening.

As a youth, growing up in the harsh streets of Los Angeles, it was very difficult to juggle between two cultures, which was such a critical part of my life. And to visibly see racism, prejudice, violence, and hate happen before my eyes, the Indian culture was slowly fading from my being. Too long have I felt disconnected and alien.

Everything changed for me the moment I met Swamiji. In one sighting, it was evident to me that He is the answer to not just me, but the World at large. He has taught me that we are all unique and our culture is something we discover on our own. It is not merely something we inherit because we are born into a family. This was a tremendous "click" for me and has completely changed my life.

I am only too proud to see the young Swamiji stand for the Vedic culture and reveal that there is -still- good in this world and that we -too-can be a part of it. It is not merely something we read from ancient books or the hearsay we get from our elders. No. He has effortlessly shown us that change is something revolutionary and something even we can take part in. Young or old, He not only connects with one, but helps us connect with each other and appreciate each other as humans and respect humankind. It is this love and this love alone that can save our world.

He taught us the meditation practice of Nithya Dhyaan. Nithya Dhyaan, which has helped us work on ourselves from inside out. Nithya Dhyaan, which has helped us realize where we are blocked. Nithya Dhyaan, which has stopped the restlessness inside us and given us the calm and clarity we so longingly seek. I thank my Swamiji for all His teachings and the knowledge He has imparted. I thank Swamiji for giving me the profound experiences and introducing me to the spiritual path of righteousness and truth.

He often tells us very casually to "simply be good." Like this, Swamiji has taught us so many life lessons, including standing for the truth and to be who we are. He's always taught us that our true nature is bliss. For a man who radiates nothing but positivity, bliss, and unconditional love and whose only mission is to ignite Jeevan Mukthi (living enlightenment) to the world at large - this scandal is mere dust. I dont believe for a second that Swamiji is capable, nor guilty of such preposterous charges. Unfortunately, there are some jealous people in this world who cannot tolerate others being happy and well...who are not able to tolerate the glory of others, and who they think they can step on others to rise up. Guess what? It does not work that way.

They can try all they want. But, the power of love and the power of goodness will prevail. We will continue to stand by our guru with all our hearts and souls.

In Swamiji we trust!

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Swamiji will always be part of my life

I have come a long way since 2002 when i met Swamiji for the first time. He is my constant mentor and silent companion all these years of my transformation. Such companionship and reverence cultivated through the years cannot be erased by any allegation....simply because he speaks through me and i always feel him as a part of myself. The inner merging has happened irrevocably.....nothing can change that .
He has been there for me though all times in my life.....birth of my daughter, relationships in the family,health problems, opening my eyes to the beauty of life and helped me get rid of my depressed approach .He has taught me how to manage my inner space beautifully....So much I have learnt by the satsang of this wonderful person who is a priceless gift to humanity..
Humanity should cherish and support him simply because this enlightened being is doing so much to elevate the consciousness of the people at these trying times and to establish sanatana dharma.

Jagani Jagadish

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Actually I was waiting for a spiritual Master to guide me in my spiritual journey, and by god's grace I came across Swami Nithyananda, Whatever knowledge through his teachings, expeirential meditation techniques gave me, I am very thankful to the master. By this one incident, [the reality of which is still to be proved] I won't forget the gifts [not materialistic] I got & grace which i received.


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thank you swamiji

Nithyanandam.Starting from the day I met Swami the very concept that I had about my life had changed.I learnt the secret for a blissful life.He have been a transformational energy who had really transformed my life.Being as a Youth I can tell that I have a great clarity and a great courage to overcome anything that comes in my way.Before this I had never experienced the feeling of being steady or being courageous in my Life.Life was just a dead experience for me.Depression thoughts and feelings was always haunting me.I never had a self confidence.But,now I am totally changed! I dont Know how it happened,I am totally a new person now!I thank swami for everyhing that he had done in my life,for every guidance that he had gave me.He is an compassionate being and a greatest soul that i had never met in mylife.thank you swami.thank you very much

sreelakshmi selvaraja

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Gratitude to Swamiji

Swamy Nithyananda contributed significantly to my spiritual development in the very short period of 6 months whereas i was with different spiritual gurus for the last 10 years.
I am firmly convinced that the malafide campaign against him is engineered by people wanting to stop the spread of ancient Hindu culture that the Swamy is expounding .The spread of his popularity may have taken politicians,media and even other religious leaders by surprise.It is a plot against Hinduism.

This is an act no less severe than terrorism and i strongly condemn it.

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Standing by Swamiji

I wanted to share that I agree with the views expressed on this blog. Swamiji's teachings and energy have brought only joy and transformation to my life and what I have gained from his teachings are beyond words. I have been to the ashram several times and recently lived there for 3 months. I felt it was the safest place I have been to. I will be eternally grateful for all Swamiji has done for me and if I have the opportunity to be in Swamiji's presence again, I will be there without a hesitation.
Kumi Kugathasan (Sat Roopini)

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Support for Nithyananda

Dear All, Nithyanandam,

If we dont trust our master it is like doubting our own parents. We always say " Guru Devo Bhava". We should not be judgemental about what somebody says about our divine master. Our gut knows what is our master and we should just go by that.

It is been always seen that there are bad people on earth want to cripple good cause and good people performing good deeds. This is like a dark cloud because of some pollution by somebody. Our Nithyananda is true SUN and clouds cant stand SUN for long time.

Let us all support our mater equivocally. For sure he knows whats happening, people did not spare Jesus and he was crucified, Jesus took all the pain, so is our master..

Jai Gur dev
Arun Pradeep

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Thank you Swamiji


I was suffering from backbone.It was a disc buldge on my L4 and L5.
I had a cist in my breast for the past 3 years and after coming 2 swamiji i was totally relived from it.
It was totally cured.
I whole heartadly pray and thank swami PARAMAHAMSA NITHYANANDA.

In nithyanandam
krishna MA Phd IMPACT

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Gratitude to Swamiji


My father was in depression before cuming 2 swamiji
After seeing swamiji my father was healed by him and was totally free from depression.
my family is very happy aftr cuming 2 swamiji
I had sinus problem and became fat and docters asked me 2 undergo an operation
but in swamijis presence i was totally cured and fell thankful 2 swamiji

we all stand by him.

In Nithyanandam
chithra MA,PG.D.COM,Mphil

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Gratitude beyond words for Swamiji

Gratitude beyond words for Swamiji and his organization!

My name is Sangavasini, or formerly known as Susan Verhoogt. I am from Canada and I am writing to express my love and gratitude for Paramahamsa Nithyananda, all the ashramites and members of the organization. I am and will be forever grateful beyond words, and wanted to express that to who ever it may concern.

I have always been an intense seeker my whole life; what is life about, who am I, why am I here. So many questions, such intense searching, so much suffering. On June 22nd 2009, a date I'll never forget, I knew that this all had come to an end - I had finally found what I knew in my heart to be the truth that I'd been searching for. That was the day I was introduced to Paramahamsa NIthyananda and his teachings.

I just spent a little over 3 months at Swamiji's ashram in Bidadi participating in a program called Life Bliss Engineering. It was a life transformative experience. Not only in terms of what I've learned and the amazing experience of sitting with a living master, but also of what my experiene at the ashram was. I have never felt as safe, welcome, and supported in my whole life. Over and over again I have received nothing but respect and support from Swamiji and his organization - what an inspiration!!! It has inspired me completely to keep sharing in that way myself. I keep applying the techniques that Swamiji has taught us and I experience the results right away. I feel more compassionate, more loving, more caring and more happy then ever before! How can I ever thank you all enough???

Dearest Swamiji and Swamiji's organization, through this message I want you to know that you have changed my life forever, and for that I will be forever grateful. My love and support for you will always be there, I will always be by your side, come whatever may. I know that everything that is being said in the news are lies, as I have experienced nothing but respect and support ever sinse I set foot in the ashram. I will be with you always, no matter what!!!!

In Love and Gratitude,

Sangavasini (Susan)

LBE 2009-2010

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Eternally grateful to my master

When I first heard about this controversy, that very moment, I simply lost faith in humanity. People had, without any conclusive proof, simply rushed to judge the most compassionate of all - an enlightened Master. A Master takes birth not to make name and fame for himself, but for the sake of this very humanity - to raise their consciousness and to make them aware of the divinity within them. But all it took was a video (how difficult is it to fake these in this technological era) to make them point their fingers accusingly at the Master. I just couldn't digest this. But today, when I read the accounts of Swamiji's devotees from all over the world, overwhelming with love and gratitude, I really feel so moved.

I do not know even how to put in words what I feel when I think of Swamiji - how my being just melts and the tears flow continuously at how he has transformed my life completely. No longer am I the rudderless, direction-less person filled with millions of questions and looking for answers everywhere. I have stopped searching outside, as now I know that all the answers are inside me. No longer do the uncertainties of life scare me - I know all the weapons to destroy any fear, guilt or worry that may crop up. Every moment, I feel that Existence in the form of Swamiji is holding me so secure that I can never fall. I feel blissful inside my core, whatever be the situation outside. What more does a person need in his life?

I do not what Karma of mine brought me to Swamiji, but I am infinitely grateful to existence for blessing me with this most compassionate Master.

Lakshmi, Bangalore.

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God resides in him

I met swamiji in Kalpataru darshan. Being an IIT guy i used to do lot of
intellect work and speculation before attending any thing.His first video
i watched at youtube and could not resist my self to watch his all videos.
The finger touch during darshan time had taken me to new consciousness
level. I met swamiji again in next kalpataru darshan and energy that i had
received kept me in trance during night time. I could feel Amrita at my
third eye and throat. It was very deep experience. Next 21 days i
continued Nithya Dhyan and i was amazed at the fact that my TPS (Thought
per second) was zero. Thought was just not coming.

I was in meditation without any effort. That day i understood power of nithya dhyan. After
this experience i could not resist my self to go to his ashram. Energy
field and peace that i had witnessed there, i have not found anywhere in
my life time. All meditation that i had done there had given me deep

One thing that keeps swamiji apart from other enlightened master is that
after meeting him you will say Enlightenment was never so easy before.

Vinay, IITB

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Support Nithyanandad

I met Swamji in May of 2007 and today I know that everything really is auspicious. I had the opportunity to experience the ashram before programs began and to engage in programs offered by the mission. I have encountered Nithyananda’s presence in the US and have found him to always be kind and gracious.

Perhaps some people were looking for a messiah in Nithyananda, and maybe some were looking for a special place in the organization. I can’t recall that I was looking for anything when I first encountered him. I had a malady of physical ailments at the time. I asked him if he could even heal the syndromes for which western medicine could only supply drug cocktails which made matters only words. I never asked for healing, but I was healed. All comes into balance one way or another. The entire planet and every individual is constantly in that process of experience correction or balance in a myriad of ways. Regardless of what we want in this life, it is life, and learning never stops.

For some people all this tabloid news about Swamiji may be easier to assimilate due to a particular mental set-up. Though we are all expressions of divine, seeing Swamiji portrayed as much man as God may be far more simple than seeing him as God incarnate.

I love Swamiji, and he has been a great positive influence on my life. The gift he has for sharing the sacred scriptures with such simplicity, the teachings and techniques so deep and transformational, the opportunity to express love and devotion for God through service or whatever means is available—the practice of putting something/everything/Existence before self---incomparable to anything I have yet known or experienced. And I have years to go, ever expanding.

Nothing is ever as it seems. We never know the causes or effects of any situation, no matter how bad we may interpret it to be in the present.

Since the news broke that a great spiritual leader has succumbed to the desires of the flesh, my awareness of the things for which for I am grateful continue to flood my being. Because of his programs and teachings, my constant habit is to call on the name of God continuously, as an expression of gratitude, be it upon arising in the morning, getting daily preparations for food, work, and family, getting into the car, walking up the sidewalk to the office, looking out or up or in, enjoying the sky, the air, the sounds of the birds, the beauty that surrounds me, eating, in fellowship with friends, or calling it a day and lying down to rest in the evening. Becoming more aware of my thought processes and my motivations has brought a degree of mental clarity to my professional and personal life that I never thought possible. It is a comfort, a reassurance knowing that God is my constant companion. It has been and continues to be the prefect practice, making me aware of the God of all and the God within—a perfect practice of acknowledging God in, above, before, and during all that I do.

Swamiji has always told us that the miracles and manifestations of divine happen completely apart from him and his 6-foot form, and how the time would come that he would take us beyond that form. How thankful I am to have had such a beautiful and graceful form to help me establish more fully in a very personal relationship with Divine.

There is no sorrow, no sadness—only a fullness knowing that I am in, one with, radiating and expressing Nithyananda, eternal bliss.

Thank you, Swamiji, for all that you have given. My love, respect and gratitude to you always. Nothing can negate the positive imprint you have made on my life.

Donna Stone

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Now we arise and awake!

Dear Readers and Truth Seekers,

What does it mean to be completely fulfilled?
It is an experience of not needing to go anywhere, not needing to do anything and not needing to accumulate anything - you are complete, you are whole, you are fulfilled. This is the experience that Swamiji has planted in me and everytime I am in His presence, this experience goes deeper and deeper. One would think that not needing to do anything or not needing to go anywhere would mean I would just lay in my bed doing nothing - NO!!! Swamiji has given me deeper understanding of my own being - Swamiji has opened many dimensions in me that seeks for a better world and seeks to serve for a better world. Whether it be writing a simple poetry or a piece of music or teaching Nithya Dhyan meditation to a woman whose doctor gave her few months to live and seeing her find her peace - whether it be simply being able to help co-workers with their personal problems because I read Swamiji's Guranteed Solutions book and taken his meditation workshops, or finding inspiration to start a business based on Swamiji's teachings - how could you start a business based on someone's spiritual teachings, you may ask - but this is not out of lust for money but out of love to serve people. So this fulfillment is not of non-action but of expression, and this expression is out of joy and full of life. This is what Swamiji has given me.

What is it like to be in Nithyananda family?
I joined Nithyananda family way before I met Swamiji - being with the Family is being with Swamiji himself. Nobody here speaks the same language as I do and people are from all different backgrounds but I feel completely at home with my family. I fight with them, argue with them, laugh with them, pull childish prank on them - there is nobody judging me and everybody is committed to their own growth. Women are called Ma (mother). How strange!! I thought when I first learned that women are called Ma!!! Then I understood that calling women of all ages Ma, brings forth such respect, such beautiful feelings inside of you that the effects of society and media that pumps so much lust simply dissappears. Such is Swamiji's organization - amazing respect for women!!! I have not met my own mother for almost a decade now but since I have been part of Nithyananda Family, I have had several mothers in my life. I bug them, I make them mad, but they always make sure I have my dinner on time. They yell at me, they make fun of me but I truly love them and also feel loved. They are all my mothers and thats how I see them. This is what Swamiji has created - a world-wide family that is full of love, music and dance. This is a glimpse of my experience of being part of Nithyananda Family.

Who is Swamiji?
The experience of Swamiji's presence is very hard to describe in words and I can sing songs and write poetry for the rest of my life trying to express that experience. His mere presence can tarnsform your life - like a flower has no choice but to bloom in the presence of sunlight, similarly it is hard not to find bliss in his presence. But he is not one person - he has countless dimensions!!! If you are a student, he is a teacher; if you are a disciple, he is a master; if you are a seeker, he is a seer; if you are wounded, he is a healer; if you are a child, he is a mother, if you are a singer, he is a song, if you are lost, he is the light!!! It entirely depends on who you are - he is a mirror that shows you not the reflection of who you are now but the reflection of what you can become when you reach your full potential. He awakens you to your true potential. He is an embodiment and living proof of what human consciousness can become.

What about the Scandals?
It is amazing that there is always a group of people who are not able to stand that there is somebody who wants to spread love and peace in the world. Jesus, Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Lennon - if you are for love and peace, you get crucified, shot, hanged and what not!!! And this is not the first time a spirtual master has been a target of these scandals and will not be the last. If you really follow the news then there are countless other charges against other spiritual masters that came out same week - one would think that this is a season of scandals on TV this month!!!

No doubt that Nithyananda family has been hurt by all this, but it is in these trying times that people find their voice and their strength. One thing is certain - just like after September 11, the whole nation got stronger and stood up, this is what this scandal has done to us. We are more intense in our spiritual practices and our love for Swamiji has grown deeper, our leap of faith is wider and our bonds grow stronger. But this faith is not a blind faith - it is faith that comes from the authenticity of our experiences with Swamiji. Come what may - everyday we grow stronger and stronger. But this strength is not of violence or revolt - this strength is of our love for Swamiji and our genuine yearn to better our communities. We are not against anything but we are for Truth, love and social transformation.

People who are following this scandal and trying to know the truth should weigh out the wealth of extrordinary testimonials and groundbreaking social services that Swamiji has done versus a grainy video from questionable sources. Take a moment to think about it, on one hand there are millions of people who have experienced profound life changing experiences, thousands families have been fed, hundreds recieving free medical services, and on the other hand 2-3 minutes of videos that is supposed to discredit all that??? Its almost laughable!!! Think of one organization that provides free food, free shelther, free education and free life tools...Swamiji's organization does that and in this day and age of Capitalism!!! Think of an organization that is run by 100% volunteers...Swamiji's organization is run by people who have benefitted from his teachings and want to share it with their friends, family and community. Imagine thousands of well educated people with full time job, career and family eagerly and happily contributing their time to make sure that other people also experience what they have experienced....now think of that video - is it really supposed to show the true nature of Swamiji's organization and of Swamiji himself????

Isn't it amazing what media can do??? But we have seen it time and time over again, haven't we? How easily media targets a larger than life persona and takes great pleasure in destroying him/her to the ground.

So what now?
Now we Arise and Awake!!! We have work to do!!! We see how much our society and culture is plagued with uncounscious thinking and addicted to cheap entertainment. It is sad to see that so many people are living a pseudo-life and vomiting hatred, fear and greed into our society. Swamiji is on a mission to erradicate all this by reviving Vedic culture. Swamiji's mission is important for humanity at large and not just for us disciples. It is through Vedic culture that we will bring forth a new chapter in human evolution. This scandal is a mere speed bump for us and so now we get to work and now we Arise and Awake!!!

I invite you to read more testimonials and get a true picture of what is going on and also experience Swamiji yourself by checking out few of his videos at http://www.youtube.com/LifeBlissFoundation

Nithyanandam (In Eternal Bliss)
San Jose, CA

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