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Gratitude to my Lord

Nithyanandam ,Beloved Swamiji,Pranams at Thy Lotus Feet,

Swamiji ,Please accept my humble expressions of Grattitude for all the Grace and Blessings You have been shovering on us all along.I am well aware Your Cosmic presence is monitoring every second of the events in this existance,but it is my hmble feeling that I must record my Grattitude to my Lord in black and white just for my satisfaction. Swamiji Our daugher's wedding took place and went well in a grand manner to the satisfaction of all attendees as per the very Blessings and Assurances of Swamiji, It was Your daughters weddings since it is her second birth after You have given her Life to see her through the glorious wedding. Please protect the newly wed couple with same love and blessings always as before.

Swamiji very intersting thing happened in the early morning hours on the wedding day, one very elderly vedhic brahmin preiestly person entered the hall around 7am ( at that time I was silently meditating (Ananda Gandgha) in front of the empty mantap prepared for the wedding ceremony, came to me and said he has brought abhisheka prasadam from Melkote since He performed Pooja and Abhishekam for the wedding day and brought prasadam for me and dumped in my hands prasadam and packet containing coconut ,banana etc.,I was already comtemplating in my mind for visits of You and Shirdi Sai Baba together or alone in some un invited guest form, took no chance and paid him rs.100 and fell at his feet and took his blessings, He asked for another rs.150 spent on Special Abhishekam to remind me of the abhiishekam specially done for the Wedding day, which I gave gladly and the person walked out of the hall after blessing me again.

After He went off it flashed me it is either of You or Shirdi Sai who has come to bless the occation and I took that as sign of Blessings of my Sadguru who has never failed to bless us and stay with us in all the times our lives.( Melkote is atlest 100km away and it cannot be done unless special arragements are done for some one to come that early from Melkote with abhisheka prasadam).

Today I had the blissful oppertunity to visit Dhyanapeetam, Bidadi ashram since I wanted to pass by Swamiji's Goshala and hand out some medicines I had to give to the careteaker of Goshala,before my departure to Muscat tomorow. I had the Blissful darshan of Anandeshwara, Anandeshwari and oppertunity to sit under the shade of Holi Banyan Tree and breathe the Holi atmosphere, Sprinkled the water from Holy Vaidya Sarovar containing water washing the Massive 21 feet Ananda Lingam.My being very much longed for Your Lotus feet.
Till this morning I was filled with lot of anger and vengence against all the atrocities pushed on Swamiji by the media and the press. But Swamiji Your Dhyanapeetam Atmosphere transformed my views and thoughts totally.

It dawned in my mind Lord Krishna lifted the Gowardhana Giri on His Little Finger on the day of thunder storms and torrencial rains and gave shelter to one and all without bias to entire humanity and creations, Same manner Our Lord Compassionate Paramahamsa Sri Nithyananda will Lift the very Gowardhana Giri on His very little finger very easily and the Mercy Umbrella will shelter all the Belivers and Non belivers and the planet will house very huge numbers of Devotees of Swamiji and pave way for several Jeewan Mukthas to walk the planet. The Storm will turn to be a Swarm of Nithya Family members.

Glory to Our Swamiji, Paramahamsa Sri Nithyananda.


Sri Nithya Sri Priyan
Sultanate of Oman

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