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Let's act immediately!

Dear Friends,
I found this contact info on the web.
Registrar General,
High Court of Karnataka,
High Court Buildings,
Opp. to Vidhana Saudha, Ambedkar Veedhi,
Bangalore-560 001.
Phone: +(91)-(80)-22954778
Email-id: rghck.kar@nic.in
If we all feel so strongly about this issue, we have to SHOW IT.
Pleeeeeeeeeease lets all send out a short email to -
Subject : Please release our Swamiji
Hon'ble Mr. Justice
Sir ,
I have benefitted immensely through Nithyananda Swamiji's teachings and meditation techniques.
Thousands around the globe have been healed mentally, physically and emotionally .
I haven't been harmed an iota by him.
We sincerely plead to you to release Swamiji from custody as we believe he is not a criminal.
Please sir , we plead and beg you to relase our Swamiji immeditately.
Thank you
Sincerely yours
Please draft this email NOW ( feel free to add anything else) . It only takes few minutes of your time.
Dont forget to title your email....PLEASE RELEASE SWAMIJI FROM CUSTODY....
In Nithyananda

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Action needed to protect Swamiji

Swamiji need to be protected from vultures

I am feeling helpless after understanding what's going on around Swamiji.
We devotees need to counter forces against Swamiji,
Some useless idiots, making false allegations and utter lies on Swamiji.

I really believe, we (well wishers of Swamiji) must team up and counter forces against Swamiji.
Any lawyers here, who can guide us on how devotees can legally can team up & take some action to protect their GURU.
I don't mind putting some efforts & funds on possibility of taking some action to protect Swamiji in any way.

Please every one, we need to come together and look for options to protect Swamiji now & in future.


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We will make a rennaisance

Hi Ncourage team

I do not see any action. Get Ram Jethmalani into the scene. we are here to help out . We want our Swamiji out. When there are so many crooks making 32 crores in a day . What is wrong with our ashram having 32crores with 20 million devotees. We have all donated and will continue to do so. We need only 100 dedicated people we can bring about a renaisance. That is not the problem we want our Swamiji out . This is atrocoiuos there are stories and stories with no basis whatsoever. There are dogs barking everywhere, will it really affect the elephant -never.
It is no good just being a good godly human being --what is the use if we cant stand for our Guru. Then what can we stand for. We are sure we will succeed . Each and every devotee will pitch in .

Dr Abhaya kumar


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I pray for your early release

Dear Swamiji
I am not your disciple.After seeing you in TV only I sarted readinf some of your videos,writings etc. I was really amazed to know your depth of knowledge in all the fields.I personally feel,nobody should entertain any body from cine field.Why your disciples are not doing any satyagraha of Gandhi type.
Swamiji, atleast hereafter you be the sympathyser or supporter of any political party like BJP,Congress or RSS,so that some one voice your case in parliament.Lenin karuppan may be instigated by christians.Please check.
Swamiji please do not think Iam advising you.When I am begging your divinity to cure my keloid,how can I advice you?These are all only suggestions which any body can say.I pray my Master to help you for your early release.
With respect and love

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Feelings for Swamiji


I Miss Swamiji terribly I watch the discourses on youtube over and over again and read life solutions again .I read the Bangalore mirror news but I just dont understand why Swamiji is in Jail I don't get it he didn't do any thing wrong in my eyes the laws in India has very strange laws to put someone in jail there is no substantial evidence against him this is an ordeal beyond belief.I center myself and meditate and I feel his presents he is always with me and I with him he is my Guru. Help me understand what is going on is it political ? is it blackmail? is is vengeance ? what the heck is it ?this makes me upset how could anyone do this to Swamiji ? I cant fathom Swamiji doing anything they say he has done !!! I will wait and stand by him I will wait ,I will wait .......I miss his Face and radiating bliss....I pray for vitarka ....I pray for eternal bliss in the world....I pray for Swamiji.

In Nithyananda

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Fortunate to have met Paramahamsa Nithyananda

Dear Swamiji,

About three years back, I came with my family to listen to your talks. It was a small gathering at the Shiva Vishnu Temple in San Diego, California. I prayed to the idol and while beginning to sit down, your eyes caught me. I did not feel any hesitation and it felt like an introduction, a saying of hello. Later, I happened to listen and enjoy your talks on youtube. I was also learning about other spiritual movements. It then dawned on me that I was blessed by You on that day of your talks, that I had attended. What a Grace! I feel very fortunate that I came to listen to You on that day.

It is saddening to see the pains in these times. Also, due to an illness, I was emotionally drained. But I cried seeing the difficulties that are created around you. I am able to become emotionally free through your deep love and compassion. More blessing from You keeps coming.

Becoming one with God is as easy as getting Your blessing or it is as difficult as the incapacity to keep calm in turbulent times and persistly act according to one's faith. I am learning to pray to Divine Beings like You to walk the path of faith and peace when challenges,through doubts arise.

Thank You for Your Blessings and Compassion.

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Swamiji Nithyananda is not a ordinary being

Subject: Swamiji Nithyananda is not a ordinary being.

Swamiji did so much to the society, it's impossible to perceive by ordinary eyes.
Swamiji transferred millions of peoples lives to live much much better way than ever before.
Swamiji provided all tools to run beautiful life by teaching the essence of our Vedas, which is impossible to grasp in a short time.
Swamiji is a courageous being, who doesn't comprise to express Bold & True statements which might have hurt egoistic & influential people.

I believe the recent incidents against Swamiji is not the work of one person but by well planned influential egoistic team.
I believe the same old conspiracy created by egoistic people, who can't stand successful religious Guru's mission.

We (well wishers of Nithyananda) must team up to protect our guru, who is on a mission to help us & society.
We need to organize meetings to see what we can do to deal with forces against nithyananda.
I can put up a website for this cause, if it helps us (well wishers of Nithyananda) to communicate, coordinate, and organize actions.

I appreciate your comments.

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