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Nithyananda: A true Avatar

Swami Nityanadha is a real incarnation of God. He descended to uplift HInduism.
I heard his lectures, teachings, I also read many of his books. the result ,I became a staunch devotee of Nityanadha.

Some miscreants in the name of supporting hinduism, and who want to mint money have created bad name to swamiji, in order to fish in troubled waters.
A large number of poor people got rid of their ailments ,just by the touch of

Nityanandha, and millions throught the world got nerves of steel and muscles of iron practicing his NITHYADHYAN -

May the ALMIGHTY SHOWER HIS BLESSINGS TO NITYANADHA to emerge unscathed from the recent conspiracy hatched against him.

Subbayya K


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