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Thank You Paramahamsa Nithyananda!

Just to say greatness about Swami, there is no way to describe Paramahamsa Nithyananda. The Life Bliss Engineering program was literally worth hundreds of millions of dollars. Bidadi Ashram may be the only place the world has ever seen that we can fly to and have Swami actually give you enlightenment. Swami gives solutions to fear, worry, anger, pain, greed, all of life. He gives fulfillment, simply. And takes away problems. He doesn’t ask for anything but that you look inside intensely and radiate your truth. He will give as much as you will allow but will not cross or violate you. That is what they call “ocean of compassion” because all surrounding you are his gifts but nowhere that you have not opened up will he trespass. It is not possible to explain experiencing what Paramahamsa Nithyananda gives to the world and there is not much point in trying to explain it because it is for each person to realize their own true limitless nature as much as they want and not to interfere with the Happiness of others. Each will get exactly what they want – that’s the only way it can be. So it is just “Thank You” to Swami, that’s all it can be.


Alberta, Canada

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Miraculous healing!

It was little more than one year ago when I first met Nithyananda Swami in Seattle Washington USA. He came to give Kalpataru and Yoga Spurana programs.

I had attended Life Bliss Program at the Seattle Vedic Temple and been pleased and impressed with the effectiveness of the meditations and exercises I learned there. I was interested to see and learn more.

At the time, I had a large non-cancerous tumor over my right shoulderblade. Because it wasn't cancer, my medical insurance refused to pay for surgery. It was uncomfortable and was growing fast and getting in my way at times.

During Kalpataru, I asked Nithyananda Swami if he could heal my shoulder. He thought for a moment, then told me he could help but also that I should meditate myself to get rid of it. I agreed. He put his hand on my shoulder and touched the tumor.

From that time the tumor stopped growing. It didn't go away but it ceased to bother me and I had increased movement in my shoulder.

I attended Inner Awakening in July 2009 and then Life Bliss Engineering in 2009-10. I forgot about the tumor since it didn't trouble me, although from time to time I remembered to meditate about it.

At the end of LBE I suddenly noticed that it was smaller. It had somehow shrunk to less than half its former size. Since then it has continued to shrink, and for the first time in four years I can feel the bone beneath. It is barely the size of a marble now -- previously it was the size of a tangerine.

My doctor has no explanation because such tumors never go away by themselves. She shrugs and says, "well, it may be your guru after all because nothing else could cause this."

Thank you, SwamiJi. You didn't know me but in your compassion you gave your energy to heal me. I am profoundly grateful.

Sophia Keller, RN, LAc, MA
(Ma Sarvavidya Nithya)

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Paramahamsa Nithyananda - A devotee's perspective

Nithyananda Swamiji came into my life in 2007. Since then my life has changed for better. It was my conscious decision to become his devotee. What I learned in these short three years about myself is much more than what I had learned in the previous sixty one years. I am not talking about material things. I am talking about my inner being or who I truly am.

The choice of becoming his devotee was, is, and will be the choice of all devotees of Swamiji. Each devotee has different experience. Rightfully so. Each being has different path to realization or enlightenment. Swamiji gave different techniques or Sutras to practice towards enlightenment. These were offered through discourses on Shiva Sutras, Yoga Sutras, Jain Sutras, Ashtavakra Gita, Bhagavad Gita, etc.

One can pickup any of his books to read or videos to watch, and easily understand what he is talking about. No interpretation is necessary. The language is plain and simple. Each and every word is an eye opener. My sincere gratitude to Swamiji for making the Vedic tradition understandable and practiced even in the current day and age. It is not easy to explain the cosmic phenomena in simple words for a learned scholar, however, a young master like Paramahamsa Nithyananda has done it effortlessly.

Those who have attended his discourses are astounded with the clarity of the explanation. They realize what they missed in their life and what can be done to fulfill the life that is still left.

Swamiji always says, everything is Shiva, Causeless Auspiciousness. Do not speak bad about anything, leave others alone and look inside. Because everything in the Universe created, creator, and creation, are all one and the same, Existence. Each and everyone of the beings, including humans, are part of Existence. Not separate. Each and every being is connected to each and every other being. So, speaking ill of another being is talking ill of oneself. How beautiful!

Texas, USA

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Miraculous healing of premature twins

Until recently I worked as a maternity nurse in a large Seattle medical center. This morning (April 28 2010) I had breakfast with a former co-worker, who told me the following story.

My friend's name is Gina Rosengrant. She and I worked on the same maternity unit, We both met Nithyananda Swami when he came to Seattle in April 2009 to present Kalpataru and Yoga Spurana. When we learned that he would return on Nov 3 to repeat Kalpataru, we were excited and looked forward to spending more time in his presence.

On Oct 24, nine days before Swami was due in Seattle, Gina assisted with the delivery of severely premature twins, a boy and a girl. They were barely 24 weeks of gestation and were unable to breathe on their own. As the days passed, they struggled to live. Gina was a frequent visitor to the infant ICU. The day before Kalpataru, she learned from the nursing staff that the little boy was not expected to live, and the girl was barely holding her ground.

As Gina sat with the tearful parents, she mentioned that she was going to see a great saint the next day who was famous for healing. She asked if she could take a photo of the twins with her. The parents agreed. The photo was made and on the following day, Gina showed it to Nithyananda Swami during Kalpataru darshan. She says he took one look at the photo and declared, "They will be healed."

That was at about 4 pm. At 6 pm the little boy suddenly took a jump of improvement. By 9 pm he was fighting his respirator ( a positive sign) and the astonished doctors decided to test if he could breathe on his own. He did. He and his sister continued to improve and eventually went home to their delighted parents.

Today, Gina told me, the twins continue to do well. The little boy had surgery recently for some complications of prematurity, but he tolerated his operation easily and is gaining strength again. The doctors continue to refer to them as the "miracle twins".

Thank you, SwamiJi!!!

Gina Rosengrant, RN, BSN, MA
Sophia Keller RN, LAc, MA

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3 ways to find out who Real Nithyananda is!




There are 3 ways to find out., who a REAL Swami Nithyananda is??

One way is to read all the newspapers and media and you will surely have your answer, which is what media has so successfully portrayed him in the last 60 days.

The other one is to investigate all his key devotees and ashramites who have fallen off after this so called scandal and have chosen to walk away from him

And the last one is to talk to those still many hardcore believers who were really touched by his aura and presence and his teachings did make a difference in their lives.

I wish our media would have indulged in some genuine investigative reporting to uncover the truths and not just engaged in propaganda using paper and electronic medium to malign, defame and destroy the life of anyone just to sell few more copies and for an increased TRP ratings. Swami Nithyananda, with no IIM or IIT degree single handedly was able to recruit the best of the best in the World who worked at Microsoft, dell, Oracle; be it the doctors, IT professionals, actors, businessman, philanthropists, politicians upto 4.5 million devotees. His journey in the spiritual World began the day he landed on planet earth but after being enlightened and forming a mission in a short span of 5-6 years from age 25-31 Swami Nithyananda embarked on a spiritual mission to make this World a better place to live. Here was a man who worked 20 hours a day for the past 30 years, who spent million hours training and teaching common people, wrote 100’s of books on spirituality and common subjects, delivered 1000’s hours of discourses available on youtube on all sort of subjects related to human living and above all healed and cured many many people across the World with his touch.

Ask those who are healed by the touch by his hand, ask those who have read his commentary on Bhagwat Gita ( never before any Master has explained Gita so easily in varied ways, very intellectually for people to understand), ask those who still conduct satsangs attended by hundreds in California on how to lead an unclutched life and how to better our life in today’s stressed environment. Ask those who are in a state of total bliss and joy, ask all those folks who still love him dearly. But alas Our India is not our old land of Sages and Saints. Here we crucify our Swami’s like Jesus, here we put the truth to rest by making him drink poison, here the Oshos are accused of blashphemy, here the Vivekananda’s are not revered. This has become a land where we dance on dance India dance tunes, we teach our crazy boys and girls to indulge their youth to come on media to dance and play music not that I am against any of those but it has become the only craze. Our media shows all the dirt and filth and our leaders who are nothing but the sleaziest of all are bent upon destroying the very fabric of our Vedic civilization.

What Swami Nithyananda was able to do in 5 years by creating a spiritual mission many people will take 100’s of years to establish. Here as en enlightened Master who is intelligent, intellectual and has the energy to change India and World for the better. By crucifying him we will do great injustice to our generations. This trial by media must stop and this mudslinging where every morning we have different case or motive to destroy him in the news must come to an end. One day he is dubbed as sex swami, other day he is a sleaze swami and then he is self styled godman and then we find reasons to put cases on him, from gold smuggling to FEMA, from animal products to crores of money in his pocket. A person who lives for others and who teaches others how to lead an unclutched life, a person who was on golden throne 3 months ago is not going to be bothered with any of these material losses. Its about time that our people put their act together and fight for the justice so our Swamis and our gurus are well respected. I am for accountability and justice. I am not a blind follower but I know for sure here is an authentic man who has the will, knowledge and energy to do some good for India. Time will tell and we shall all see.


Bhibekshan Chowdhry

California, USA

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Allegations versus Truth

All is well in Bidadi, for those of you who do not know, Swamiji is
currently being questioned by the police about complaints laid against
him. We anticipate he will be released in a few days.If you have
questions or need clarity write directly to me at dheera.la@gmail.com
let us keep these group chats for comments to be shared with the whole

The Media character assassination continues, here are some examples
from the last few days:

One Media entry a few days ago said that Nithyanand was in deep
trouble for having $7,000 in his possession when he was arrested.
There were a total of 4 people arrested , including Swamiji, and that
means less than $2000 each,. It appears that $ 2000 is the limit that
people should have. So another made up story by a very creative
writer looking for an angle. Illogical.

Then here was the tiger skin story, based on CDs from the ashram that
show Swamiji sitting on synthetic fabrics that have tiger patterning
on them in the Himalayas trip. The media published stories saying he
had a whole pile of wild animal skins!

Then there is the Tamil Tiger story- Accusing Swamiji of money
laundering via the Tamil Tigers!!!! The Tamil Tigers are a Sri Lankan
rebel group. Whose international transactions are the subject of a lot
of scrutiny. Who in their right minds would do that? But a reporter
could invent the story for sensational ends.

Then the gold smuggling story..Swamiji smuggling gold in his
mala! .another illogical concept as gold has a global price for small
amounts, and with Swamiji flying once a year back from the USA, why
bother! But a great story for sensation even if it does not make
sense logically.

We have seen that media is inventing these stories constantly for
instance: They have been quoting the police when we can prove that the
police did not have the evidence to make the statement: Eg taking
from the web department hard drives which have all our web photos
and material, and the media saying that the police obtained
information about financial wrongdoings!

Then some more stories for you:
In one town where we have a center the people from the center were
watching TV, and the reporters said their center had been attacked and
windows broken.. But there was no damage to the center. A few minutes
later vandals arrived and broke the windows that were reported as
being broken. I guess the vandals and the media had not coordinated
well enough!

In another center the center was fine. The police called and said is
all ok? And the police decided to come and visit. On their way they
came across a TV news crew broken down on the road, so they brought
them with them. The film crew filmed the center looking lovely.
They returned and the TV news people put on the news that the center
had been damaged, with photos of the undamaged center alongside photos
of another demonstration that took place in another part of India!

What can you do?

Continue to radiate and be blissful, dont watch too much news and
enjoy every moment!!!

In Nithyananda,

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Thank You Swamiji Nithyananda

I am writing this with a lot of gratitude towards my Master Paramahamsa Nithyananda. My experiences are amazing and I had too many of them to be able to describe all. My love and compassion towards myself, my family and all people is deep and unshaken thanks to you My Master.

I am amazed by the amount of change and transformation that keeps happening in me and my friends in these trying times. I am very grateful for that painful experience because doubts, concerns are simply dissolving into devotion and much deeper understanding than ever before.

It still pains me that Swamiji had to be interrogated by the police and be in custody and go though all that dirt that humans are creating.

Please accept my devotion to you Swamiji with the hope of seeing you free and with us soon. I know you are with us and you are free but I want to be able to see your physical body free and in good care. So much needs to be done on the planet.

In Nithyananda,
Elena Zelenina

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Swamiji you are my Lord

Dear Swamy Ji,

Name : Alfred Ashok Kumar
Occupation : Working As Finance Analyst in Oracle India Ltd
Education: B'com

I am very thankful for your love towards us, your are an enlightened master, avatar Purusha, embodiment of divinity, It was your deep unconditional love towards us that made you to take birth in this sinful earth, only to guide us towards liberation, words i speak will not be enough to thank you for your compassion

What ever the world tells, i do not believe the world, this world has been persecuting all the enlightened masters from the beginning of time,
The world had already persecuted Gouthama Buddha,Jesus Christ,Prophet Mohommed , Saint Thomas, Saint Sebastian, Saint Anthony, Saint john, Osho Rajeenesh, Saint Peter, Dalai Lama and many more,
But their persecution did not stop any one from radiation love and compassion towards humanity,

Swamy ji, You know every thing, there is nothing that you do not know, you are all filled with the power of love and compassion,
In this testing times it is we, mortal beings, ignorant and insecure, require your support and guidance,

Swamy Ji, I pray that you please continue to guide us more than ever, please fill our hearts with purity , strength, and a deep faith in the Drama of existence,
Kindly embrace us in your love and compassion,
I shall not fall in to despair for i know that you always hold my hand with love and lead me out of this bondage of misery and suffering,

i would like to quote a verse from Bible, from Psalm 23

The LORD is my shepherd, I shall not be in want.
He makes me lie down in green pastures,
he leads me beside quiet waters,

He restores my soul.
He guides me in paths of righteousness
for his name's sake.

Even though I walk
through the valley of the shadow of death,
I will fear no evil,
for you are with me;
your rod and your staff,
they comfort me.

You prepare a table before me
in the presence of my enemies.
You anoint my head with oil;
my cup overflows.

Surely goodness and love will follow me
all the days of my life,
and I will dwell in the house of the LORD

Swamy ji, your are my lord God your are my Jesus Christ, you are always with me, and you comfort me, you are my hope for liberation,

I thank you for your love and Compassion

With Love

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Let Truth win the battle

Dear All,

It's really a shame that none of us are doing anything for our Master. We
all ran with tears to the master to solve our problems and now its time for
us to do something other than just writing our experiences but none of us
did nothing for a master.
I really feel helpless & ashamed as I am sitting for away from where master
Some of you are in Ashrama what are you doing at this situation ? its not
time sit doing nothing. Please anybody tell us if I can do anything, what
ever is happening is not right, we want our MASTER BACK.

Always Dharma Wins
Jyothi Kuppaiah

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We are with you Swamiji


It is sad to note that Swamiji is going through so much trouble on planet earth.So, during this tough time let all devotees come
together and fight for injustice being done.

Hence, we request Dhyanapeetam to also publish the E-Mail IDS of the
devotees along with the letters coming in support for Swamiji ,which will make us easier to communicate and discuss the future course of action required to be taken,and as rightly written by Mr.Abhaya Kumar in this blog.

It is high time now that all like minded Devotees meet and discuss measures to be taken to bring out our Swamiji .


Ravi & Vandana

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Jai to our Guru Dev!!

I sincerely believe it is a plan to defame one of our very enlightened master on the planet earth right now.
I believe it will just increase the popularity of spiritualism and the gurudev in the coming years.

Biranchi Rout

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support to you always Swamiji

Just to tell you Swamiji, I will support you always, you have been such a support for me in the last few years and no doubt to millions of others,I really cannot understand what has happened that it has come to an arrest, it feels so bad,I will pray and meditate for your well-being all of the time and hopefully you have enough support to help you overcome this terrible ordeal, Nithyanadam, with all my love and respect, Christine, Amsterdam

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Support from disciples of Swami Maheshwarananda

Dear devotees of Paramhansa Sri Nithyananda!

I can tell you, that all divine souls arround the world, whether they are direct Swamiji's disciples or not, have come to know what happend and they all are praying for Swamiji and supporting him in this situation with their positive attitude. You don't need to worry too much. You all have all the possible divine protection!

With much love and compassion to you all,

Divya, a 20years disciple of Vishwaguru Mahamandaleshwar Paramhans Sri Swami Maheshwarananda
Slovenia, Europe

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