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With love to Swamiji

Beloved Swamiji ,

What has happened has happened . Because I really love and care for You, I wish to say from now let the mission be low profile and let it happen only around You ,and that too ,on its own accord . I always wanted to say this but did not have the courage . Ashrams don’t need crisis management because crisis are not supposed to touch ashrams because they are places of utter simplicity untouched by legal matters , politics , too much marketing , money and power games .

All this has happened because of the intelligence and compassion of Cosmos , so that everything can start afresh beautifully for the great 2012 . God created us and gave us little intelligence and so I can imagine His vast intelligence because He is infinite . God is aware and so conscious everywhere and in everything and He responds immediately . If one burns an oil lamp and it lights , it means God has responded . When God responds with consistency /uniformly it is a law (which He has created ) and when He responds inconsistently, it is a miracle . (like Shirdi Sai Baba burning lamps with water ).

I was also thinking there are two ways of getting God’s Grace – intensity and sincerity . Intensity is like asking Grace from God and when it comes to sincerity and genuiness, God By Himself gives and showers Grace . This is the understanding I received and wanted to share with You . Love You always and forever .Swamiji ,please take care and be happy for it is going to be a new chapter and a bright and golden future .

- Nithya Pujitha

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A Tribute to my Divine & Compassionate Master, Swami Nithyananda!

Oh my beloved Master,

There is life, but how can I live without you Swami Nithyananda.
With your name I come alive and in your name I can vanish!

Oh my beloved Master,

I do not have the words to express what you have bestowed upon me.
All I know is that I came on this earth for You and only You!

Oh my beloved Master,

One moment cannot pass without your divine presence in it.
The heart is amiss when your teachings are not a part of my mind, body and soul!

Oh my beloved Master,
Why I am flying so high?

Oh my beloved Master,
Where did the Courage come from to Worship you, to Love you and to Stand by you!

Oh my beloved Master,
You are walking bare feet on fire; only for the sake of mankind.

You Compassion fills my heart with so much joy!
You inspire my thoughts to be that of healing and healing alone!

Mere sight of my Master, bring tears to my eyes.
My ears long to hear the command and texture of your voice.

Oh my beloved Master,
All I want to say this life is Vested in yours.

Love, Ma Bhaktipriya Ananda

My gratitude to Swamiji!


My Humble Pranams to Swamiji's feet.

I know Swamiji only from July 07 2009(Guru Purnima) through my friend.
The first time I met him and bowed at his feet,He said to me
"I AM WITH U MA",Iwas shocked as it was my first meeting with him
and I neve knew about him earlier.I could not believe this and I thought
he said this to some other devotee and I just stood there for a few seconds
thinking about this,then he understood my mind and once again repeated the
same words "I AM WITH U MA",looking at me.
He was so busy surrounded by so many devotees,inspite of that,he took time
and made me understand that those words were for me.

I was shaking with Joy & Bliss, I re live this moment every now and then.

Needless to say, after this he gave me and has been giving very beautiful
experiences and Miracles in my life.

I offer my Gratitude to him for accepting me, a worthless human being
as his Devotee.

It is my turn to tell him that"I AM WITH YOU SWAMIJI" at this
time of Chaos and Crisis.

Kindly forgive me Swamiji,as for some time I believed the video
I am really very sorry.Though my mind believed it,my Inner Concious was not accepting it.

Finally I have come out of it.

Thank you Swamiji.


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Our most beloved Swamiji, We are with you!

Our Most Beloved Swamiji,

Our loving and respectful pranams!

Though this recent defamation drama, as we believe, is your Divine Lila for a divine purpose well planned by your DIVINE

Wisdom, its brunts must have its adverse consequences on your human nature . Dear Swamiji, we are with you at this painful time with our unfailing support , love and devotion.

We think that you have chosen to to have an utmost friction with your Paramahamsa image and your so highly exalted good name activating some negative forces to burn your followers' karmas.

Oh! our Divine Master, Great is your Compassion! We are very greatful to you for this very great annihilation. Please do forgive those plot makers, the media and all those who tarnished your good image. Om jai Nithyananda!

Ma Ananda Etahaa & Selvi

Swamiji is the ultimate experience


Swamiji is the ultimate experience. I didn't even know I needed help
till he came along and showed me this whole other space. Till then I
thought anxiety and a worry filled head was perfectly normal and was
the sign of a person with responsibilities :).

Gosh he turned everything upside down and transformed this bogged down
person tied up in so much bondage into a happy free being. And he did
this all with such kindness, love, patience and incredible good humour!

It is not possible to assess Swamiji with the use of the mind as he is
beyond that. My mind thought I was doing great worrying all the time!
Only when I experienced a state beyond the mind did I realize what I
was looking for - myself, my true self, my blissful being, Nithyananda.

Thank you Swamiji for guiding me and showing me the light.

Eternally Grateful,
In Nithyananda,
Ma Nithyananda Daiveeka

My views in support of Swami Nithyananda

My voice against the Nithyanda Scandal.

Dear Nithyananda supporters,

My experience with Swamiji:
First to all devotees and supporters, I am very much happy and surprised to see people of same thoughts around me. I wish to take this oppurtunity to share my spiritual experience with you all.

I came to Germany many years back to do higher studies. I was a girl with not so much self confidence and always faced troubles in my life.
I went back to India to meet Swami Nithyanada and attended ASP course for 2 days. I had a feeling as if I had another dimension of life. After coming back, I sincerely started doing his nithya Dhyaan everday. Whatever hurdles may come inbetween I try to do atleast once a day.

In one year trust me Swamiji's technique of inner realization, has awakened me and made me fearless, increased memory capacity, self confident, etc, etc. Wherever I go, people around started realizing happiness around me. Problems get dissolved by itself. I now encourage everyone around me to do Nithyadhyaan with good intensity and regular practise.

A common Statement on this Scandal:

I am no way disturbed or even have 1% feeling that this video is TRUE!! This is 100% not true. Swamiji is a person who is trying to teach about inner science and radiate enlightenment, he can never indulge in such activities. Second, He wants people in India to change and reduce choas in society. Every course he conducts is charged with lots of fees..he spent this money to serve 1000 children per meal!!, 3 times a day, and so many ashrams esp in TamilNadu. Can you imagine a politician doing this EVER in the history of INDIA?????? Swamiji has said that this is called as 'Modern Day Begging'. He is not keeping them to build a VILLA or so. He only spends for Charity in the form of free medical camps, food, notebooks etc. So Guys just think a bit!.

Media and Politicians go hand in hand. They are ones, who need self-realization. Politicians are not ready to have intelligent and courageous persons around them, which makes them waeker. May be this is the reason why they engage most of indian population in television as serials,films, etc instead of healthy Yoga and Meditation programs!!

I strongly believe, these supporters of Nithyananda who took some time and effort to wrote in few blogs today are going to give a hand to develop Swamiji's activities and goals. Who knows may be we all meet one day!

Experts in Graphics field, please prove the faults of this video and send them to nithyananda organization, which serves as an evidence to explain the ignorant people around Swamiji. He is one diamond in million stones!



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You are the peace within me

My Master,

why is it
that when a wayward world hurls abuses at you
i have not an offensive word to return to them?
i look within and find
there is no anger
even against those who have wronged you...
only a deep compassion
for their ignorance
for they stumbled upon a priceless diamond
and threw it away
thinking it to be a stone...

indeed, this inner space i experience
untouched by the tongues of flame
this peace, this crystal clarity, this silence -
is this also not, my Master
a gift from You alone?


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Our support for Swamiji

Swamiji’s - Pugal ulagelam paraviditatu, ini alagiya swamijiyin energy makkal unarvargal.
With Love Arrayee Vembady

I love you Swamiji –
With love Kanemoly Arumugam

Swamiji – I believe your truth/satyam and energy
Beloved Swamiji – Chitrapavai Senthil Alagan

Swamiji – Your blessing is always true.
In Bliss – Patma Arumugam

Swamiji – You are my world
With love Kesavarthini Alagesan

Swamiji- I miss you Ariventhan Arumugam

Swamiji – Truth will always Win
In Bliss – Nila Vembady

Swamiji – I am with you with my heart and Soul –
I love U, Nanthinee Othyasurian

Day by day, hour by hour , Moment by moment I am getting healthy, wealthy and more successful thru practicing Swamiji’s meditation.
Let us all stand together and be with Swamiji and fight the negative forces.
In bliss Alagesan Vembady

Swami is not a Religious Leader, Swami is Spiritual Master.
Let us stand behind him
I missed you – Prabakaran Nath Arumugam

Swamiji's blessings I am very much benefited.....
Am very much thankfull to Swami Nithyananda.
A TRUE devotee always stands with Swamiji
Om Hreem Nithyanandaya Namaha

In Bliss Kaliamah Govithan - Malaysia

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Support for You

Guruvae Saranam

I am K.AnjanaDevi from chennai, Swamiji I Strongly support you and will continue to believe you no matter what others in this world say about you. I could understand just one this from all this swamiji, Even if God descends down on this earth he has to face the problems of a man..you once told this while telling about Lord Rama....this incident proved that is right.There was a reason for lord Rama to suffer like that...we are yet to discover the reason swamiji, n we will wait until we get it with patience, trust,faith and of course ur very bliss.This made me realize the close connection which i have with you Swamiji

Always in Nithyanandam
- Anjana Devi

Swamiji Take Care

Beloved Swamiji ,Please take care of Your health and well being . All this confusion cannot disturb me . Nothing can change my love and respect for You .

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Love and Support to Paramahamsa Nithyananda

I surrendered my heart to swamy and i can love only always. Against all odds I will stand with HIM always. I and my family are always in support.
Swamyji has cured me of diseases which no one can. He is our support in life and it is he who always says I am with you go ahead. From quagmire to quagmire we have been in and it is swamji only who has pulled us out. We and I LOVE YOU AND LOVE YOU . No one can touch you LIKE ALL GREAT MASTERS YOU WILL ALWAYS SHINE BRIGHT. LOVE AS ALWAYS.

Selvarajan/ Anandanirnasha

My experience with Swamiji

Dear Swamiji,

My humble pranams to Your divine feet. First of all I apologize for writing very late. Secondly I apologize that slight doubts arised in me few times, despite all the strong experiences You gave me. My million thanks to You for working 'Strong Vitharka' in me, that my love and trust in You is strong and unperturbed in these harsh times.

It all began when Swamiji presented me the oppurtunity to know Him, first time in late 2008, when I was still abroad. I cannot describe what I experienced when I first watched His 'Interview in Seattle'. A huge sigh of relief, huge thankfulness, immense love, deep contentment, deep relaxation, deep yearning and much more happened when I watched His beautiful smile, when I listened to His brilliant 'Breathtaking' words for the first time. I had the oppurtunity to see Swamiji for the first time in 2008 December, during Swamiji's birthstar celebrations in Thiruvannamalai. I am glad I saw Swamiji for the first time in Thiruvannamalai; His birthplace and Lord Shiva's divine abode. Swamiji's lecture was scheduled for the evening and that morning I had circumambulated the Arunachala hill. The gathering for the lecture was huge and initially we couldnt find places to sit. My feet were worn out from the 14 km walk and I was longing for a place to sit. Soon, Swamiji arrived and moments after that, few people near us who had seats, left and offered their seats to us. I couldnt believe that moment; Swamiji understood our pain and blessed us with places to sit!! Later on, during the same celebrations, Swamiji blessed me with His divine 'Kalpataru Darshan'. I still remember when I came in front of Swamiji I started uttering within myself " All these days you've seen Swamiji on screen; Now you are seeing Him right in front of your eyes; See properly!"; Soon Swamiji gave a beautiful smile with a slight giggle (I'm sure Swamiji heard these words of mine!!). Even though a volunteer intially refused to let us go inside because we were late that day, Swamiji simply offered us with His darshan!! This meeting was the take off point and soon after that I only longed to be with Him and for His grace. Later on in 2009, I decided to attend His 'Kalpataru darshan', the Best decision in my life!! I was blessed with so many 'Clicks' that day. The lecture and the meditation program were extremely beautiful. Because of the meditation program, I've had many spiritual experiences, one of them being very very intens and deep. Because of Swamiji, His meditation technique I had such an intense spiritual experience. I am very very thankful to Him and the teacher who taught us the meditation technique that day. At the end of that day was Swamiji's darshan. After all the preparation through meditation and talks for the Darshan that day, I was waiting for THE moment. When I opened my eyes, it was nothing but a FEAST!! I fail to express in words the moments when I saw Swamiji. There was an intense divine aura around Him. During Kalpataru darshan we can ask for fulfillment of a deep wish of ours. After thinking over so many things, I finally decided to ask Him 'Swamiji, please show me the way'. During the darshan, when I asked Him, He simply said "I'll be with you, Ma'. Through many books and other resources, I have heard that Gurus test the disciple's interest. However Swamiji asked no questions, gave no tests. He simply blessed me "I'll be with you, Ma". I didnt realise what it meant that moment, But today, I know what it means. I'm extremely fortunate and thankful to Existence, to Swamiji for blessing me with His grace. I don't know for how many lives, I've prayed for this, how many lives I've longed for the union, but I'm immensely thankful that today I've what I yearned for; a Guru's grace!! I have a Hope that I will get enlightened!! Till date I've had so many experiences, so many miraculous moments. Once when I was visiting Sringeri, and when I was circling around the temple, suddenly I felt Swamiji presence on my right side. Soon, He vanished. Once during my visit to the ashram, I was near the sacred banyan tree slightly (5-10 mins) beyond 6.00 PM. When I was going back, I could hear strange scary sounds; A deep fear happened in me and immediately I called 'Swamiji'; Immediately my fear completely vanished; I became Rock solid and returned happily. Because of Swamiji, intense courage has happened in me. Today, because of Swamiji, I can defend myself. Because of Swamiji's grace, it's deeply occured in me that nothing can bother me, nothing can harm me because Swamiji/ Existence is with me. If anything happens then it's a lesson meant for me. Because of Swamiji, things have greatly improved at my work place. I am now seeing very good projects come to me, something that I yearned for, for a long time. There is so much refinement in my character. My anger has subsided. I am much more contended and thankful for what I am bestowed with. Earlier I used to remain aloof; today I can talk to anybody. Some times, when I return from work, I suffer from migraine. The moment I sit in front of Swamiji's photo, I immediately find immense energy being pumped into me; Swamiji will be healing my pain. Not only then but at all times, at all places, Swamiji is continuously blessing me with His energy. Because of Swamiji, workplace is no longer dull and stressful. Because of Swamiji, His teachings on the book, 'Living Enligtenment', I have gained so much knowledge; I have become so much mature. Because of Him, my real yearning, the Union with God has come out. He has brought out my deepest desire; made it Strong and Intense. There are so many things; so many experiences that are still left. Each moment is a miracle.

Thank You Swamiji, thank You very much for Your very grace, for Your very blessing. I am so fortunate, You are with me. I love You very very much, Swamiji. Thank You for connecting me with Existence, with Shiva; with Yourself!! Thank You for burning my karmas every time I sit in front of you for pooja. Thank You for the beautiful experience on Shivarathri. Thank You for everything You've given me; this very life!! I am longing to meet you again Swamiji. I look forward to Your coming back Swamiji. I am eagerly waiting for good things to be spread about You again. I am with You Swamiji. We, all your devotees are with You. We wish for Your coming back very soon. Thank You Swamiji, thank You very much for giving me this oppurtunity to talk about You, about Us!! Love You, Nithyanandam!!

/ Your thankful, loving devotee
- Chetana Rao

A humble disciple of Swamiji

Dear Swamiji,

As somebody who had the chance to experience swamiji's grace and love, I want to express my gratitude to swamiji for being with us and around us and please continue to bless us. My mind was not focused since i met with an auto accident in 2007 and fractured my neck. It was literally a second birth for me as my escape was miraculous. I always knew i am blessed to live from this accident for some purpose. I came to know this purpose after i got to know about swamiji. The purpose was to learn the meaning of spirituality and practice it. since i started doing nithyadhyan and later nithya yoga i understood the nuances of vedic techniques that can heal us physically and mentally. When i met him for the first time, i felt his grace and love and the energy field and recognized beyond a doubt that he is my master and i am born to be his devotee. He is someone who is living amidst us to enlighten us not only about the vedic scriptures and the meaning of vedic rituals but also lead us truly to the path of enlightenment. Swamiji, I know without a doubt in my heart that none of this allegations can stop you from doing the spiritual work that you are doing. The society has unfortunately become a place where people have lost respect for everything including even god and gone so astray beyond comeback. The only grain of light is enlightened masters like swamiji living amidst us. Please be with us and continue to bless us and heal us of all our physical and mental wounds.

In Nithyananda
An Ardent Devotee
Kumaraswamy Ramanathan

I experienced an unbelievable miracle

I experienced an unbelievable miracle

Before I meet swamiji I read his few books were inspired me a lot. Its make me to travel to India alone in 2006. That braveness comes from swamiji’s golden words which is penetrate my being. I was very thankful to lord Shiva to show me a great master in my life. I had varieties of experience and uncountable in words.
Swamiji’s all the programs was amazing. Swamiji is avatars. Cosmic energy turns into form to lift up us from “Marapatchi Pommai Vilaiyadu”, means our life itself is just doll’s play. The awareness of life was shown by our master to people.
Swamiji is shown us truth way to follow in life. Truth (satyam ) will never failed, although negative comes after him and it will burn like filem once enter to the sun.

I take this opportunity to Thank you very much for all the Teachings, Knowledge and Inner Wisdom that is being showered on us. Lets hold hands together to show our real gratitude to our beloved master Paramahamsa Nithyananda.

Thank you Swamiji

In bliss, Chandra Vembady
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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Full hearted support

Most Revered and Respected Swamiji,

My humble Pranams to Your Holiness.

I wish to introduce myself as an Advocate practising in Madras High Court for the past 26 years. I thank the Sun Tv for diverting my attention to your Holiness since I concentrated more on the works of Your Holiness only after this . Since I am ardent follower of Ramana Maharishi and Maha Avatar Babaji,I did not spend much time on any other religious and spiritual preachings due to paucity of time and physical and mental strength,as your Holiness knows the enormous concentration it requires for this pursuit. Only after this motivated,intentional and wilful mudslinging by this blackmailing Media,I turned my whole attention to this issue to know what really is going on.
I thank the Almighty and Sun Tv for making me realise the wisdom, spiritual and godly experience and the Jana Aakarshana Shakthi of Your Holiness but for which I would have missed the same very much. I am really astonished to see that Your Hoilness has been endowed with the power by the Almighty to bring within Your cult so many millions of devotees all over the world which is not an ordinary achievement. I am very happy to note that Your Holiness has been a very great healer to many lakhs and lakhs of devotees. I am emphatic that Your Holiness is pursuing the Path laid for Your Hoilness by the Almighty sincerely fully understanding the purpose for which the Almighty has brought your Holiness to this Planet Earth.

For every holyman there has always been a testing time. This kind of evil and motivated and defamatory publicity need not and should not stand in the determined Path of Your holiness in guiding the millions of the disciples and devotees behind Your Holiness in pursuit of truth and good. Particularly in Tamilnadu the pursuit of truth and good with spiritual back ground has not always been smooth like other areas in our country since the very day to day life of the people of Tamilnadu has been polluted greatly by the principles of Atheism by the dravidan parties in the rule from 1967 continuously. This has been the root cause for denigration of spirituality and religious practices in Tamilnadu.This is an open secret. Hence this telecast and mean publications need not and should not deter Your Holiness from pursuing the path to wisdom and truth.

With very great determination,I have started studying the preachings of Your Holiness and pleasantly surprised to see that the Almighty has endowed Your Holiness with so much of religious and spiritual knowledge which is very difficult to see in the mind of any other individual of the age and experience of Your Holiness.That is why I noted that Your Holiness is a very SPECIAL AND PRECIOUS GIFT OF GOD to the Mother Earth. It will take some more time for this world and the criminals that they are sinning against God by sinning against Your Holiness.As Your Holiness knows misfortunes never come single. With the quantum of practical and spiritual experience that Your Holiness has gained all these years with divine blessings,i am sure Your Holiness will thrash out them successfully and come out clean.

I am reminded of the life of Bhagwan Buddha. Once Buddha went on with the usual day today ritual of Biksha with his disciples. The woman in the first house without knowing the greatness of Buddha shouted at him and said " why do you beg like this when you have physical strength. Are you not ashamed" The disciples grew wild and wanted to retort which Buddha prevented and asked them to remain silent . They proceeded to the next house where they were honoured with biksha since the lady next door knew the great ness of Buddha. They received the biksha and started going back to their abode. On the way one of the disciples,who was fretting and fuming at the treatment meted out to them by the lady in the first house,was yelling that they should go to that lady again and shout at her since she had insulted Buddha. Then Bhagwan Buddha asked him to think calmly and told him" You are speaking only about that first lady who shouted at us. What happened in the second house. She gave us biksha which we accepted and came back. But I have not received what was given to us by the first lady. Perhaps you only have received it and carried it so long. Throw it away and follow your pursuit." This life experience of Bhagwan Buddha makes us realise how we should react to situations which do not befit our status,knowledge and faith. Tamilnadu is full of people with the mind frame of the lady in the first house. So Your Holiness need not feel discouraged. God will make them realise their blunders and punish them for the same. They cannot escape so very easlily from the universal clutches of the Almighty. I believe firmly that your Holiness is holy rebirth of Bhagwan Buddha since The Almighty has made you face the very same experience.

Coming back to the frivolous and mischivous charges levelled against Your Holiness ,I wish to state that they have no moral or legal basis. They have been so made to create a cheap sensation with the sole evil intention of blackmailing and defaming a Noble and Great Religious and Spiritual Soul. I have thoroughly studied all the avenues of possible attack by these unscrupulous and anti social elements and I am sure that success is ensured to us finally.I need not tell Your Holiness that "Dharmathin Vazhvuthannai soodhu kavvum.Dharmam marupadi vellum." I pray to the Almighty sincerely to bless your Holiness with Success in this .

I have become an ardent follower of Your Holiness and I firmly declare and promise that I shall be with Your Hoilness in all the attempts to clear the clouds that have been cast on our holy institution soon.I would like to be a squirrel with Lord Rama.

Eagerly awaiting the blessings and the commands of Your Holiness in this regard. Kindly do not disappoint me.

With Pranams



Strong Unbounded Faith



How can I ever describe Him?
Mere words will never justify the magnificence of our Divine Supreme!
Nithyananda has touched, healed and transformed the lives of many,
His presence itself has been a principal inspiration for the ultimate alchemy.

As we traverse this vast ocean of life,
Master gently lifted us…averting the tide,
Either grief or bliss…he steadily stood by our side,
My Revered Gurudeva …is nothing less than compassion personified!

May our eyes behold His blissful form,
May our heart be inundated with love and payers for Him,
May our mind submerge in his profound teachings,
May our soul attain self realization with His blessings!

Time and again great masters have been subjected to test and controversy,
So is our dear Swami,
Let the tree of fortitude remain transfixed on the banks of devotion,
As Paramahamsa Nithyananda’s mission is bound to surpass coming generations!

Dear friends,
Let Strong unbounded faith unite us together,
During this challenging times and forever!

In gratitude,
Nithya Devapreeta and family.

My Master forever

Nithyananam Dearest Swamij!

No matter what happens You are my Master! You have given me the experience of God.

You are my Shiva, Devi, Krishna, Buddha, Allah and Jesus! Philadelphia center supports you fully!

As per your teachings, the center continues to serve man kind daily. People continue to benefit from Your teaching and healing towards transformation.

I am under no obligation/pressure to have the honoring and beautiful relationship of Guru-disciple with You. Thank You for coming in my life as my Master!

Thank You for Your love and protection. Thank You for transforming me. Thank You for caring for me when the most of the world was against me. Thank You for believing in me when the world accused me. Thank you for repairing all my wounds. I hardly get to spend time with You but You are always with me. My life is Yours. All that I have is Yours because You have found me a job, You have united me with my children and You have found a house for me which is Your center now. People are attracted towards the center from all over the world. They clearly feel Your healing energy as soon as they enter! How is this possible if You were not real?

I am so sorry that I belong to a human race that again and again treats Masters like this. Please forgive us!

You owe no explanation to anybody. You deserve deep love, care and respect from mankind.

My Master, I love You!

Always In Nithyanandam!

Ma Ananda Archanaa

Philadelphia center of Life Bliss and Nithya Yoga foundation.

My support

Dear Swamiji,

V R with u. No detractors/maligners can negate all that u have done and r doing for all the lives that have come
in contact with u. This is "leela" of our Great Master and v have to remain unfazed through it all.

Swamiji Thank You very much for all that u have brot in to our lives.

In Nithyananda, Rachna Atre - Mumbai

Swamiji's grace is perfect!

I just spent three months at the Biadi ashram attending the Life Bliss Engineering program. There is no doubt Swamiji is who he says he is. If anything, he underplays who he is. He is the most evolved and complete incarnation that has ever landed on this planet. Within a week or two he appeared to us as Shiva, Krishna, Devi, Master, Businessman, etc. He is evolving and updating the very way humankind relates with the divine. Any allegations of lawbreaking will be put to rest. If you are sincerely and intensely seeking Enlightenment, come find him! Let nothing get in your way. He will do the job. As long as he is in this present body, he will be available and consciously seeking you, the true seeker. Please, if you are sick and tired of spiritual systems, groups, techniques, gurus, teachers, books that don't fully deliver the goods, don't hesitate to connect with this Master. He is a living Buddha who can enlighten you (if you are wanting it) simply by a glance. It is unfortunate that his ashramites and devotes were put in a compromised situation due to the uncontrolled reaction of a few. However, these turn of events will not deter his Mission but only strengthen it in the end. Try to fight against it, do what you can to help it, ignore it, or simply sit back and enjoy the play of Shiva as he rejuvenates the world.


Ben Drewry

Lexington, Kentucky USA

My support for Swamiji

I have been watching Swamiji's discourses for past one year. His explanations are just amazing and very few people on this earth have such deep understanding on vendanta.
I have not met Swamiji in person but I completely trust him and his teachings. I am more eager to meet him.

Very few masters have come forward to put forth things so boldly. Swamiji is no normal man . He speaks truth boldly , his bold statements could have created some opposing elements in general commercial public.

As far as the videos are concerned : How does it matter if the videos are true or false. The media has no right to speak out anything on it. No one have complained that any cruelty/injustice has been done by Swamiji.

Rather it should investigate and figure out what is involved instead of just airing it and taking a stand. This just means they are just concerned in making some noise. These are non-sense media and NO responsible media. They just want to air the things as soon as they want to as they did during the Mumbai attacks indirectly helping the terrorists.


We hope all this ends soon. Moreover there is no point in explaining to fools who have no idea about spirituality they just think they are intelligent because they have a video.

They can't think of themselves but depend on media for everything.

Nevertheless the followers of Swami will continue.

- pradeep kumar

Support from Swamiji follower

I am Thilaga from PALAYAMKOTTAI. Me nd my father completely trust u nd we will not divote from u due to this controversies against u. as i ve experienced the power which SWAMIJI have nd the field around the temple, i trust u swami. So please be with us nd guide me in all circumstances nd we trust, support nd like u. I am 20 years old nd i joined in ur org before 6 months nd i ve big path to travel for upcoming years so plzzzzzzzzzz be with usssssss.

Yours faithfully,

Ur follower Thilaga.

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When Swamiji, Neela Kantha Shiva Himself Drank the Poison...Churning the Milky Ocean!

When Swamiji, Neela-Kantha Shiva Himself Drank the Poison..Churning the Milky Ocean!

Many many ages ago, Shiva drank the Hala-Hala, the poison of the collective negativity of the world, simply drinking it with the deep compassion to save the Devtas, the Heavenly Beings and the Asuras, the demons (negative forces) and yet not at all affected by the poison. When the fight happens between both the opposite forces of nature, only a Shiva comes to rescue. Yet, Shiva Himself supported this fight between the global forces by beautifully offering His own Mount Meru to allow the Churning of the Milky Ocean smoothly for the Nectar, the real Amrutha to come out. In Master's own words, Shiva absorbs the collective negativity of both the positive & negative forces to uplift each and every being. He does not judge anything nor excludes anyone.

Now..This is the click, I keep hearing within me..Only this time Master Himself has played the Mount Meru by compassionately allowing people to create this negative stories & yet at the same time, he is healing all devotees by intensifying their faith and devotion in Him. What a beautiful Divine Lila..! Please be very clear, the time now has come that He is also drinking all the negativity that the world is spreading....What we are experiencing is just a side-effect, here and there of this Divine Churning Lila of Shiva ! The beings who knew who Shiva is, simply surrendered their negativity to Shiva..represented with Shiva drinking the Hala-Hala of Vasuki with love...Now, let us simply surrender our negativity, our doubt, our faith..everything at His feet. He is ready to take this for all of us. Then, why fear ? That is the very reason...Master has appeared on this planet...for His devotees only..

Let us all experience the Nectar and witness the Divine Lila of Swamiji as Shiva in His Ananda Tandavi is unfolding for us..Everything is Auspicious...Have the courage to surrender with responsibility, that's all !

At the Divine Feet of the Neela-Kantha...

Ma Nithyananda Sugandhi

Devotee Support

we the followers from Tirunelveli does not believe the controversy news whjch have arised against ours Swamiji in recent days.We belive and follow His principles whole heartedly.
Mahendran and Family.

Nithyananda - My Guru… Jagat Guru…(The world’s master)

Nothing can ever tarnish Nithyananda. He is my guru and the guru of the world. What are these people trying to do? To me, I am seeing that Existence has started playing Kali. The ultimate Master who has ever happened on planet Earth is here and He is playing Kali at its peak. And so we see the manifestations of kali - the suppression, anger, violence, perversion being spit out. And the Master is taking it all on Himself. Infinite compassion… I am choking as I type…

Long live Nithyananda! I love my Master...
Sachin, Chennai

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What suppressed minds can do

What suppressed minds can do…

Human mind as such is highly suppressed today. That is the problem. Gone are the days when human consciousness was so evolved and mature. Today, technology is advancing in leaps and bounds but human maturity and consciousness is shrinking without even its knowledge. It is so pathetic. To help bail humanity out of its pathetic state, enlightened masters come down again and again. But each of them is always tortured by humanity in some way or other, amidst which they still help individuals raise their consciousness before they leave the body.

Anyway, Paramahamsa Nithyananda’s mission has not even started. I am very sure that these are nothing but clouds in the sky. And we know that clouds are not the sky. So let us wait for the clouds to pass, however dense they may be.

Three cheers to all those enlightened masters who have endless compassion for humanity.

Thank you for reading this.

Renuka, Bangalore

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Swamiji please forgive humanity

Sorry, Swamiji. Please forgive humanity…

When ordinary man sees with ordinary eyes, the actions of an incarnation, only deep misery will result. And this is what is happening in the issue of Paramahamsa Nithyananda. Now it may look like Paramahamsa Nithyananda is completely defamed and that media and the negative elements who are behind this are winning. But my inner most consciousness is so clear that Paramahamsa Nithyananda is going to sail through this man-made tornado and continue to grace and bless humanity for a very long time in the future. At that time, the negative elements and the people who have moved away from Paramahamsa Nithyananda in the wake of what is happening now, will surely come back and beg to be part of his grand mission.
Sorry Swamiji, for this unforgiveable ignorance of humanity. Forgive us. We pray that your mission is back on track again and transforms the negative elements who seem to be creating havoc.
Charan Singh, Calcutta

Its a miracle

With absolute faith, trust and devotion, I went to have darshan of Shri Nithyananda Swamiji. I am 69 yrs old man having severe pain in both my knees.

Poojya Shri Swamiji's benevolent look and benediction made me feel reassured and happy. He spoke to me with compassion and concern and touched my left knee for a few minutes. He also touched my chest for a minute and assured me that energy is flowing properly through my anahata chakra. I had had an open-heart surgery in May 2002.

After coming out of the darshan hall, the severe pain in my left knee simply vanished. Consequently, I attended healing sessions for about 10 days, which made the pain in my right knee also disappear.

It was a miracle of Swamiji's divine grace and unconditional compassion for which I am ever grateful to him. I humbly pray to him that he may heal more and more people in the emotional, spiritual and physical levels.

H. Varadaraj

Thank you Swamiji

I am very much thankful and grateful to you, Swamiji for having cured me of the ailment of right hand and right thigh pain after taking the healing for 21 days. I suffered this pain for nearly one and half months and am now cured fully.

P.S. Masilamani

I am very thankful to our Swamiji

I am a woman of 50 yrs, and was suffering from asthma for the past 10 - 12 years. I was unable to eat well, lift heavy things or take a long walk. I always complained of indigestion, severe cough with blood, severe backache and lot of tiredness, which made me a very weak person. I tried all the best possible treatments like ayurvedic, homeopathy, allopathy, Kotaikal etc., but could relieve myself of this problem only for a short period.

Only a miracle could cure me permanently from these ailments and that miracle did happen to me in the form of Swamiji who cured me through healing and meditation. I met him for the first time on the occasion of Padha pooja (worship of the Holy Feet). I started taking the treatment of healing and meditated regularly for about 15 days. I am now a fit person who is able to do all sorts of work, be it lifting heavy things or take a long morning walk which I was unable to do before. This healing and meditation has made my health fit and my mind strong. I can proudly say that I am now one among the healers who can help people come out of their ailments. I am very thankful to our Swamiji whom I regard as God.

Mrs. Meenal Ramanathan
50 years

Swamiji saved me

I stay in Salem. I am 67 years old. I have already undergone 3 surgeries. I was still suffering from hernia. My doctor told me that a 4th surgery cannot be done because of psoriasis, which doesn't allow the skin to mend properly.

Swamiji gave me courage. In September 2002, in Manipal Hospital, I was admitted for surgery. After the surgery, I experienced a lot of pain. Immediately, Swamiji gave me healing and I came back to normal. By the time I returned home there was no pain or fatigue. The surgeon himself was amazed and said to me, 'Swamiji has saved you' and saluted Swamiji. I'll never forget in all my lifetimes the love and compassion of Swamiji who treated me as his own mother.

Salem, Tamil Nadu

I give my thanks to Swamiji

I suffered from allergic rhinitis and sinusitis for 12 years. It is a well-known fact that there is no permanent cure for this condition especially in the city of Bangalore where the weather condition is not suitable for such ailments. Swamiji allowed his healing energies to flow over my throat chakra and slowly the stuffiness in my nasal passages and breathing began to improve. I give my thanks to have been fortunate enough to receive healing from a living enlightened Guru.

Dr. Sangeetha Roy

I salute Swami Nithyananda

I am an agent for healthcare products. In November 2002, I felt giddy and got admitted to Salem Gokulam Hospital . It came as a terrible shock when I was diagnosed with brain hemorrhage. My wife contacted Sri Nithyananda Swami. He promised my wife, ‘Just keep your confidence up. I'll take care of him.’

The same day, I was shifted to Sri Ramachandra Multi-specialty Hospital . Even then the doctors said that since I was in the fifth stage of coma, there was very little hope of recovery. Swamiji came immediately to the hospital and gave me courage and healing. In 12 hours, I amazed doctors with an unexpected improvement. Later the doctors performed open surgery and corrected the hemorrhage. These operations are successful only rarely, but in my case it was.

Swamiji flew from Bangalore to Chennai everyday just to give me healing. This went on for ten days. Now I'm perfectly fine. My recovery can be termed a medical miracle. I salute Swami Nithyananda for giving me this new birth!

Mr. K. ANBALAGAN, 39 years,
Tamil Nadu

Swamiji healed me..

I was struck with Hepatitis B (jaundice) in 1995 and suffered with no respite for six long years. My appetite during this time deteriorated completely and my digestion completely collapsed. My family tried every available system of medicine but there was no cure. Even the doctors gave up hope. I was living then only on a diet of rava kanji (flour soup). I knew that death was around the corner.

On my friend's suggestion, I agreed to see this Swamiji who was then healing at his Erode Ashram. On the very first meeting I felt a bond was established and I knew without doubt that I would be healed. Swamiji lovingly touched my heart and voiced that I would be fine. He then asked me to put a pinch of the sacred ash into everything I ate and drank for the next three days.

I followed this instruction and on the 3rd day itself my stomach began to feel fine after six long years. Immediately, Swamiji instructed me to eat rice, green chilies and a full South Indian meal and I complied with it. Tears of joy rolled down my face coupled with a feeling of complete blessedness.

Out of complete gratitude and surrender, I asked Swami Sri Nithyananda Paramahamsa if I could serve as his secretary at the ashram, which Swamiji accepted. Even today I am in good health and bliss and ever ready to serve my divine master. Jai Guru!

T. N. Dhanasekhar,
45 years

do not allow Master to face media junks!!


The current style of interviewing is a very respectful way to our Beloved Maser, to ask doubts and clarifications about the situation that is going on.

Under no circumstances should the administration allow those street urchins with their plastic toys/cameras be allowed into the sacred land to QUESTION the MASTER. What gall do they have to QUESTION an ENlightened Master.? WHAT do they know about an enlightened Master.

THERE Is NOTHING that the Master needs to face those irresponsible urchins to sit and answer them.
MASTER has already answered all questions even YET to ARRiVE or be ASKED in every way!

LET THEM LEARN what is the meaning of an ENLIGHTENED MASTER before they step in!! Let them know HOW TO RESPECT A MASTER before they enter - let alone asking and questioning !!

WE do not have to VALIDATE THEM AS MEDIA ! NO ! THey have endangered the lives of people in the situation and outside the situation. They have misused the responsibility which millions of people in the society has entrusted them with . THey have been the CAUSE of hatred, negativity, fear and endangering lives in the past few days..

How can we validate them as RESPONSIBLE people of the society !!! THEY HAVE PROVED Their irresponsibility.!

Let us start taking actions to be RESPONSIBLE .. Be responsible to the MASTER's presence !


At the most let authentic and respectable people with a good background from the MEDIA ask questions from a WEBCAM from any of the nearby CITIES or anywhere in the world .. the technology is super -- the MASTER does not have to take the trouble of siting in front of irresponsible people who don't even know what a ENLIGHTENED MASTER means and how to behave in His presence, leave alone talking nonsense.

Why my Guru Nithyananda is being attacked?

Dear friends,

.....Now. Because of some responses that have popped up, I'd like to comment on another subject: Why My Guru, Swami Nithyananda, Is Being Attacked. No Kirby, it isn't just your comment, there have been other questions.

I have no idea whether the videos are real or not. It's actually none of my business. The point here is that the way these videos were 'leaked" and then backed up by paid mob violence indicates a financed conspiracy. There are now rumors that other video "leaks" were planned, one allegedly connecting him to a murder and another "proving" drug dealing. However, the "supplier' of these has turned himself over to police protection, claiming fear for his life. Whether he has actually admitted fabricating the stuff isn't clear yet.

The conspiracy clearly has political origins. SwamiJi has bravely and openly opposed the established government and has launched sweeping social outreach projects, including a functional literacy program for women so they can navigate ATMs, legal forms and public assistance offers;a vocational training program free to women who need to find an independent trade and support themselves; youth counseling and drug rehab; and religious reform. This last has been especially controversial and has enlisted a faction against him that otherwise might not have paid attention.

Traditional Hinduism does not allow women to participate much in any ritual, and bans them entirely from temple during menstruation. My guru is one of the first to allow women equal status with men and to permit attendance during their periods. It has garnered him passionate devotion, but also intense and vicious opposition from the conservative quarter.

Further, my guru allows the general public to participate in some rituals which historically were limited to priests. I think he is the only one who allows worshippers to bathe the great Shiva lingam and to help with other ceremonies. It is fabulous for us to participate, but obviously it has made him strong and powerful enemies.

The timing of this "leak" -- on the eve of the Kumbha Mela, which he was scheduled to lead and which he had to cancel out of, costing the ashram thousands of dollars in refunds since nearly 1000 of us had paid to accompany him, tells me any footage we see must be a crock. The hired mobs that broke windows, set life-threatening fires and hurled rocks and verbal abuse at us gives further reason to see a conspiracy.

But in any case, SwamiJi's private life doesn't impair his brilliance as a teacher, his amazing social vision, his fabulous ritual nor his wonderful loving personality.

I myself am a piece of the social vison, and have participated in the rituals with joy. I'va also experienced intense and positive personal change from his programs and meditation techniques.
That is so much more than I had in my life one year ago that I will give thanks every day until I leave the planet, for his presence upon it.

It's not my place to draw conclusions nor to stand in judgment. I know who he is: he is a great, saintly and beautiful being.

And that's the news from Bangalore today, *grin*

with love Sophia/Nithya Sarvavidyaa

Together let us fight the negative forces!


I am with Swamiji always! Because there is no other way I can think of, the amount of transformation happened to me from April 2006(I attended ASP in Hyderabad)to till date is un explainable.

I have attended ASP, NSP, BSP, Healers, Vazhum Varalaru, few kalpatharus and 2 Nithyanandams.

As Swamiji always says he is not just the 6 feet body he is omnipresent, we are all really blessed to have him in this planet.

Let us all stand together and be with Swamiji and fight the negative forces!


My support to Paramahamsa Nithyananda

I Had Completed swamy's Four Levels of Meditation program from 2003 to 2005

ASP. NSP, HEALER and first Batch Nithyanandam

Now a days people doesnt know what is Spiritual and Religious? , they are confusing with these two!.
Religious is Social Activity, whereas Spiritual is Individual response to reach enlightenment,
Swamy's teaching will make every human being to reach enlightenment ( where swami denotes as "Jeevan Mukthi")

He is the only master to help us to reach that state, Person who attended NSP after that swami is taking response to our life, that has been experienced by us even we go regularly to swami ashram or not, till our end swami is taking response for our jeevan mukthi, So I believe even this conspiracy also will be swami's drama for his Jeevan Muthi vision. Let us watch and see what is going to happen?, each activity of swamy is a course to each individuals.

Swami is not a Religious Leader, Swami is Spiritual Master. Let us stand behind him


Use your intelligence people!

I love swamiji very much. I saw him first in a kalpataru programme. The moment I saw him, my eyes became watery. For no reason I cried. When I went near him my kutharka was forcibly brought down which i could feel clearly. When he gave energy darshan I was lost. Till now I dont know where was I during those few minutes. I dont even know what happened. After sometime suddenly thoughts started flowing... and when my consiousness was regained, I was few feet away from swamiji. It was stunning experience.... After that kalpataru programme I felt intensity of life for the first time in my life. It was raining on that night.. but each drop of rain was feeling like bliss drops...I was very deeply satisfied...


People!! It is very easy to criticize.. but very difficult to understand and experience. Taking decision based on that video does not require intelligence. Your eyes will see the video and mind will simply believe. Here intelligence does not play any role. But you need intelligence to see things beyond...like understanding his efforts taken, books written, experiences given, support given etc.. What is the necessity for a person whose primary aim is physical pleasure to work for 20 hours a day? What is the necessity for that person to hug 1000s of people (continuously for 5 hours) coming for energy darshan? Where will that kind of person will get intelligence to give meditation techniques? How will that kind of a person will get the chance of taking the first dip in river ganga on the eve of MahaKumbmela? How can that kind of person write books explaining and decoding the entire idea of vedanta?...

Also swamiji has proved his state scientifically. Scientist say that he is 6 times more intelligent than normal humans. Even Einstein and other scientists were only 1/2 percentage more intelligent than normal humans. Why did the media ignore this research? Is it not something that we can feel proud of ??? When 1/2 percentage more intelligent people are not craving for sex, do you think a person 6 times more intelligent will be interested in sex?

Now ask your heart ... Even if that video is genuine, wont there be a proper reason???


MUST WATCH!! A revealing article: WHO OWNS MEDIA IN INDIA?

Watch this youtube clip: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cCEO4Rw9Zd8&feature=related

A revealing article from Web:

Who owns the media in India ?

Let us see the ownership of different media agencies.

NDTV: A very popular TV news media is funded by Gospels of Charity in
Spain Supports Communism. Recently it has developed a soft corner towards
Pakistan because Pakistan President has allowed only this channel to be aired in
Pakistan . Indian CEO Prannoy Roy is co-brother of Prakash Karat, General
Secretary of the Communist party of India . His wife and Brinda Karat are

India Today: which used to be the only national weekly which supported BJP
is now bought by NDTV!! Since then the tone has changed drastically and turned into Hindu bashing.

CNN-IBN: This is 100 percent funded by Southern Baptist Church with its
branches in all over the world with HQ in US.. The Church annually allocates $800 million for promotion of its channel. Its Indian head is Rajdeep
Sardesai and his wife Sagarika Ghosh.

Times group list:
Times Of India, Mid-Day, Nav-Bharth Times, Femina, Filmfare,
Vijaya Karnataka, Times now (24- hour news channel) and many more...
Times Group is owned by Bennett & Coleman. 'World Christian Council does 80
percent of the Funding, and an Englishman and an Italian equally share
balance 20 percent. The Italian Robertio Mindo is a close relative of Sonia Gandhi.

Star TV: It is run by an Australian, who is supported by St. Peters
Pontifical Church Melbourne.

Hindustan Times: Owned by Birla Group, but hands have changed since Shobana Bhartiya took over. Presently it is working in Collaboration with Times Group.

The Hindu: English daily, started over 125 years has been recently taken over by Joshua Society, Berne , Switzerland .. N. Ram's wife is a Swiss national.

Indian Express: Divided into two groups. The Indian Express and the New Indian
Express (southern edition) ACTS Christian Ministries have major stake in the Indian Express and latter is still with the Indian counterpart.

The Statesman: It is controlled by Communist Party of India.

Asian Age and Deccan Chronicle: Is owned by a Saudi Arabian Company with its chief Editor M.J. Akbar.

SUN TV Network is owned by Kalanidhi Maran relative of DMK chief Karuna Nidhi. Self proclaimed Atheist and anti-hindu!
SUN TV network owns: Sun TV, Gemini TV, Teja TV, Surya TV, Kiran TV, Udaya TV, Surjo TV among other channels.

Love you Swamiji!

I have been watching Swamiji's video for last one year. Thru these videos, I am learning new meaning of almost every spiritual concepts and for the first time it feels like it is making some sense. My belief in my practice has become stronger. Although I haven't met Swamiji personally, he has inspired me tremendously through his discourses.
I am very eager to meet him.
I feel sad for society which is so ungreatful and unthoughtful. Glad I am not with those people.

Manoj G.
San Diego
Mgr. Software Engineering

Om Hreem Nithyanandaya Namaha!


Because of the Swamiji's blessigs am very much benefited.....
Am very much thankfull to Swami Nithyananda.

A TRUE devotee always stands with Swami Nithyananda!!!!

Om Hreem Nithyanandaya Namaha!

Jayakumar from Chennai.