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My heart says so...

I am not a diciple of swamy. But in the process of finding out whats going on, I learnt a lot about Swami. I am so worried about the way media is controlling and twisting my logic. After listening to Swami's interview etc., my Heart says TRUTH will prevail and the spritual journey for all his followers will continue.

Well Wisher
Kannan S
Boston USA

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For every problem there is a solution

Dear Sir/Madam,
I have great respect for Swami Nithyananda and have been very disturbed by the recent outcome of events. Not so much by the allegations because I trust Swamiji but because of the way the public has reacted to them.
Sri Nithyananda was the one who told me that for every problem there is a solution and so I believe for this problem too, there is a definitive solution. The root cause of this whole scandal and conspiracy is the video released showing Swamiji having an intimate affair with the Tamil actress Ranjitha. It was from this that all the other allegations stemmed. I just watched the interview by Rajiv Malhotra with Swamiji and was dissappointed to see that he didnt address this key issue, which i think is bothering people the most. I deeply trust in Swamiji and he's said too many amazing things that've awed me for me to doubt his intentions so easily. If the intimate affair was fake, he should boldly say it and if it was not, I'm sure Swamiji has a valid explanation for it.
I'd just like to say that I'm sending this e-mail not only to show my support but also because i believe that if Swamiji addresses this root cause immediately in his next press conference, it will help solve the problem much faster. If this has not already been decided, I would like that you please inform him.
Thanks and Regards,
Balavignesh Krishnamurthy

World in the hands of negative media

Dear Ever BlissFull Beings - Nithyanandas!!
The whole episode Good Swamji has going through is clear proof of world in the trap of huge negativity and some beings have learned the fittest way to survive by spreading more negavity, Am talking about media mess, power mongers cunning acts. This is a phenomenon across the world!!!! Be it 'so called' developed countries like US, UK or developing countries like India, China, The entire world population is at stake in hands of negative media/power mongering cunnies. Best example, By now many know 9/11 attack is a inside job and nothing to do with Iraq/Afgan, However media was used to propagate terror, fear and gain political advantage by the power mongering elites. So goes with suppression of free energy devices favoring oil giants, bankers, climate change and so on. While this is the case with developed countries, I need not mention about political/media mafia's destruction of culture in Nature's India

How to save world from media mess, power mongers and negativity?

5190 years ago Shri Krishna has to go through such situation to bring back order on earth and again the situation has emerged! Through a highly placed spiritual source I understand that we are amidst a massive revolution world bringing good to humanity & life on earth by Advent of Son of God, Skanda.

I foresee that this episode of media mafia attack on Swami bring the THE END of media techno-occultisms of mass mind control. Let every being start witnessing the great power within them. Now the revolution begins.

Being a supporter of Swami for his great work to uplift life on earth, I always wish the best and achieve grand success in his mission.

Supporting voice from RK

Dear Sir,

My spiritual name is Sri Nithya Basker. Me and my wife ( Ma Nithya Bhasker)met Swamy at Oklahoma in 2003. We had the fortune of attending ASP for 4 days conducted by Swamy himself which thoroughly transformed our life. We remain greatfull to him at all times.

I trust in him and his vast noble mission to help transformation of humanity which certainly is in dire need of a courageous Spiritual Master in the present world that is heading towards self destruction.

I make an appeal to the whole world not to engage or aid in killing his mission prematurely and give him reasonable time instead to clear the clouds and to reform his neo-management that lends more transparency and trust.

Warm love and regards,

Ramakrishnan Chowdappa PMP
Consultant - Project Management
Kentz Intl

I have lost respect for media


I had the good fortune of attending a 3 month programme called Life Bliss Engineering in Swami Nithyananda's ashram in Bidadi, India. This course was from Nov 2009 to Feb 2010. Swami and the ashramites took care of us very well. I told my mum that I was in heaven for 3 months. My heart is connected to Swami, and I know that he is my guru. My family and friends are amazed to see the difference in me after coming home from this programme. They say that I have changed for the better. They see that I am more positive and pleasant. My parents are happy that they sent me to this programme.

With regards to the recent news that are coming about Swami, my family and I have lost the little respect we had for the media. I have experienced Swami Nithyananda's divinity and I am very grateful to him for guiding me to enlightenment. After seeing the difference in me, my family wants to do courses with Swami as well.

Abirami Paramanathan
Toronto, Canada

Forever grateful - Gift from the divine!

All I can say about Swamiji is that when I intensely asked God for a sign..Swamiji came into my life immediately! I can't share my personal transformation in words because it has been experiences beyond the explanations. Before Swamiji came into my life I was confused about life and death and the purpose of it all? After receiving a gift in return of my prayers..not did I only come to clear understating about Life and Death but other dimensions of my being that i never thought even existed. Its very clear to me why this is happening..I don't need to watch the video etc. Swamiji is great gift to human beings on planet earth who is teaching us that we are the great beings with the hidden potential that once awakened can end all sufferings and show us the experience of different dimensions of our beings. All that I am saying would made no sense to me before..but now no body can tell me what I experience isn't real..if I have been sure about anything in life it's this!! I encourage everyone to learn and benefit from Swamiji..because we are all Saints within.

Forever Grateful to you with love and respect!

Swamiji - I am with you with my heart and soul

WHAT THE HECK IS A SWAMI? Growing up Baptist in a small town in Mid-Southern America, I didn’t even know what a Swami was when I met Swamiji in March 2006. I went to a discourse called “Be Unclutched” at Integris Baptist Hospital in Oklahoma City. I wasn’t sure what his blessing involved, but I asked to be healed when I approached him for the first time. He said he would take care. I had no reason to believe him. The next morning, I had my pre-surgical MRI before having a titanium plate put in my neck to replace “three disintegrated cervical discs” (after wearing neck brace for 2 yrs). That weekend, I attended 2-day DSP meditation program with Swamiji. By program end, I had removed the brace and thrown away pain meds, steroids, and HRT meds. I walked out of the program feeling like (hard to describe) … “cotton” … clean, light, pure – as if walking on air and I was experiencing so much mental clarity. When I retrieved the MRIs, the surgeon’s report read: [after comparison MRI from 3 months before,] “Significant improvement in the surgical spine”. I never had the surgery, nor have I needed a doctor for anything since that date. People tell me that I must have had great faith to be healed in such a manner….I tell them, “First came the healing, then faith was inevitable.”

FROM DARKNESS TO LIGHT. Swamiji approached me in a more intellectual manner. To understand the energy healing that had happened and the science of his teachings, he explained physics and referred me to the Internet to learn about physics; to read Biology of Belief, by Dr. Bruce Lipton; to review Messages from Water, by Dr. Emoto; he used every technique and tool that could possibly help me to understand what he was trying to teach me…and it worked. This is my beloved Guru who was the only one in the world who knew how to teach me instantly upon meeting me.

LOVE & GRATITUDE. The only necessary emotions in life. Swamiji taught me this important truth through his Bhagavad Gita discourses, then the Shiva Sutras, Patanjali Sutras and finally, Upanishads. Pure science of emotions and mind updated by him for this day and age has been transmitted to the masses and thereby invoking spirituality into many newfound seekers.

SWAMIJI, I thank you with all of my heart and soul for finding me in this lifetime and embracing me without judgment. You changed my life and I am in complete awe as I witness you changing the world. I have nothing to offer but my love and gratitude and my life in service to help teach others what you have taught me.
I remain eternally grateful,

Ma Nithya Mahati

PS-Although I have come to know the presence of your absence, still – there’s NOTHING as sweet as being with the Master!

I stand by Swamiji

By Supporters of Nithyananda


I came to know Swamiji six month ago attending Kalpatharu within a short period I was there two month ago for inner Awaking program Biadi Ashram. My experience about swamiji's teaching and transformation is such a wonderful experience in my life.

Ma Nithya Kaushiki(ariyamalar)

Beloved Guru

Dearest Swamiji,

I know you as you are, a perfect expression of the perfect Idea; a precious gift from God to man. Because of you I know what I may become and my gratitude for you knows no bounds.

I also realize, Swamiji, that the world cannot know you and will continue to misunderstand you. So please be patient with the world and forgive those that so try to abuse you. Please forgive them, Swamiji, and continue your service to mankind.

With all my love,

Joe Long

Sad on what's happening

Iam a software engineer from bangalore. Iam not a devotee of nityanandha or attended any of his courses. But iam really sad on what is happening around him these days. Even if the video is true, there is no need to blow this up like this. Whether he is good or not, his teachings are good.He has helped many people and through the trust he is helping many people. Once i was in ashram, i was very much delighted to see the foreginers wearing sarees and dhoties and following our tradition. Is that not a great thing to achieve? Why these press people are behind his personal life? Also, i would request the ashramites if this video is not true,,,can you do a similar graphics version of lenin with ranjitha or nakkeeran editor with ranjitha or someone? That way you can shut all these people mouth at one shot...

Thanks for your services and i hope swamiji will come out of this scandal soon and continue his services..I feel even if the video is true, he is not bad than many of the politicians around..Who has the guts to video politicians?


May you grow from strength to strength

Respected Paramahamsa,

My Pranams at your holy lotus feet.

Yes, Rajive Malhotra's interview on the subject is good. PR functions to be strengthened. I can train your staff.

More responsibilities and possibilities particularly upto 2012.

May you grow from strength to strength.

At your feet,


I am Walking, Talking, Living & Radiating the Master..


My name is Ma Nithyananda Sugandhi, a devotee, a volunteer and an acharya of Nithyananda Dhyaanapeetam. The day I saw the TV channels broadcasting the allegations on Swamiji, the immediately response I felt was NOTHING.. Very clearly, nothing moved inside, and no judgments came out. Normally, a logical mind will simply jump to conclusion either 'against' or 'in support' for what it sees…running to confusion. People around me asked me “Are you not shocked? Are you not shaken?”. Just then, I realized something beautiful about me. I understood…yes..I am a special being….the respect I hold for me raised so much and a deep gratitude just came out for Swamiji for really placing the ‘peacemaker’ inside me and I very clearly understood that ‘Yes, I am Living Enlightenment..I am a Jeevan Mukta”.. With all the drama that took place by the media in the coming days, my ‘Vitarka’ as Master says..i.e. the strong feeling connection with the Master simply has grown by infinity..this trust cannot be shaken by anything or anyone, because it is intelligent faith.

I have been connected with Swamiji’s teachings since 2007 and with His grace, I attended the 21 days InnerAwakening program in July2009 at the Ashram and this has been the best ever fulfilling experience in my life. With the compassion of a Mother, Swamiji just awakended me to the Truth of who I am. No place is as sacred, as beautiful and as divine as the Bidadi Ashram. Whether you believe it or not, like it or not..my clear experience is living in Master’s presence is simply living with GOD Himself and Bidadi Ashram is God’s very own land. I have been to the Ashram multiple times at different occasions and it was always been a loving, safe and secure space and every visit has made me a better being adding more & more truths.

I am walking, talking, living and radiating Master’s truths and this is the time I urge all devotees who ever felt benefited by his teachings to have the trust in themselves and not simply run by their logic and negativity…which only knows how to doubt. Master is the greatest, rarest blessing to all of us and we can miss anything but the connection with Him. It is high time to question our doubts and learn to trust our experience…

So, please stand by the truth you felt in Swamiji’s presence…Like the sun that shines everyday, Swamiji doen’t need to prove himself to anyone nor do you need to convince yourself about anything.

With my deepest gratitude at Master's feet.

Ma Nithyananda Sugandhi

Swamiji is no ordinary man

My name is Harsha Trivedi,

I am from the Columbus Vedic Temple. Since your movement started, I remember seeing you enter the temple do the puja, and bless us all. Before meeting you, my life wasn't that fulfilled. I needed a spiritual master. I can raise my head high and
say I have finally found one.I don't care about these fake rumors, allegations on you Swami ji. I have met you in person., the feeling of bliss was all I wanted to know to recognize what sort of individual you are. I know about your abilities, my son is a big fan of yours. He told me since you blessed him on his head he has not been the same but more spiritual. We watch your videos all the time, Whatever you say makes the perfect sense.Swami ji I am just writing to tell you, no matter what the rumors are, all these fake allegations will never reduce the trust nor lessen the bond you have created with me and my family. I have signed up all of my family to attend Inner Awakening.
The media is known to make a a big deal out of nothing, and with todays graphics, adobe photoshop, windows movie maker, anything and absolutely everything is possible.

Swami ji, please be careful and takecare of yourself. The Dhyaanapeetam movement doesn't need non believers,
Please be safe and we will pray for you. We love you and we can't wait for all this nonsense to get over. Please takecare of your health, this world needs you.Thank you for everything you have done for me and my family.

Your True Devotee,

Harsha Trivedi, Columbus Ohio

He is not an ordinary man

He is not an ordinary man. I stand 200% next to my swami, not only me buy my family as well. He has blessed us ways people cannot imagine. Dear Swamiji no matter what people say I will never break the connection we have established. You are part of our family, Every Thursday we pray to the Swami and offer him Thal. Swami has cured my sister, taken away a lot my worries as well as blessed my parents. I don't care about the fake lies, Swami ji is and always will be our master and no matter
how hard people try to defame him he will still be the same Parahamnsa in my eyes. I cant wait to attend inner awakening and be with my swami.Thank you so much for starting your movement, we are with you all the way.
Best of luck Swami ji, we are are here for you
Kartik Namrata Mahesh Harsha

Swamijis Teachings are priceless

I attended the ASP, NSP programmes in late 2005 and have been attending satsangs ever since. Be it speeches, the numerous meditation techniques taught from Shiva Sutras, Bhagavad Gita, Ashtavakra Samhita ..., or the ones in youtube, the books I regularly read - they have all had a very authentic positive effect on me a person that helped me taking little steps in spiritual path. Even this moment, I vividly experience the "Be Unclutched" message that was delivered so powerfully in NSP programme in Dec 2005. I sincerely thank swamiji for all the guidance in my spiritual path. Thanks Swamiji for showering grace by giving us courage to "Live Enlightenment", "Radiate Enlightenment", "Radiate Shiva Consciousness NOW"


I am with him

I always believed that Swamji is with me. Not only he but my child hood Guru's who are no longer alive are still taking care of me today. Yes, I'm at his side unconditionaly. In a true connection, one will not desert away especially in tough times. I'm with him and he is anyway with all of us.

Best Wishes,
Pankaj Joshi
NSP student - Hyderabad

Clouds can't hide the Sun

We knew Swamiji for almost 5 years. We have undergone several meditation programs/classes earlier and learnt different kind of meditation techniques... but we experienced the real power of meditation only from Swamiji and just started following him as our Guru. He is part of our life and won our mind & heart!

At this young age, his great knowledge and wisdom shows that he is beyond a normal human being. He has transformed our lives. We felt and understood the Goddess power with him.

He has given so many great things to the world. We need him for a long time on planet earth.

As Lord Krishna said "Dharmathin valvudhanai soodhu kavvum, iruthiyil dharmamea vellum", the truth will never die and our Swamiji will come out greatfully.

Clouds can't hide the Sun... all these issues are like clouds. Nothing can stop Swamiji!

With love,
Bhanurekha and Ravikumar

Dealing with diabolical forces

The more spiritually advanced the person the more challenges he has to face in life. That's the reason, I believe, Nithyananda Swami is facing these challenges in his life.

But these events, I believe, will also be instrumental in changing the way ashrams function in the future. Ashrams all over the world will start focussing on the the ashram from all diabolical forces. This would mean creating media teams, lobby teams etc.


Proud to be a Nithyananda Disciple

But for you, I would now have been in the trash. Even at this point of time when hostel-mates of mine trouble me for having your real-life Gurumurthi picture and other pictures, in the vicinity, YOU ARE KEEPING UP YOUR PROMISE-"I SHALL BE WITH YOU AND GUIDE YOU" MADE ON JAN 4, 2009 KALPATARU @ BIDADI. I AM VERY VERY VERY STRONGLY EXPERIENCING YOUR PRESENCE AND GUIDANCE.
Swami.... I need you.... FOREVER...
In lots of love, respects

Thank you for coming into my life

First time I met Swamiji was in May 2007 when he gave lectures on
Jain Sutras.I was reluctant to go seeing some sadhu in orange clothes
talking about Jainism. Then my mind said,let us see! I have not
stopped following him ever since! His authenticity and with authority
when he speaks all the truths, His You tube videos has become food for
body,mind and soul every single day.He has made me understand and
experience who Mahavirswami is and what is really enlightnment! I
find special joy now in respecting all the religion and its

I was there two months ago for Inner Awakening program. Bidadi Ashram
is beautiful place. My experience there was extra ordinary. Media is
talking about rape charges,it is the totally other way I saw that all
ashrmites and all volunteers has this unique love,bliss,calmness and
devotion on their faces! I am seeing this in all Swamiji's devotees
all around the world since two years.I myself felt so safe in Ashram
walking alone at late night after the session.

Thank you Swamiji for coming into my life! Truth will prevail!

Veena, Los Angeles





I absolutely stand by my master

Hello Nithyanada; thank you God i have been trying to express my thoughts about this allegations since it started. I even wrote on different site after I saw Swamiji's speech after the allegation.

I didn't write a very good message as i want to because, i was so emotional. However, for me my experience about Swamiji's teaching is a wonder full experience I start to know about Swamiji last year around April 2009 through my neighbour by reading a couple of his books.

I became so connected, i say finally someone explain it so much better what i been longing for so long. I even start the meditation because it is very practical and i enjoy doing the meditation and i start feeling some calmness within a few month the same year in September i met Swamiji at Calpataru in Toronto my experience at darshan some thing i will never forget.

For a very long time i was such in a mess in my life after i met Swamiji it felt like a huge load is been lifted from my head. He change my inner state within a short period of time i can not Waite to have innerawakning program in the near future at the ashram i relay want actual i need to see the ultimate.

Swamiji before i get to know about your teaching for the past 8 years i have read all kinds of spiritual books learn ed a lot but, non of them gave me such reassurance that it is my right and the possibility i can be in Bliss within without acquiring any thing from outside and i experience the bliss.

I want to say thank you a so much for freeing me from my ignorance, i am very great full to know you i hope all this nonsense will be over soon & you will continue to do what you love to do teaching all humankind for no cost on you tube and I can't Waite to see you at the Ashram to take the inner-awaking program i relay need to see the ultimate.



Miracles in my life

There are no words to express the feelings connected with enlightenment master. Only can feel it His presence and his unconditional love once you deeply involve and fully surrender.

Append below the few miracles happen in my live since I met our beloved Swamiji.

My name is Pugal (healer and running Nithyananda Dhyanapeetam Meditation and healing meditation center in Kulim Kedah) and I completed the first level and second level LBP program in Malaysia during March & June 2007.
However the 3rd level (BSP) and the healer initiation are only held in Bangalore, India. I came to know that there is such course in Dec 07, 2007. I feel very set and helpless. The reason are, first, diffulty in financial, secondly I do not have international passport to any county as I hold permanent residence status in Malaysia due to I’m born in India. I daily pray and chanting the guru mantra 108 times every day and cry in front of “VARAMOORTHI” photo. I highlighted my intention and the problem that I facing to my superior (manager). Our beloved Swamy bless me and my boon is answered. My company fully bared all the expenses incurred for this particular cause, it is, traveling, lodging, accommodation and etc. The company also obtains the “Certificate of identification” (temporary passport-stateless state status) from Malaysian Immigration Department in order to travel to overseas (only permitted country only)

Second miracle is, I do apply for Malaysia citizenship since year 1977 and my application rejected for five times without giving any reason. I’m totally given up and pray and surrender to Swami. In Sept 2009 I received a letter from Home Ministry that my application is dully approved and advise me to complete further process to obtain the Malaysian citizenship certificate and Mykad. I already received both of these and proudly say I am Malaysian citizen.

Third, since I met swamiji and fully follow his teaching and his meditation techniques, I feel my body and mind is very peaceful, active for the whole day and less stress at my work area and key performance indicator getting better and I can perform my job well and I do received praise from my superior.

Forth, my wife, daughter and I are healer initiated by Swamiji and doing healing for those who came to our center at Kulim, Kedah and lot of them benefit from our swamiji spiritual healing. There cancer patients, Aids patient fully recovered. We will publish their testimonial in due course.

There is no limit for the miracles happening in the lives of the devotees around the world, we need not have to write to prove the powers of Swamiji, and I just mentioned this to open the eyes of non believers.

Pray Swamiji and wonderful change will happen to all of us to our outerworld and inner world.

I do not believe any of the allegations against you

Pranams Swamiji. I have attended the Kalpataru Darshan and the NSP programme held recently in February at Hyderabad and the experience was unique. Sri Ramana Maharishi is my revered Master and I felt His presence while doing the NSP programme, especially during the Meditation classes.

My spiritual quest had started sometime back and many Enlightened Masters have blessed me and given me their understanding of how to lead a spiritual life. I am reading your books and practising your meditation techniques and you have also given me more clarity on how to live wisely and serve others.

I do not believe any of the allegations against you or on Nithyananda Dhyanapeetam. My parents have always told me that giving spiritual knowledge to anyone is not possible without the blessing of the Lord and having doubts about you Swamiji is like doubting the Vedas and Upanishads.

I keep watching you on youtube and listen to atleast one discourse of yours before I begin my day. I wish to place my gratitude with reverence for illuminating our lives and sharing your wisdom with the world.

At this juncture , I remember the story my teacher told me when I was studying in the Convent School.

Many people were trying to hurt a person by throwing stones because they felt the person was immoral. But Christ the Lord, who watched this incident asked the crowd to look into their own life and only the purest of them who had not committed any mistake had the right to punish the victim. The crowd stopped, looked within and went away - one by one.

I am sure that Paramahamsa Nithyananda Swamiji will come back with renewed strength , forgive the people, and continue His Mission without any problem.

Yours sincerely,
M.Sulekha Ganeshn
11th March, 2010.

Save the world and people from adharma

The recent scandal - the heights of media dominating the mind of the people. Now even guru gods are not spared. where are we heading towards. my life has been a total difference from before i met swamiji and after i met him. he has given intense clarity on our living and handling life but still being blissful. there was immense sadness when i saw the media. he is my foundation. i know it cannot go wrong. thanks swami for every thing you have given me in my life.

Sangeetha Ramkumar

The Remover of Darkness of life

Dearest Guruji
I didn’t get a chance to meet Guruji, fortunately I did get many chances to
listen to Swamiji’s discourses. These discourses helped me to understand
the value life and divine. Though I haven't attended any of Swamiji’s
Mediational Techniques, these discourses helped me to face the problems of
life and the situations. I am always happy to be at the feet of such a
valuable form.
These kinds of allegations are not new to an elevated once on this earth,
Krishna and Saibaba also face these kind situations. I feel it’s a part of
the drama which does not affect me any way….

I am always happy to be with Guruji (who's the Remover of Darkness of life)
in any situation.

Kindest Regards
Jyothi Kuppaiah
United Kingdom

I stand by by my Swami with deep gratitude


Swamiji told that we should not lie even for the sake of others and we should lead a conflict free life. After attending NSP in May 2008 my aim of leading a truthful life got deep rooted by the confidence given to me by Swamiji. By trying to adopt the techniques taught by Swamiji I am able to be affectionate even to an object which others think is non living. Others perceived me as a reserved person, who never talks with any body but after meeting Swamiji my attitude towards life has got transformed and there are people who feel for my absence. Before I used to stop talking with people who hurt me and my loved ones, but now I have dropped this attitude and I talk to them normally, from my heart. Swamiji has given me chance to help others when they are in need.

TRUTH AND LOVE is my life.

It is Paramahamsa Sri Nithyananda who has transformed my egoistic and worried life to one of Ultimate truth and Love.

I am a gifted one to radiate englightenment.

I voice this out and standby by my Swami with deep gratitude.

In Nithyanandam,

Sathyamewa Jayathe

From the time negative scenes I saw on TV, my heart is chanting 'sathyamewa jayathe'. The people who are jealous of swami have done this, i am benefited by ASP & NSP, i used to have suicidal tendencies, which i have over come. One of my friend has come out of depression and has stopped taking tablets, and about 3 kids whose parents committed suicide and one of the kid attended classes removed the negative emotions and is lively now compared to other two kids who did not attend the programme, i want swami to be back.

Geetha.k.s. Kabadi

You are my mentor

Dear Swamiji,

When I was a pathetic and pessimistic guy, I started reading your golden book 'Open the door. Let the breeze in' in Tamil. It changed my entire life. You are the reason for making my life blooming and interesting.

You are my mentor. Not only to me. To the entire mankind.

PANDAVAS suffered lot. SITA cried much. THIRUNAVUKKARASAR was much harrassed.
Finally, they all Won. You will Win. You won the Million's Heart already by relieving their pain.

ADHARMAM never wins. DHARMAM always wins.

LORD SHIVA will be with you.

at your holy feet,

Healing Experience

I was suffering from IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) where the motion I pass will be watery or to be in simple words it is Loose Motion. I suffered for more than Eight and Half years. I consulted many leading doctors in Allopathy. Also I took medicines from various other system like Homeopathy, Auyerveda and Siddha. They were of no use except for Homepathy, it helped to some extent latter it too had no results. Then phcyatric drugs helped me to some extent latter its results too got saturated.

With no idea of what to do, where to go next, my life turned into hell.

In the mid of 2009 I got introduced to the healing and meditation system of Swami Nithyananda. It had miraculous effects. Latter I attended Kalpatharu, NSP, BSP & Healer Initiation programmes of Swamiji's. Now I am 65% OK. I am confident and happy at my heart. Hell like feel has gone. Day by day the results are improving and consistent.

See a disease which cannot be cured by super intelligent doctors is being cured by Swami Nithyananda.


Also I remember(if Iam right) a teacher from the system of Maharishi Vethathri (World Community Service Center) famously called as Vazgha Valamudan (Live a Bright Life in tamil ) said If an ordinary person pursues sex then it is a waste of vital energy but if an enlightened person pursues it then it is just like passage of sweat or urine as the energy has already raised to their HEAD

So let us not pin point negative things and be a looser.

Also I request to see the testimonials of public who were benefited by the Healing of Swami. It is there in youtube. Also I request to view the youtube cliping on the research done by doctors of USA under the title "Nithyananda Research on Meditation"

Thank you,
Manikandan Elangovan

Guru is a principle

It is not for us to judge a Guru, such a provision never exists. And Guru will remain a Guru, no matter what he does. The conditional, negotiable, intellectual faith cannot lead one to unconditional, non-negotiable, unthinkable Truth. Present concerns are conditional, negotiable, intellectual. My advise is that you give up judging; it's a shame devotees and disciples are shying away. Guru remains what he is irrespective of anything; mind you that's the only kind of faith that can lead us anywhere. Rest is conditional and doomed to the finite. Guru is a principle, not a human being. We don't revere Guru as a person, we revere Him as a Higher Divine Principle, why judge him then like a mortal?

In other words, Once you have looked into the eyes of a master, once you have recognized that you are a seeker, YOUR HEAD IS IN THE TIGERS MOUTH. - Ramana Maharishi

Manjushree Abhinav

He is my master

Hi, I am Prashanth from Bangalore.My mother introduced me to Swamiji in 2006 and from then on i have been a devotee of his.It is with great confidence that i can say that he has done nothing wrong, and that he will rise again stronger .

The experiences that i have had are irrefutable and based on that strength i can strongly that he is my master and that i will continue to practice his teachings in my life.


Swamiji, your teaching is priceless!

Looking in and asking myself where am I.
I was just an ordinary woman who had created and suffered from drama in life.
Life was sad and ready to be discontinued.
Discontinuing my sadness was the greatest gift from the Divine.
The Divinity within me is the gateway that He guided.
Guiding my emotions to a blissful vibe.
Vibration that I carry makes everyone shines.
Shining the love and compassion with His energy behind.
Behind everything is still the Divine.
Divine that makes me shine, Divine that makes me high.
Jump high and say Hi to all the lies.
Lies will die when human becomes wise.
Being wise and being kind.
Kindly accept the drama and work on the human mind.
Minding needs to stop and practice conflict-free life.
Life becomes so rich that no one can deny.
Denying the experience is such a stupid try.
Trying to revisit the energy that made everyone cry.
Crying for the Divine, Crying from the Divine.
Divine is beyond our mind.

In Nithyananda
Ananda Kaviya
Los Angeles

Always in the service of satguru

The history records that no prophets sages or holy atman were spared from mudslinging by non-believers and those jealous or afraid of their fame and public support.

Paramahamsa Sri Nithyananda is an avatar of this century. Swami had taught hundreds of thousands of his disciples and followers to live a divine life in this time of fast and challenging world.

Swami had created understanding and awareness even to the laymen by his speeches on the great Hindu Vedas, Upanishads, Sutras and Puranas. Truth seekers were benefitted with swami's meditation techniques and guidance’s. Many patients were healed miraculously.

Two thousand years ago great sage by the name THIRUVALLUVAR had said Whatever thing, of whatsoever kind it be,,,’Tis wisdom’s part in each the very thing to see. ( Kural No : 355 )

Kural Explanation: (True) knowledge is the perception concerning everything of whatever kind, that that thing is the true thing

But unfortunately nobody follows the sage's golden words. History records another same incident. For the kindness, spiritual knowledge And the guidance showered one me i remain loyal to my satguru.

always in the service of satguru PARAMAHAMSA SRI NITYANANDA


I know he is true

Myself Velusamy,i met swamiji in march 2009 kalpataru in coimbatore. I joined LIFE BLISS TECHNOLOGY the life teaching course subsequently. Only after that I came to know the real value of life by his meditation techniques i realised the truth. Regarding the scandal i see the positive side. The society always see the negative because 80 percentage of people are in that category. I know he is true. He came in my life as light and gave so much clarity..I always stand by his teachings in a being level not in a physical level. The others see him only in his 6 feet body. So they misunderstood Him. The people whoever read this be very clear to your heart. Not to your mind because mind is always suspecious. Heart feels only the truth.



S Velusamy

I'm proud to stand by Swamiji

I didn't have the chance to meet Swamiji and I know only his youtube conferences, but through this simple way he brought me enormous joy. His simple and powerful words have really lighten up my life. Never mind the cynics and the sceptics. I'm proud to stand by Swamiji.

Thank you Swamiji, and carry on.
Ronald Juliet, Switzerland

Such a Young Person But So Much Wisdom

Swami Nithiyananda has so much to offer. His deep knowledge and wisdom astounds me. The mundane things which we take for granted, are brought to our attention through his teachings and the examples very casually. Whenever I feel down, I listen to him, I get the clarity of mind and consolation. I felt born anew after attending Kalpataru. He raised our (600 over attendees) Kundailini Shakti and I felt a change, a difference, within me.


Truth will never die! Hail Nithyananda!

Truth only will triumph. And Nithyananda is an ultimate representative of Truth. I am saying this because of the solid experience and transformation inside me after attending Nithyananda’s meditation programs. I have attended many other programs. But Nithyananda’s programs are a class apart. He is clearly an inner world scientist. There is no doubt in that. Truth will never die. Hail Nithyananda!

John Dodd

Why are we abusing Gurus?

I wonder why the gurus are abused again and again and again? Problem is, we are not worthy of them. They stand for the ultimate truth and we are not ready for it, that’s all. Unfortunately, we have media under our control and the Gurus become a minority! Look at the ironical Truth.

I have attended many other Guru’s programs and I have attended Nithyananda’s programs also. I can tell you, my experience with his talks and programs has been amazing. His teaching is jeevan mukti – Living Enlightenment. The result is ‘Living a conflict-free life.’ I can tell u from firsthand experience that my life today is conflict-free. In every moment and in every situation, I can see the difference between how I was earlier and how I am now. There is a clear lubrication inside me which doesn’t allow anything to touch my consciousness. I am clearly on a higher plane now. I wish that other people will start enjoying this plane of living. It can happen if we allow it to. Let us stop defaming enlightened masters and start living enlightenment. Jai Nithyananda! We need you for a long long time on planet earth.

David Brian

I am a changed person today because of Nithyananda

I know how I was, before attending Nithyananda’s programs and I know how I am, now. Today, I am a more mature, calm, aware, joyful person, untouched by anything that happens in the outer world. My inner strength is amazing. This whole event and its effect up on me is a testimony to that! Had my transformation not been true, I could not be sitting still blissful and calm today! So that itself is testimony. Please stop defaming Nithyananda. That’s all I can say. You are not only missing out on an enlightened being but also preventing others from reaching Him.

Los Angeles, USA

The truth will come up with full glory

It is the most difficult thing to get sadguru like Paramahamsa Nithyananda in life even after repeated births. This time, in the present birth, I got sadguru Paramahamsa Nithyananda whose teachings and techniques, blessings and he himself transformed me at the physical, mental and spiritual level to experience the truth. Since getting the sadguru like Paramahamsa Nithyananda is the rarest thing in repeated births, when sadguru Paramahamsa Nithyananda is available because of his grace, some ill-elements of the society, instead of making use of this the precious invaluable human birth, are creating problems to Swamiji. These ill-elements can make the public fool but not the devotees, disciples of the Swamiji because they know the importance and the costliness of getting the sadguru and it is true that Swamiji , Paramahamsa Nithyananda is the Bhagavan. No ill-activity of the ill-elements will touch the Swamiji because he is the ultimate truth.

Finally the truth will come up with full glory with giving message to the people that Swamiji, sadguru Paramahamsa Nithyananda is the Bhagavan, the ultimate truth.

Dear swamiji, we devotees are fully behind you and support you. Nithyanandam!

vithal Navi

I stand by, for my guru

I am associated with the Nithyananda mission since Oct 2008 and have undertaken 2 levels of meditation courses (ASP and NSP) from the mission. I have also volunteered for the mission on medical camps and in helping run some meditation courses. My experience doing the courses and following the meditation techniques taught by Swamiji were truly profound and I saw a noticeable change in the quality of my life. The teachings and meditation techniques better equipped me to face the challenges of modern day living.

I attended the NSP program held recently in the Bidadi ashram from Feb 19th to Feb22nd. I was in the ashram for these 4 days continuously and felt an amazing energy field around me during this period. It was something I never felt before in my life. I still keep missing the 'ashram way of life' and the experience I had during those 4 days. What also hit me was the amazing sense of devotion of the Ashramites and the devotees who volunteered during the NSP course. These were all people who had well to do professions to take care of, but still never lost touch with humanity and served the mission with their time and devotion, giving up all the comforts of life. Never did I feel any sense of doubt or mistrust during my stay at the Ashram. Everyone I interacted at the Ashram were very courteous and helpful.

I heard about these defamatory videos when a friend of mine called me the night the videos were aired on Sun TV. I saw the videos and for a moment did feel jitter-ed but in no way was my connection and faith in Swamiji hampered. A lot of my friends and family who knew about my association with the mission asked me about this, but none of that made me uncomfortable in any sense. What I have experienced being around Swamiji since the last 1.5 years is indescribable and this strong connection with him gives me a lot of strength and courage. This very strength told me that something was wrong here and this probably is the work of some anti social parties who were feeling jealous or demeaned by the growth of Swami's mission.

For me personally, when Swami talks, it hits me straight in the head and I can understand and implement it completely in my life. His books and videos have an abundance of wisdom, if someone really wishes to enhance his or her quality of life. Swami's mission helps the poor and needy and I as a devotee would like to help Swami to make Earth a better place to live in for as many as possible. To me that is all that matters and that is all that gives me peace of mind.

Would request the media to not indulge in 'Trial by Media' tactics and rather judge for themselves in a logical manner before writing or stating anything about the mission or Swamiji.

In Nithyanandam !
IT Professional, Bangalore.

He is my Guru

Paramahamsa Nithyanandaji has transformed my life. After attending his Life Bliss Program level 1, I understood for the first time what gratitude is - how much to feel thankful for, how lucky we all are - for the earth, air, water, sunshine, rain, food, farmers, salesmen, shopkeepers, sweepers, government, doctors, nurses, engineers, scientists... how intelligent this whole existence is. I always feel that yes, Existence is providing so much for me. I am so happy for all this. As Swamiji says "Gratitude is the greatest attitude". It is a real eye-opener.

After attending his Life Bliss Program level 2, I felt so joyful and even my wife and family started to notice positive changes in me. Even my wife wanted to thank Swamiji for all this. I was more joyful, gave more care to my wife, life was more intense.

On the spiritual side, I cannot express my feelings in words. In India, much importance is given to a Guru. And I really feel blessed to meet a true Guru. I have also had many instances when my sincere prayers to Him were answered. He taught me how to pray deeply. His words, books, videos, teachings... all are a testimony to his deep understanding of this existence. They also indicate his sincere compassion for us all.

He never proclaimed that he is God or anything. He just showed us how to live life more beautifully - without any conflict. Understand our greeds, fear, worries - simply be aware of them intensely - they will disappear by themselves. Be like Shiva, Christ, Krishna, Buddha, Mohammed Nabi. He demystified all the great ancient teachings so that it can be understood as well as practiced in the modern day.
Also note that when Jesus Christ healed people, showed miracles, spread the message of 'Love' and toppled down ministries and wrong practices, it is 'we' who crucified him brutally. And now we treat Him as our savior. Let us learn from history.

Thanks and Regards,
Binoy Joseph

He is a perfect expression of Christ Consciousness itself

I would like to say, to me it does not matter what the media is saying
about Swamaji. I do not know if it's true and I don't care if it is true
or not. What I DO know is how greatful I am for all Light and Love he is
sending out to the world. He is attempting to save human kind from its
own destruction, and how can that ever be anything but honorabel,
courageous, and a perfect expression of Christ Consciousness itself!

What I would like to suggest is that ALL the initiated Healers and all
others who would like to participate, gather our hearts together, at one
time, and do a healing of this situation and all those who are involved.
We, collectively, can radiate Light into the darkness that is trying to
overshadow the good/love. We are strong and through our strength we can
help. THIS is what we are called to do as healers. I know that there are
AT LEAST 400 healers initiated at the last IA. There are more from the
first IA. Who will gather us as one to spread Light and love so that this
situation dissolves itself easily and without any more drama?


At The Lotus Feet Of My Master

Dear Swamiji,

Thank you very much for all the Teachings, Knowledge and Inner Wisdom that is being showered on us!!

I am grateful to come across YOU in this life!!

What a Grace!! You are the Causeless Auspiciousness!!

I deeply pity for all who don’t understand you. I wouldn’t say it is their fault either. They simply don’t know what they miss!!

Thank you for introducing me to me!!

In your presence Upanishad is happening!!

Truly in Yours,

To the master of all masters

Beloved Master,

We got transformed by just your presence, we don't have a doubt in what we experienced with our innerself and the most difficult thing is to verbalize the experiences. Our intuition has become so strong, life has become bliss and problems dissolve by themselves. On top of all these, the clarity which you have given about life..can anyone in this world do this? We know, we are sure that you are beyond everything. And to be honest, the current situation /allegation has not disturbed us even one percent. When we ask ourself, why are we not disturbed, we just know its because of your teachings, because of living your words, because we have sat in your presence. We are very very very (don't really know how many very's to add) sure that you are also not disturbed by it, you will spontaneously handle this situation and move on to your next routine. Afterall you have come to this planet for us and not to achieve anything for yourself.

To the Hindu Sanga which says Master has spoiled Hindu tradition

Please have little courtesy and spend little time in exploring master's words. They say in tamil "oru paanai sorukku oru soru padham", you don't have to go thru many books to understand about him. Please have little courtesy to go through this video called "science of enlightenment" both Part 1&2, in the below link.


And also theres a audio CD available in the ashram called "Nithya Mantram". In this CD, Master teaches many mantras in his own voice. Particulary he explains in detail about Gayatri Mantram & Maha Mritunjaya Mantram. He rips it open and explains in detail about this mantras , its significance and how it should be practiced. By just listening to this CD we had unbelievable, undoubted experiences. We felt we got initiated in this mantras by Swamiji. Gayantri mantram which was considered sacred and to be used only by one particular community is now for all from a Poor to Rich, Illiterate to a Literate, everyone of us.

Though we are one among the devotees, sitting in some corner and listening to his talks, we are sure, very sure he is the Guru who strongly supports Vedic Tradition, We have seen him many times talking so great about India, its Vedic Traditon and Hindu Culture. Also he speaks about all religions with great respect. He is making the Hindu Culture sustain more stronger than ever before. Please Please its a humble request to go through the above. A normal human being cannot do this, probably people could talk, but master talks and also gives us that experience, means transfers the same experience which he's talking about. Its enlightening, don't miss.

To the Media & Press which says he is a false personality:

We are sure that you guys are striving hard and trying to get the reality into picture. But Please have little courtesy to see both the sides of the coin.

One simple way, logical way as we normally think, is to take up some of his best healing testimonials and start digging it more. You will be surprised and taken aback by the kind of curing he has done to people.

Second way is to have some patience in exploring the report done by US Doctors after analyzing Master's Brain. They have said the results are astounding and beyond their logic & Research. Do you think a fake person can do this stuff?

Third is to have look at his past record for this seven years Public Life. How many hours of talk, about his worldwide ashrams, books, Satsangs etc. Could a normal human being do this??

To the General Public:

Just be a witness, please don't react to anything atleast for a month. You will see the whole thing getting cleared, please don't try to judge or conclude at this point of time. We are sure the master will take care of this situation and he will handle it better than anybody else. Wait and Watch.

Finally to conclude, Master will come, he will conquer, he will continue his responsibilities. Nobody can stop it.

Thanks Master for everything..We are always with you..Oh sorry, You are always with us...

In Eternal Bliss, Nithyananda

Latha Reno.


He is a true Guru

Swamiji's teachings and books have influenced me greatly. He is a true Guru. I am already connected to the divine through him, and it cannot be possibly revoked in this life time and possibly in all my future lives. Swamiji has stood by me in my every endeavor. And I wish to stand by Swamiji, during his tough times.

Divya Bhaskar

I have faith on you

I have been to your asram several times, The highlight in your asram is without class difference every one had their food in the dining was so heart touching, your asram was so open without any barriers and boundaries, I have taken my students so many times to your asram to enjoy your openness. Thanks for that.

This sex scandal on you I can never believe because I have 1000 times more faith on you than you.

In the name of Devine Mother
Sri sarvaananda

I developed a connection with Him

I never attended classes taken directly by Swamiji.I did get blessings from him.Nothing mystical happened,Just a normal blessing. I did take up ASP. All these training for 2 days of ASP were almost know to me because of a connection that I had with a saint. Things to be clear as far as a saint is concerned.

1.Does he give training(or classes) to attain the ultimate?
Answer is yes.
2.Are the methods working for you?
In my case It does.

I developed a connection with him by a trial and error basis.I read and tried only his meditation techniques not his preaching.Iam totally happy with it.Those who have met a fake/real saint before can easily feel Swami Nithyananda.Press and media are here to create sensation not spiritualism. Not even once they dare to close their eyes and sit for couple of minutes. Only people in fear/low self esteem need to prove their power and strength.Its simple and straight because they doubt themselfs. Dhyanapeetam should perhabs provide a free course by Swamiji to all the chair persons in the media to realize "who and what are they". Well every where the perception is, things offered for free are not of good quality so probably they wont take up!.This is also a reason who millions of saints are considered to be beggers - "Just because they speak and teach for free".

My final word:
The politicians and media were awestruck by the fame and support given by the people.The reason is "A man with single piece of cloth cant do it when we cant do with our money and gundas".Pity is they dont want(not can't) to understand.


My Swami...He transformed me..


I meet swami in 2006 in a satsang, i got the clarity about life and spirituality. i inspired by some other masters. But he is the only one who touch me very deeply. He did a grate transformation within me. I know he is truth. My heartfull gratitude to swami.

In Nithyanandam
Sri Tamil selvan

Thank you Swamiji

My sincere gratitude towards swamiji for whatever i have been
benefited from his darshan & teachings.I was under very stressful
situation with my career last year.I did Kalpataru program & he said
'he will take care' & he did :) I am doing good with my job now.Also
very truths about life ,which i learnt thru his teachings have given
me clarity to deal with challenges in life.The Meditation technique
'Nithya dhyan' proved to be like a boon for me.
I am short of words to express my gratitude towards swamiji.I am sure
the current challenge from media will be surpassed :)



Jeevan Mukti it is going to be..

Dear swamiji:

I am told that that Sage Valmiki, when he was writing the Ramayan was both baffled and heart broken, torn into pieces and shattered with pain; not understanding the intense sufferings of Ram, Sita and the others....

He was said to have pondered: "O Lord, what kind of Lila is this...", but then also asked Existence, "What kind of Mystery is this"

I am certainly no Valmiki, but I cannot help melt into the same sentiments Valmiki must have felt when he uttered those words...

So I wonder, both intrigued and sometimes in pain, at "What kind of Lila has Swamiji chosen? And why?" He could have chosen anything he wanted, but why this Lila?

What kind of mystery is this, what great message is he about to unfold....

Luckily, Valmiki suffered for all of humanity so that we would not have to suffer as he did, when he finally revealed the sublime mystery of the Ramayan; so hopefully we would not have to suffer as he did, when we see our Beloved Guru, our beloved Swamiji, being attacked such. Hopefully, we would be consoled by knowing that this is but the chosen Lila of Swamiji, to reveal a SUBLIME message to our world, of this Age....

So let us wait patiently, though with anguish.

Swamiji, bless us and help us find solace and joy, by reminding ourselves what you expect of us at this mysterious time. I remind myself, the thing you want of us is nothing but to ardently practice Jeevan Mukti...

Swamiji, you bet you... Jeevan Mukti it is going to be..Let us dance like Shiva...The filthier the lies, the more vibrant we dance like Shiva, radiating enlightenment, Jeevan Mukti

Swamiji you are incrdible!

I love you.

Occupational Medicine
Grapevine, Texas, USA.