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We will make a rennaisance

Hi Ncourage team

I do not see any action. Get Ram Jethmalani into the scene. we are here to help out . We want our Swamiji out. When there are so many crooks making 32 crores in a day . What is wrong with our ashram having 32crores with 20 million devotees. We have all donated and will continue to do so. We need only 100 dedicated people we can bring about a renaisance. That is not the problem we want our Swamiji out . This is atrocoiuos there are stories and stories with no basis whatsoever. There are dogs barking everywhere, will it really affect the elephant -never.
It is no good just being a good godly human being --what is the use if we cant stand for our Guru. Then what can we stand for. We are sure we will succeed . Each and every devotee will pitch in .

Dr Abhaya kumar



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