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3 ways to find out who Real Nithyananda is!




There are 3 ways to find out., who a REAL Swami Nithyananda is??

One way is to read all the newspapers and media and you will surely have your answer, which is what media has so successfully portrayed him in the last 60 days.

The other one is to investigate all his key devotees and ashramites who have fallen off after this so called scandal and have chosen to walk away from him

And the last one is to talk to those still many hardcore believers who were really touched by his aura and presence and his teachings did make a difference in their lives.

I wish our media would have indulged in some genuine investigative reporting to uncover the truths and not just engaged in propaganda using paper and electronic medium to malign, defame and destroy the life of anyone just to sell few more copies and for an increased TRP ratings. Swami Nithyananda, with no IIM or IIT degree single handedly was able to recruit the best of the best in the World who worked at Microsoft, dell, Oracle; be it the doctors, IT professionals, actors, businessman, philanthropists, politicians upto 4.5 million devotees. His journey in the spiritual World began the day he landed on planet earth but after being enlightened and forming a mission in a short span of 5-6 years from age 25-31 Swami Nithyananda embarked on a spiritual mission to make this World a better place to live. Here was a man who worked 20 hours a day for the past 30 years, who spent million hours training and teaching common people, wrote 100’s of books on spirituality and common subjects, delivered 1000’s hours of discourses available on youtube on all sort of subjects related to human living and above all healed and cured many many people across the World with his touch.

Ask those who are healed by the touch by his hand, ask those who have read his commentary on Bhagwat Gita ( never before any Master has explained Gita so easily in varied ways, very intellectually for people to understand), ask those who still conduct satsangs attended by hundreds in California on how to lead an unclutched life and how to better our life in today’s stressed environment. Ask those who are in a state of total bliss and joy, ask all those folks who still love him dearly. But alas Our India is not our old land of Sages and Saints. Here we crucify our Swami’s like Jesus, here we put the truth to rest by making him drink poison, here the Oshos are accused of blashphemy, here the Vivekananda’s are not revered. This has become a land where we dance on dance India dance tunes, we teach our crazy boys and girls to indulge their youth to come on media to dance and play music not that I am against any of those but it has become the only craze. Our media shows all the dirt and filth and our leaders who are nothing but the sleaziest of all are bent upon destroying the very fabric of our Vedic civilization.

What Swami Nithyananda was able to do in 5 years by creating a spiritual mission many people will take 100’s of years to establish. Here as en enlightened Master who is intelligent, intellectual and has the energy to change India and World for the better. By crucifying him we will do great injustice to our generations. This trial by media must stop and this mudslinging where every morning we have different case or motive to destroy him in the news must come to an end. One day he is dubbed as sex swami, other day he is a sleaze swami and then he is self styled godman and then we find reasons to put cases on him, from gold smuggling to FEMA, from animal products to crores of money in his pocket. A person who lives for others and who teaches others how to lead an unclutched life, a person who was on golden throne 3 months ago is not going to be bothered with any of these material losses. Its about time that our people put their act together and fight for the justice so our Swamis and our gurus are well respected. I am for accountability and justice. I am not a blind follower but I know for sure here is an authentic man who has the will, knowledge and energy to do some good for India. Time will tell and we shall all see.


Bhibekshan Chowdhry

California, USA



sarvagataa said...

Lot of gratidude for this truth.

Anonymous said...

Swamig a true Paramahamsa, he needs to be freed,

he is also a Guru and a human being.

Always in our hearts you are living Swamig,

in your teachings expressing within and without limits limitless guru,

seer of truth

seer of love

seer of life ....

You express us your dharmic truths through our own lives.

What occurred that we saw were if anything expressions of forms of love, of the different energetic interactions that give rise to life and beauty and happiness and bliss everyone wants this...

Without love we humans die and it has been scientifically proven with humans too and with little monkeys....

only love can cure fears and depression

and many people go in this world unnoticed, maybe this is the message of ultimate redemption through love, to cure the world.

Ironically, the Tantric arts were given birth to in India by the sages. considered part of the cultural "vedic" setting system and tradition of "ancient" times. Which still must be preserved and respected for its knowledge. guru's and people are known for their capacity to change history, he already changed history for the better.

And... According to values of Jeevhan Mukthi.. those say we ought to be living conflict free, does it mean we ought to go beyond the Drama? I feel it is this...

However what to do if others don't want to let go of the drama and they are with different ways of life and scopes of understanding?
we also must respect their wishes...how to resolve...

Thank you for your many teachings SwamiG for Vitarka! And all the seeds of soulful knowledge that have transformed my reality and reality of many of us in inexplicably beautiful ways.

The biggest Dharma and gift for everyone now and sign of intelligence can come from the government system's decision to once and for all liberate our swamig, free him from an Injust incarceration and retention which has already violated his privacy rights according to United Nations Universal Laws.

We pray we plead, and let everyone know that in this forum we come from different classes, races,ethnicities, belief systems, backgrounds some with a different religions, some without one and others following a combination like new age teachings as well.. even atheists have been known to appreciate his teachings for meditation techniques and successfully resolved personal challenges.

Let Love and Let Live

In Paramahamsa,

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