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Answers to some of the Questions: From a devotee to fellow devotees

A Devotee to other fellow devotees………….
We have all seen Swamiji and have our personal experience with him. We might have been around him for a few days or several years but something definitely touched us. That’s the reason why we are even interested to follow any news on him.

Rather than basing our opinions on what others say, shouldn’t we use our personal experience and inner voice to tell us what to do?

We might ask, as a devotee or disciple what should I do now?

There are three things we can do:

  • First, stand on the strength of our experience with the Master and the great truths.
  • Second, even if we want to leave, there is no need to justify the action to others.
  • Third, if we don’t want to be part of Sangha, it’s ok but no need to spread rumors. This is the very minimum we owe to any individual we associate with.
We should also understand that society never accepts Masters when they are in the body. Attacks have happened against all the masters including Ramana Maharishi, Ramakrishna, Osho, Krishnamurti and others. We just need to turn a few pages of history and see.

Further, What would you say about such a blatant attack on someone’s personal life?? Even if we assume what media shows is correct, the ghastly manner in which media has done this, attacking an individual’s personal life with such malicious fervor and disrespect should be condemned. They have broken every rule and went against the very core ethics and principals on which media or the ‘Fourth Estate’ functions.

This is also a wonderful opportunity and great time to test our experience and strength of transformation against the societal conditioning. Let us see where we stand in reality. It’s easy to be with someone in good times but the real test is when the tide is against you. Only the real gems can stand tall and face rough weather with same calmness and conviction.

From history, we see that people who are around the master for name and fame and power are the ones who leave first and then completely go against him with vengeance and jealousy. We can see this is exactly what is happening here too. Some so-called ‘close devotees’ might be acting in this manner but we should be intelligent to see the reason behind and not get influenced.

Masters don’t have either good or bad karma. But because of all the healing and good they do they accumulate a lot of good karma and also take away bad karma from people. This is like a bank balance, which simply gets transferred to people who do, either good or bad. The results they get are manifold and immediate.

We have heard Swamiji say this many times. Though, he never curses but all the karmas are dispersed in a natural way by existence. Even the media and all the negative campaigners agree on one thing that he has real siddhis and powers. People who have tried to do harm have suffered within 21 days without him cursing or wishing them bad. This is a fact attested to by hundreds of people, friends and foes alike

If we just look closely, we will have no choice but to respect the amazing dignity and grace, which he has maintained throughout the incident and media interactions. This in itself is a sign of truth and honesty if nothing else. Let us be patient and be prudent. Let us not jump to conclusions. Rumors by their very nature are juicy and talking about them spread like fire and have little base. Let’s use our intelligence and judgment to see the entire thing in a neutral light.


Raman & Anuradha said...

Excellent!! I agree on each letters in this message. Words loses its power when it comes to the experience. But when required, words are needed again to remind the experience as human mind often tend to forget the experience and easily catches the rumors or vague ideas and miss the divinity completely which expresses in human form once in a lifetime or yuga only.

Swathi said...

Excellent! I love the writer's approach and viewpoints in every aspect that is covered. We should all count on our own individual experiences with Swami and stand tall during this rough tide and the testing times.
I'm waiting for the day when our Swami comes out of all this media mess is all glory!
Om Hreem Nithyanandaaya namaha!

Warm Regards!

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