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Miraculous healing!

It was little more than one year ago when I first met Nithyananda Swami in Seattle Washington USA. He came to give Kalpataru and Yoga Spurana programs.

I had attended Life Bliss Program at the Seattle Vedic Temple and been pleased and impressed with the effectiveness of the meditations and exercises I learned there. I was interested to see and learn more.

At the time, I had a large non-cancerous tumor over my right shoulderblade. Because it wasn't cancer, my medical insurance refused to pay for surgery. It was uncomfortable and was growing fast and getting in my way at times.

During Kalpataru, I asked Nithyananda Swami if he could heal my shoulder. He thought for a moment, then told me he could help but also that I should meditate myself to get rid of it. I agreed. He put his hand on my shoulder and touched the tumor.

From that time the tumor stopped growing. It didn't go away but it ceased to bother me and I had increased movement in my shoulder.

I attended Inner Awakening in July 2009 and then Life Bliss Engineering in 2009-10. I forgot about the tumor since it didn't trouble me, although from time to time I remembered to meditate about it.

At the end of LBE I suddenly noticed that it was smaller. It had somehow shrunk to less than half its former size. Since then it has continued to shrink, and for the first time in four years I can feel the bone beneath. It is barely the size of a marble now -- previously it was the size of a tangerine.

My doctor has no explanation because such tumors never go away by themselves. She shrugs and says, "well, it may be your guru after all because nothing else could cause this."

Thank you, SwamiJi. You didn't know me but in your compassion you gave your energy to heal me. I am profoundly grateful.

Sophia Keller, RN, LAc, MA
(Ma Sarvavidya Nithya)


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