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Swamiji is great!

I wish to tell all ' everything will pass away '. Swamiji indeed is a great person, great healer, great teacher. Many people and families have been benefited from him. He has done no harm to anyone as far as i know. So let us see and have faith till the truth to come out, since faith is the one which does all the miracles. Be blissful till then.

Suraj Rangayyan

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Thank You Swamiji!

I know one thing with absolute clarity, following the teachings of Paramahamsa Nithyananda has completely transformed my being and my life. His meditation techniques,yoga,discourses, and books have led me to a life of happiness and deep fulfillment. I was very sick when I first met him and he healed me. Attending the 3 month LBE program in India was the most extraordinary experience of my life, and I returned to my life in California 2 weeks ago filled with inner peace and smiling all the time. During my time in Swamiji's ashram, I learned the art of a spiritual life. The ashram is a place where love and respect can literally be felt in the air. It is a beautiful place. Swamiji is creating a movement of peace and spirituality that our world desperately needs. His teachings have the power to bring tremendous healing to the whole of humanity. For the gift he is giving the world,let him not be judged. I don't know if the video is real or fake....I only know that his work on planet earth infused my entire life with bliss...and that's more than I can say of anyone else I have ever met.

Thank you Paramahamsa Nithyananda
Turiyashree-Jenna Anderson-Restrepo

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Don't be trapped by media!

Dear Disciples, Devotees, Spiritual Aspirants, all responsible citizens of the World

We are being used by the blood sucking media and politicians..wake up ! We are allowing them to !!!!

Isn't it time all of us used one iota of intelligence to see - Paramahamsa Nithyananda has spoken over 6000 hours of discourses - uplifting Vedic Dharma, being so proud of being Indian, being so proud of being from a small village of Tiruvannamalai, being proud of every single Enlightened Master our Bharat has produced.

This is one Master who so proudly, with child like innocence and the sharpest wisdom and intelligence can go to a foreign land quickly learning to speak English sit there boldly in front of all the corporate intellectuals or anyone and talk so proudly about Ramakrishna Paramahamsa putting a conch bangle on Maha Kaali.

He so proudly respected the Saffron robes of Sanyas Tradition- although he has the option to wear only kingly clothes because of the spiritual state and status he has achieved.

He wants to proudly uplift the millions of seeker in safforn, uplift the millions of sanyasis on the streets and ashrams all across India. He has proudly gone to foreign land and spoken that it is our spiritual strength that has kept our country together, us indians together free from crime rates. He says our spiritual strength is in the air, it is in our sacred temples.

What are the media officers thinking - what are the political leaders thinking when they have not studied or heard of any of Paramahamsa's teachings on how rich our Indian spiritual science and culture is. Are they supporting the one being who is standing up in this modern world for our spiritual Dharma?

Did they think of all the sadhana and tapas our young master from the age of 3 has gone through. How he has walked all over India, learning, embracing and studying our culture with such deep passion and utmost respect for our Vedic culture.

How he has stood up for our Vedic marriage system, how he has uplifted all dharmas inour Vedic culture, how he has clearly brought out all the rites and rituals with such profound and true meaning behind each of the rituals, why we should do them - with passion and meaning to unite wiht the higher consciousness. How he has actually given all his devotees and disciples the experience and not just words.

He has given the experience, the meaning with utmost love and compassion to each and every single devotee and disciple who is rejoicing being a jeevan mukta in this modern sick world of politics.

how many young minds in schools and colleges all across the world, have the media & politicians abused, how many would be seekers have the media and politicians disturbed, how many sanyasis and devotees who are aspiring to experience the devotion towards higher consciousness been abruptly violated by allowing such gross injustice to be aired over and over again inside all homes !!!

When will the public stand up against this GROSS violence..?
How long will you continue to be ruled by these media monsters and politicians feeding you sick - garbage..?

Responsbile Devotee of Cosmic Truth
Responsible Devotee of Pure Knowledge
Responsible Devotee of True Knowledge
Responsible Devotee of Vedic Science

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support for swamiji

The media coverage on Nithyananda has been so biased and one sided. Both sides have not been represented. It is all anti-Nithyananda. We have been associated with Paramahamsa for many years. By repeatedly airing these sleazy 4 minute video clippings of Paramahamsa on public television, the media has not exercised any restraint. So many children and public are watching. It is a visual impact. Anything that is visual has a tremendous impact on the people. By repeatedly telling a lie 10 times it becomes the truth. In this case the media has done this. For those who are not associated with Nithyananda, they will go by what the media says and more importantly what it shows. If people are reacting so negatively to this whole thing, we can’t blame them. The media is responsible for it because of its coverage. It is pathetic, biased act on the part of the media to air these clips and news without exercising restraint. That too on public television. Why was that video clip televised again and again without any restraint? This clearly shows that this is a deep rooted meticulously planned conspiracy to cheat the people and defame Nithyananda and create fear among them for gurus and enlightened masters and bring down Nithyananda’s popularity.

It is not only that. Enlightened masters work on removing the veil of ignorance of the people. Nithyananda was clearly removing this veil and bringing this awakening amongst the people. People have slowly begun to see that their true nature is nothing but bliss. They had also begun to understand how power is in the hands of a few who work for their vested interests and how they are misleading the country and taking away the truth of their existence from them. Too much truth given by the enlightened masters to common man puts these vested individual’s existence in jeopardy. In their utter desperation and insecurity, they indulge in these acts of airing such videos. By doing this they have misinterpreted ruthlessly the beautiful institution of sannyas and enlightened masters. The sanctity of sannyas has been misrepresented. Many do not know or have not experienced the depth and intensity of this institution.

I have lost respect for the media in many ways. What the media telecasts is different from what actually happens. Why are they not looking into both sides involved, investigating and talking to them and finding out the truth? Why are the statements given by Nithyananda’s ashram not being telecast?

Within a short span of 7 years, Nithyananda has touched millions of lives and has transformed it for the better. He has removed the depression and sadness of the people. After meeting him and being touched by his grace they have imbibed the right mental set up to live life joyfully. His life is one of sacrifice, compassion and dedication.

Enlightened masters are only interested in awakening the divinity that lies dormant within each of us. They are not interested in anything else. Nithyananda is one such enlightened master.

Nobody can touch or take away the truths that each of us has experienced with Nithyananda and his teachings. Truth will triumph it is only a question of time.

Annapurani Ramanathan

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Free 4 page Publication of our RICH MASTER !!

Our Master
-- is the Buddha - his whole life and sadhana and tapas - from age 2 - so rich and beautiful - totally honest and full of passion for the Pure truth.
So respectful to the Vedic Truths, to all the masters.
So plain, simple walking through any airports in simple saffron garb and sandals, sitting in ordinary class seats.. without worrying about personal comfort by any means.!!
Always thinking about all devotees and disciples as 'my children, my children..'
Even through spiritual growth holding the hands, despite all tumors overflowing and cleaning with motherly compassion just to help each BEING realize their true potential.
Being in the utmost samadhi state, still with absolutely no ego, bowing down even to all political heads so that his spiritual seekers, his children are supported - so that each one realizes the profound truths of the Universe.

-- is the Dhamma - embracing all aspects of Cosmic Truth, pure Vedic Dharma for all human beings of all race, community, age, with no barrier - something uniquely rich for everyone.

-- is the Sangha - a strong force who has not just heard - but gone to the Master and experienced various spiritual experiences, enjoyed his overflowing love and compassion which was unimagineable until him.. We did not even know what is true love and compassion and devotion until he poured it on us.

We have taken so much from this Master who just showers unconditionally.

How can we sit quiet and allow all these blood hungry media hounds and pea-grained politicians rule us with their garbage.
we are intelligence. We have been showered with intelligence! for WHAT ?
- why are we allowing such Governments and media to rule us.
- why are the spiritual organizations full of intelligence, bhakti, bhava, purity, righteousness not our governing administration.


WHY NOT START our own Media ?
Pool in the money through rich devotees
Pick out all the gems of the Master's life and teachings
Create a ver attractive 4 page free publication/patrika with one small utilit value such as a coupon by an advertising business.
Have a free Distribution to every household every single week.
Let us pound the homes with TRUE, PURE, CRYSTAL CLEAR knowledge - like FRESH breath, Fresh clean air.

Pound them to show what our master is from all angles..


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Swamiji's First Statement

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In Nithyananda Always...


When has society accepted and revered Masters & Mystics? Shirdi Sai Baba, Meera Bai, Kadir Das and for that matter Krishna himself, all have been made victims for conspiracy and jealousy. Why then do we expect something better to happen with our very own, Swamiji? Ignorant are those who think that slinging mud on Swamiji can stain HIM. HE is so magnanimous that the dirty mud only turns to fragrant flowers and fall at the feet. HE is beyond all this and yellow journalism can never taint HIM. HIS grace cannot be expressed, it can only be experienced.

I have experienced divinity in HIM. No matter what I see and hear, I know the experience I have had can never be falsified. Beyond doubt, Swamiji's integrity can NEVER be questioned. Its just a bunch of fools trying to move a mountain.

In Nithyananda,

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Listen to your heart

As a rule, sages attract malice from ignorant fools. Listen to your heart and continue loving your Guru. Your heart cannot lie about what it has received from Him. All this shall pass.

Love and best wishes,


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We stand by you

Nithyanandam! Is there anything we can do for Swamiji?
We are ready to give any kind of support and stand by you. We want to visit the ashram once. when will it be appropriate to do it? can you please tell us?
if there is any work, regarding report/ article writing, any kind of publicity, peace rally etc please do tell me. i want to contribute in any way possible..
Thank you,

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my experience

When I first heard about the scandal and saw the defaming video of Paramahamsa Nithyananda, I was in complete shock. Taking a while to think about everything and mull over my experiences has led me to this conclusion. Based on my experiences with Swamiji, I have only felt the positive energy He radiates. Never have I seen anything untoward in the ashram or any indication of lust in Swamiji Himself. In the ashram I have observed a blissful, happy environment that is meant to cultivate spirituality and spiritual growth. I consider myself an intelligent enough person to go by my own experiences. As a young woman, I have felt nothing but safety and security during my time in the ashram. I am more than capable and willing to say if I have felt anything untoward or sinister towards myself or observed anything like this. My experiences with Swamiji have given me life lessons to improve the very quality of my life and deal with everyday stress and pressure in an intelligent manner. In no way am I brainwashed by Nithyananda Dhyanapeetam or Swamiji. As a result, I believe this defamatory video and accusations against Swamiji are completely fabricated. It is sad to see so many adults turn to media which has proven again and again over the years to be sensationalistic and not always accurate. When compared with Swamiji who over the years has done nothing but verifiable, positive things, it is difficult to believe that intelligent people can turn into mindless mobs of violence. I am not willing to turn against my trust for Swamiji just because of a video that has not been proven to be accurate. Especially in this technological era and knowing the sensationalist journalism that occurs in India, I find it much more logical to place my faith in Swamij than a potentially corrupt and politically motivated television station. So to those devotees in confusion, I ask you not to judge until all the facts and cases are placed in front of you. Yes, there is a video...but the accuracy of the video has not been proven. The defense has not been given. So please, wait for both sides to be heard fairly before you judge. I am not saying this without thinking about this. I was confused and hurt in the beginning as well. But just think, how much do we really know? We know it is possible for videos to be fabricated. We know that there are politically motivated reasons for this video. And we know nothing of the defense as of right now. So even if you don't necessarily support Swamiji, I ask you to at least remain neutral until there is enough information and solid evidence for you to judge.

A Blissful Youth

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By the way, my family and I found a great positive changes after swami paramahamsa nithyananda emerged in our house. Actually before we meet him, there are ample of problems arised in our house such like in the aspect of health of my mother , sister and dad until to the wealth problems in the means of the studies of my brother. Then after my sister went to ANANDA SPURANA PROGRAM (ASP), there is a advance positive changes in her. And she always do nithyadyaan. after she proceed her meditation for few month , then the whole family of us feel the changes in our house actually. then one by one of us attended ASP. after my dad attended ASP , now he is more cool and a 90% his hypertension disease had flew away. this what we all at home was hoping for . it is just like miracle. not only that my brothers studies problem also have settled now. my mother, who is a weak person and a diabetes patient , now, after she meditate, her health have improved. it is all like miracle ,made by swami in just in a month time. now we are having our weekly group maditation that joined by all swami devotees here.

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Experience expressed poetically!

A small poem to express the irreversible & irreplacable change Swami Nithyananda has made in my life.

N ithyananda (eternal bliss),has become a way of life,
I am glad,i'm getting rid of my strife.
T owards You my gratitude overflows,
H ow blessed i feel, no one knows. :)
Y ou have become a part of me tewnty four seven,
A nd, it feels i am becoming a resident of heaven (psychologically). :)
N othing ever can take away my love for You,
A nd, you are the most remembered all day through. :)
N ever have i felt the way i feel,
D ay in and day out, i'm filled with glee. :)
A ha, life can be what a bliss, now i've realised this.

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Standing up for Nithyananda

My name is Ingrid Kurilova and I am a proud desciple and admirer of Sri Paramahamsa Nithyananda. My experiences during the times around Swamiji have transformed my life and have increased the quality of my life dramatically. I can say that this transformation is permanent and undeniable. No matter what happens and what the circumstances in my life, the teachings of Swamiji and his gifts are and always will help me to carry me effortlessly through life without being hurt or bothered by them.

During the times like these when the name of Swamiji is being hurt and stained by people who are simply operating out of greed, our faith in the Universal Truth received by Swamiji and the gratitude felt towards him is not fading. Even though the deep sentiments of many people are being deeply hurt, we are all standing up together, filled with the knowledge, that this too shall pass and that the Truth will sooner or later be revealed.

There are no great people without great enemies.
Since the world has existed even the greatest people had enemies. This is the way of the world and of life. Even in lives of the greatest Masters life will bring things which will be unjust, but the great Masters understand that all the events are favorable and that the laws of the Universe work independently of us, they know that Truth is only one and the Truth will always survive. This is the basic Truth of the Universe.

This is one of the thousands of teachings that all of us - the loving desciples of Paramahamsa Nithyananda - have received from Him.
The experiences received during times and programs spent in the presence of Swamiji are simply coming up to mind in all situations, not only in the times of joy. The right truths and teachings are coming up even during times and situations of struggle or so called "struggle". We have learned from Swamiji, that everything that is happening in the Universe has a meaning, and that the Universe is a friendly one. We need to receive all the blessings of Life. Just like that I feel, that even the latest events, even though they seem really hurtful and bad, have their own meaning and are auspicious. The time will tell the deeper meanings of everything what is happening.

I know that there are thousands, or even ten or hundreds of thousands of other people who share the same amazing transformation and experiences received from Swamiji. We all know, that Sri Paramahamsa Nithyananda is a great Spiritual Master who sacrificed and continues to live his life for the people of all ages, colors, backgrounds, religions and casts, he is here for the humanity, determined to bring about a spiritual transformation to all the people who are ready to receive it. Swamiji is living for his mission of serving the humanity and he has been continuously inspiring thousands of people to walk in his talk as well.

The gifts Swamiji has brought to the people around the world can not be denied, may it be feeding the poor ones, giving free education to women, youth and children, providing healing and free medical camps, conducting spiritual gatherings and satsangs, organizing transformational talks and programs, building temples, ashrams and meditation centres around the world, giving blessings and hearing all people's problems on a daily basis, appearing in public discourses daily and spending hours to spread his mission to help and transform the individual. I know and feel that Swamiji's reputation can not be stained by one fabricated story that was only created to stop his dramatically growing popularity in the world. This fabricated story is a proof that Swamiji, as the one being attacked means something significant and hugely transformative in the world.

I am and continue to be greatful for all the moments spent with and around Swamiji.
I invite all the loving desciples who received the blessings from Swamiji to stand up with the Truth that Paramahamsa Nithyananda is a revolutionary Avatar of our modern times.

With deep love and respects, Ma Nithya Vibhooti

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Enlightened Masters descend on planet earth for a purpose, which is to liberate the common man from shackles of cycle of birth and death. They re-establish what has been lost due to years of confusion, chaos, animosity between people and shuffling of races and religions. They fight resisting elements – the so-called evil elements, remind us of the eternal truths, elevate our consciousness and our connection with the divine – in essence empower us to achieve peace and freedom.
Human civilizations have been through humongous changes and cycles of evolution over the last thousand years, but what has not changed is the idea of survival of the fittest; the suppression of the weak by those who are powerful and man’s thirst to conquer not only nature but the fellow human beings. Handful rule thousands through fear and wield their power on the pivot of common man’s weaknesses.
Enlightened masters from time immemorial, be it Krishna, Swami Vivekananda, Swami Paramahamsa Nithyananda, Buddha, Jesus, Osho have stood tall like mighty lions against such forces. Each one of the masters has seen strong resistance in the form of physical force or strategic conspiracies to weaken the very roots of faith in these enlightened souls. Krishna was mocked at for being with gopikas; Swami Vivekananda for empowering Sister Nivedita to succeed him in his mission; Buddha was termed as an escapist for leaving his family and throne to achieve enlightenment; Jesus was betrayed for 30 silver coins and crucified; Osho was poisoned to death.
History repeats itself. It has repeated itself today. The wars which enlightened masters faced historically, Swami Paramahamsa Nithyananda is facing today, only the weapons are modern.
Swami Nithyananda has been the victim of a huge strategic conspiracy organized to attack the very roots of his foundation – Vedanta. Vedanta upheld the power of a sanyaasi which Nithyananda re-established through his organization Dhyanapeetam. In this controversy, Swamiji has been clearly and strategically attacked exactly at the root of his strength through this sex scandal. The way the scandal sparked off, caught flames and spread into a massive fire within a few hours of its announcement, and without any proven evidence, shows undoubtedly how evil elements this time are at play! The evil, resisting elements are not just at play, they have been scheming for this scandal for a few months, or probably for a few years!!
In this 20th century world of today, when people all over are busy running a rat race, where from and why did a massive section of people get the time and intent to engineer and execute this massive massacre of Swamiji’s reputation on an issue so disconnected, not proven by court and utterly shallow in its nature ?? It is a clear case of this resisting mass of people with a thirst of power – and guess what, a thirst of power over even God himself, for God is the only authority which can threaten the evil with the Truth. And this thirst for power in this evil is to be quenched at any cost and under any insignificant pretence. The result – a massive plot against yet another Enlightened Master by instilling fear amidst the rest of the population of the world, fear of recognizing or rather even believing in Enlightened Masters, and gradually even losing faith in God himself. This subsequent loss in faith in God himself is TODAY the cause of sufferings in each person’s small world as well as the world at large.
When will this vicious cycle of Enlightened Masters coming down to expand our consciousness and evil elements focused to play God, end?? – THE DAY WE ALL REALISE THAT WE CANNOT PLAY GOD, infact we don’t need to play God as God is most-loving. God who comes down in the form of an Enlightened Master to show us the path, to teach us the Truth, to re-establish all that was, to transform the evil as well, is utmost compassionate… does not judge… is simply here to remind us that we are all a part of him!!! You recognize this Truth today or tide into pain-joy cycle for another thousand years… before another Enlightened Master decides to come… or doesn’t come at all!
How difficult is it to recognize who is an Enlightened Master?? Even the evil elements today have recognized Swami Nithyananda. Is it not why they are threatened by his power – the power of God??
Can’t you all who are not part of this evil mass recognize that which even the evil mass has recognized? Overpower your weakness right here… break this vicious cycle right here – God is bigger than the evil. And thus simply understand and stand tall by the Truth that you are all a part of God… who is down on this Earth as our Enlightened Master… Swami Nithyananda… who says “I’m not here to say I am God, I’m here to show you that you are God.”… come and merge in Him, because in him we all exist… in Him can we rest in bliss… in Him can we be in Nithyananda!
- Arpit

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Paramahamsa Nithyananda: Guide to the New Generation

Please answer; how rare is it to come across an enlightened master who can indefinitely change the lives of thousands across the world and revitalize the Vedic and meditational scriptures that were lost thousands of years ago? To be honest, this is something that hasn’t come up in a long time and Swamiji has the courage to bring it to the world again. The Nithyananda Foundation has reached a milestone of 2 million people around the world, from toddlers to teenagers, from middle aged men and women to senior citizens. He has changed everything starting from the very core of their life for the better and building towards the ultimate happiness. No one can find a master like Paramahamsa Nithyananda and that is the truth. Swamiji is the best person to rely on when it comes to teaching the youth principles of a blissful living and guiding them in the right direction, away from things like suicide, drug and alcohol abuse.

First of all, our beloved Swamiji can teach any youth, from innocent toddlers to rebellious teenagers, the how to a blissful living. This is year’s message to “Radiate Enlightenment” is helpful for most definitely every student out there from middle school to college. Swamiji tells us to dance like Kalabhairava who does not wait for a stage to dance but rather dances in a graveyard. Any teacher can tell a learner to just ‘have fun’ in competitions and during stressful high school years where one is planning a future career. Only Swamiji can give us the inspiration to want to radiate enlightenment and successfully express it through the homework, classroom participation and being socially healthy as well. Swamiji’s revolutionary technique to just ‘unclutch’ can expand a teenager’s mind to handle so many things beautifully, like they are having no problem at all. In unclutching when the mind is finally relaxed even through action, it seems like getting things done has become so much quicker. Swamiji, through his techniques, has given us the chance to expand our knowledge, excel in the current studies and plan for more advanced ones in the future.

In addition, Paramahamsa Nithyananda can guide children toward the right direction and the correct goal, away from decisions like suicide, drug and alcohol abuse. Again through Swamiji’s techniques a normal 14 year old can do vast amounts of planning for their future, as well as handle problems that they are experiencing at this moment. Swamiji has helped give courage when it comes to achieving farfetched goals, and taught to hold back if it is not the best decision for them at the time. Swamiji’s Kalpataru program teaches that even though we are constantly thriving in our day to day lives; true happiness lies in the inner space. There is no hell and heaven geographically but they are psychological. Once a child as realized that this happiness we are seeking is truly dwelling inside, there will be no chance for unnecessary abuse of drug and alcohol. Drugs and alcohol can be forced on teenager through peer pressure or depression and through Swamiji’s techniques none of this will matter because already they know that they have constant supply of bliss whenever they need it.

If Swamiji can touch teenagers, from 14-19 years old, than there is no doubt that he can inspire every other age. Swamiji says “No one can hurt you unless you permit. No one can help you unless you permit”. Today, the new generation has been bombarded by the media’s influence. Youth is growing in a fast rate that no one ever thought possible, whether that growth is in a good direction or a bad one. Paramahamsa Nithyananda can change the way of the youth, can help raise them up in the best way. Swamiji can work with minds that are open, ready for knowledge of the Vedic culture, of our thousand year expertise in spirituality. A mind ready for that is that of the younger ones. In turn, that person will ripen into splendid people, as Swamiji names “Jeevan Mukhtis”. He can mold them in ways that no modern, ordinary many can do. Swamiji, as stated in millions of articles before this, is no every-day Guru and when he offers us knowledge that is so precious it should be imbibed and expressed as soon as possible. In days like these when change is happening so rapidly around the world, Swamiji will teach us to enjoy every moment of it.

Paramahamsa Nithyananda is the milestone that everyone has been waiting for. He is the miracle that people want every day. Without a second though, people are throwing away the global peace that was on every countries’ to-do list. Aren’t our youth the people that we should be watching over carefully, that we should be taking strong decision for? Ultimately, we are responsible for the generations and generations of life coming our way. Paramahamsa Nithyananda can enrich their lives as well as ours. His teaching has benefited thousand s of youth and will continue to do so if we let him. A health teacher from a child’s class once instructed the class to ‘evaluate media messages’. A mere student can do this. Can you?

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Message to Media

Dear Media,

My name is Sai Amrita Kaul and it just so happens to be that I am an intelligent, independent citizen who appreciates well researched information and will stand by those expectations especially with regards to News Media.

In that context, I thought it might be good for you to know that I am also a disciple, devotee and sincere admirer of Paramahamsa Nithyananda and I thank you for being part of this play towards strengthening His presence and spiritual force in the country. And you must believe that I say this with utmost confidence because I KNOW that those clips were aired simply for greed and not public interest, because those clips were created by a coward not a seeker of the truth, and most importantly because those clips were never true in the first place.

In case you don’t want to read the rest of my response, I’m basically writing in to let you know that your channel has moved (even further) away from expressing any semblance of credibility in what you air.

Also, I’d like you to note that I’m not writing in to defend Swami Nithyananda; He does not need any kind of defense. I’m writing to defend my own intelligent opinions and those of the thousands of other people who agree with me. As a patron of the media arts, I am also writing in to defend journalistic ethics which you have so ruthlessly abandoned.

Any journalist knows the importance of courage and honesty, yet I find none of it expressed in your work about Swami Nithyananda. There was nothing original about the story. Everyone knows that news channels are always waiting for an opportunity to bash the Spiritualists who keep our country running and we all know that you’d sell your soul for a sleazy story. Furthermore, there was never a mention of the sources for any of your stories. They’re all nameless and faceless. Why don’t any of your people come to those of us who would like to speak about Swami Nithyananda? If you’re actually interested, I can provide you with at least 200 ready candidates to talk about their experiences at the Dhyanapeetam Ashram. (Somehow, I doubt your channel would have the gall to speak with us) The invitation is always open.

You’re simply participating in a smear campaign that has no real substance or consequence to it. Obviously, it’s more than just a coincidence that this entire ordeal had to happen just before Swami Nithyananda’s trip with a large group of devotees to the Poorna Kumbh Mela where he was to be honored as the Maha Mandaleshwar – a very prestigious title in the spiritual world. Clearly, this may have bothered many opponents and bolstered any plans to impede Swami Nithyananda’s success. And of course, the other party involved in the purported scandal had to be a successful actress whose name and character had to be attacked in such an underhanded way. Swami Nithyananda’s ashram has many female visitors and ashramites, all of whom have only ever stated that they feel deeply safe, secure and respected there. The video that you constantly air goes completely against the grain of everyone’s experience. But of course, you’d rather sell the sleaze than seek out the truth.

If your news channel was so concerned about Public Interest, wouldn’t you have sent the video over to the police rather than repeatedly airing it and creating more confusion? Clearly, you were greedy and knew that the video would send your own ratings through the roof, and the fear of having the police leak it to another channel prevented you from doing what you should have done. Fear and greed…it’s what you run on, and what you try to send through to us as well. Sorry, but we’re not buying it.

I understand that you might be running on a high from your more recent success in getting Mr. N.D. Tiwari to resign after airing a segment about his personal life, but why can’t you try and present an unbiased opinion? If you present such big theories about the quality of your news segments, at least do it correctly. All that I have seen or heard from your news channel is about the purported scandal, and that too with hyper-sensationalized music and graphics along side it. Do you really think that so many of us are stupid enough to take your ‘blinged out’ headlines at face value? And besides, since when is 4 minutes long enough for an ‘in-depth analysis’? How dare you think that anyone will be placated with such shoddy investigation? Your work is a true insult to Journalism and all that free media stands for.

In case you haven’t caught my drift yet, I am utterly disgusted at the poor quality of news that your channel has delivered. You’ve made no mention of the responses from the Dhyanapeetam ashram, have not spoken to a single person who lives in the ashram and can speak of their experiences and understanding, have not provided any kind of conclusive evidence to suggest that your videos are authentic and yet you present it as the truth. It is really very sad to think that media giants as big as you have so little respect for the intelligence of Indian citizens.

This is really just a smidgeon of my actual opinion about your segment and I’d rather not go into too much detail. As long as you understand that I’m hugely dissatisfied with your news and will not watch it again and will also continue to express my disapproval to my students, friends and colleagues who certainly have more respect for my opinion than yours.

If you need to contact me, please feel free. As I have learned from the Spiritual Masters in my life, truth is the absence of fear. Swami Nithyananda will emerge even stronger as a spiritual guiding force within the next few months. By then, you would have hopefully been paid off by your shady associates and insiders and will have moved on to something more useful.

I am grateful for your role in this drama towards Swami Nithyananda’s undoubted success, but more importantly, I wish you all strong human values and the dignity that comes with living by them.

Until then, I, along with many others, will continue to radiate Eternal Bliss; Nithyanandam.

Sai Amrita Kaul


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Something fishy?

It looks like there is a lot of money involved in this against Nithyananda. Otherwise why is the video being shown again and again? They can very well maintain a blur photograph and report what they want to report. What is the idea behind playing it so often? It looks like deep malice. I feel that someone with a very specific agenda against Nithyananda is working on this very meticulously. It makes one think the agenda itself is something very different here. I wish people will stop indulging in defaming spiritual gurus. At the end of the day, they are here working on a much larger scale than we can imagine for the sake for humanity. Let us not incur unwanted karma by doing these things.

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Sex & Money or Wild Accusations?

Paramahamsa Nithyananda is suddenly targeted in a BIG way. First they tried cooking up a sex scandal. Then they try to distract with money laundering claims…then they desperately try to make up some case about sandalwood smuggling!

Just step back and see why an Indian guru who is not a hugely prominent religious or social figure is suddenly being targeted in such a massive and swift way. But here is a fast-rising personality who is a very potential threat to many – religious leaders, politicians,…now he is suddenly being victimized in such a huge way. 141 videos in youtube in 3 days, porn videos in everything from regional channels to international channels. How many billions of dollars are being pumped into this?

Paramahamsa Nithyananda: A culprit or a victim?

Swami Nithyananda is the word ruling the search engines, social networking sites and the media circles alike. All this just because of a sex-tape recently revealed but not yet verified by court.

It is shocking to see that neither the place, time nor the identity of the women has been disclosed in a tape which has taken the entire nation by storm. The only thing repeatedly perpetuated is that the person is Nithyananda whereas the possibility of a fake video or an imposter being involved cannot be ruled out. It’s difficult to understand that how in the absence of such vital facts the person has been assumed to be Nithyananda.

Even the origin of the tape is ambiguous with Sun TV obtaining the tape from some undisclosed sources and then repeatedly telecasting the tape. Gradually all the media houses imitated the same just to increase their TRPs without having any verification of the tape or any consideration whatsoever regarding the reputation of a person whom millions of people hold in high regards worldwide. There is every possibility that by the use of graphics the content of the video can be manipulated. The video is murky at some crucial places and other discrepancies are also present.

Not only is this Defamation but is also hurting the religious sentiments of the people at large.

Conspiracy may be hatched against Nithyananda due to certain vested interests of the powerful lobbies. Land-sharks had an evil eye on the lands donated to the organization by devotees for construction of schools and hospitals. Even the channel was already prejudiced against the Swami, as he had earlier declined to write his popular spiritual column for ‘Kungumam’, a Tamil weekly from ‘Sun TV’ stable. Certain religious cults and politicians were afraid of the swelling number of followers of Nithyananda as this posed a threat to their political and social standing so they were willing to do anything to uproot this threat. This could be a part of a “much larger conspiracy” to malign both Nithyananda and his institution by projecting his “morphed” images with an actress. This video could have been made in order to blackmail the Swami as even before the “so-called expose” by the TV channel, CDs’ with ‘morphed images’ had been e-mailed to him several times.

The action of the public as witnessed cannot be spontaneous it must have been meticulously planned and executed by someone. There has been mass violence and Ashrams of Nithyananda have been brutally targeted with large-scale destruction of property. A huge mob managed to break the police barrier and indulged in smashing window panes and putting “huts” inside the ashram on fire. All this destruction could not have been accomplished in the absence of any prior planning. Care has been taken that no stone is left unturned to ensure that Nithyananda is completely subjugated this can be observed from the fact that when violence was at peak instead of restoring the law and order situation the forest department raided the ashram premises but to their dismay they found no serious violation of law like animal-skin or trees being cut but were able to seize only 20kg. Sandal-wood An Ashram has to have plenty of wood for havans and various other spiritual functions even then this was displayed as some major crime on the Ashram’s part. So they must have acted on the hidden motive to nail Nithyananda on one pretext or the other. Sometime back the Ashram authorities had themselves registered a police complaint that a sandalwood tree in the ashram premises had been stolen this wood could well be from that stolen tree.

Another rumor doing the rounds is that Nithyananda has gone underground whereas the fact is that he has gone to attend the biggest spiritual gathering of the world “Kumbh Mela” in Haridwar where his attendance is obvious and was planned last year or even before and was well known to the general public. So he is certainly not underground but is fulfilling his religious obligations.

Nithyananda never proclaimed him to be God but always stressed that God is omnipresent and you should try to explore God within yourself. This he did by telling people to live and radiate “Living Enlightenment” and merge into universal consciousness which is realizing “Aham Brahmasmi” that you are God. So there arises no question of cheating the people by posing as God.

Even if we blindly accept the video to be true without any verification by authorities or by the court than also we see it as a blatant violation of the Fundamental Right to Privacy which not only the Constitution envisages but is also enumerated in the International Covenants.

Nithyananda did not do any obscene act in public but in his privacy if he did anything at all so he like all others is also entitled to right to privacy and anything cannot be publicized in any manner to the public leave alone the extremely defamatory sense in which it is poured on the platter for the people. As per Indian law it is perfectly legal for two adults to indulge in consensual sex. Not only was the consent present on the part of the women in the video but they were provocative in their action as could be seen from the video. So we could very clearly infer from the chain of events that not even in the extreme remote possibility has Nithyananda committed any crime but has been subjugated and victimized in a meticulously planned manner .The media should exercise restrain and try to go deep into the conspiracy to come out with the true story of Nithyananda’s victimization.

Another thing worth noting here is that there has been no complaint against the Swami from any directly affected party. Nithyananda’s lawyers alleged that actress Ranjitha was even “threatened” to make a complaint against the Swami, which she refused. No guilt can be presumed until the charge has been proved beyond reasonable doubt in a court of law. Building a reputation takes a lifetime but it takes seconds to malign that reputation of a person and immediately he turns into a perpetrator in the public’s eye. India has “Rule of law” which states that no one is above the law therefore be it Swami or the powerful conspirators they should be duly penalized for the wrongs committed. So this “false propaganda and defamatory statements” against a law abiding true person should be stopped with immediate effect. Media should not become a tool at the hands of some powerful businessmen and politicians.

Nithyananda Dhyanapeetam is a worldwide movement which is committed to bringing about a true awakening for all, irrespective of race, culture or nationality. Paramahamsa Nithyananda has been a transformational force in the lives of over 2 million people across numerous countries around the world. Nithyananda is reviving the timeless Vedic wisdom in the light of modern living and creating opportunities for the powerful transformation of the individual and the community.

Schools, medical camps, free meals, meditation programs, Vedic temples, free discourses, etc. are being provided for the betterment of the public.

“The good is oft interred with their bones” was said by Mark Antony for great people, this quote seems to be true when the case of Nithyananda is examined. “Truth alone Triumphs” so whatever be the conspiracy a true and innocent person like him is bound to come clear.

- Anshul

We stand by Swamiji

All of us are standing by Swamiji, the ashram and his Mission. We are so happy to hear from you as we were concerned only about the safety of Swamiji and the people at the ashram.
I know I am far away, but if there is anything that I can do, please do not hesitate to ask.
All Swamiji has ever shown is deep love and compassion to us. He has transformed our life and now it is time to put his teachings into practice.
We are in constant prayer and busy stomping on the bones!!

- Lori

Do you see some link here?

A few things I noticed are too much to be coincidental... I will leave all this for your interpretation:

(1) One day before airing the sex scandal tape involving Paramahamsa Nithyananda, 2 March 2010, Kalki Bhagvan and Amma (who are propagators of Hindu dharma) have been attacked in some conspiracy?

(2) Few years back, Kanchi Shankarachya was framed in a murder story by you-know-who and the case was later dismissed.

(3) All conspiracy stories appear to be usually first reported in Sun TV only

(4) two days back, a stampede occurred in an ashram in Uttar Pradesh where 40 odd people died.

Hmm... put on your thinking hats...

The Time Has Come


It is shocking to read about the systematic and unwarranted defamation of Paramahamsa Nithyananda on TV channels, web and other news media.

Since the night of March 2nd 2010, Sun TV and other TV channels have been continuously airing offensive video footage against Paramahamsa Nithyananda.

This is a deliberate attempt to destroy his reputation as a torchbearer of Hindu ideals and traditions.

The media, some pseudo-Hindu organizations and other parties with vested interests have been quick to denounce Paramahamsa Nithyananda as a slur on Hinduism and demand legal action against him!

In view of the enormous contribution made by Paramahamsa Nithyananda to the Hindu cause, this accusation comes as a tremendous shock that has hurt the religious sentiments of thousands of his followers worldwide.


Over the years, only the faces of the VICTIMS change,
but the derogation of our sacred dharma remains the same.

Let us remember that this is not an outrage against aN INDIVIDUAL
but against Hinduism itself.


Paramahamsa Nithyananda’s vision is to help bring about a Vedic renaissance in India and in the world.

· In the short span of 7 years, Nithyananda’s meteoric rise as a protector of Sanantana Dharma has been perceived as a significant threat by several anti-Hindu organizations.

· Nithyananda has spoken out daringly against the policy of conversion of Hindus by other religions, using ‘bread or blood’ techniques (i.e. either by promising material benefits and playing on people’s greed, or by threatening them and playing on their fear).

· He has risked his personal security and the safety of his growing organization to stem the tide of Christian religious conversion, especially in Tamil Nadu.

· Nithyananda’s pragmatic and practical interpretation of the timeless Vedic wisdom has been drawing the cream of intellectuals, youth as well as the common man. His teachings have found a dedicated following that transcends the barriers of religion, culture and class.


All intelligent and committed Hindu organizations are aware that the threat to Hindu dharma has become too serious to be ignored.

In such a time of crisis, let us all come together for the sake of Hindu Dharma.

We request all TRUE HINDUS to openly voice their indignation at the deliberate onslaught.

against a committeD upholder of Hindu dharma.





Sun TV – A Porn Channel

Paramahamsa Nithyananda has been framed in a sex scandal…once more Sun TV is proving all it wants is sensationalionism. Showing adult content that has been cunningly crafted, what are they trying to do? Just feeding negativity over and over again – they are conspiring very successfully to destroy one of the few strong people who have been standing courageously for our scriptures, our civilization, our tradition. And here is this cheap Sun TV trying to actually support this! God, what nonsense! Is it a tv news channel or a cheap porn channel! Ridiculous! I am ashamed and disgusted that my young daughter cannot watch so-called news! Just stop this X-rated fabricated crap! Let the law take its course. What is Sun TV anyways trying to educate people about!

By - Spiritual Warrior

Thank you Swamiji

I am a BE graduate. I first met Swamiji in 2006 and had been a devotee since then. I was a strong intellectual, and I always go by experimenting.. anything.
even His words, the meditation techniques, etc. I would try it and sometimes not do it and see the effect and only then accept it.

I was in depression soon after my plus 2 .. the usual societal pressures, pressure to prove i am outstanding where ever i go, lot of things. In those circumstances, the Life Bliss Program level 1 was such a solace and caused tremendous change in me. I was just able to witness my emotional trauma, tension, anger, stress, and simply come over them in no time, just by those simple truths and techniques which I learnt there.

I experimented with His words, His techniques and they worked amazingly. I also felt deeply connected with the Sangha, a beautiful space to flower. I had the opportunity to be a part of the mission, and publications.

Even after seeing the videos of the sex scandal involving Paramahamsa Nithyananda, I stand by my transformation and the strength that I have received to face my life by following my Master Paramahamsa Nithyananda.

- Grateful to Swamiji

Attempted Murder of Hinduism – A Sinister Conspiracy

Paramahamsa Nithyananda has been one of the strongest upholders of Hinduism and our great civilization of Bharat. Like so many masters before, he is also being framed now in a sex scandal! Sex, money, maligning name – everything possible is being used in the scandal. Whether it was Mughals or British, it has always been suppression of Hindus.

And to think of it, India is the one country that has never invaded any other country in her long rich history! Always accepting, welcoming, we are now being exploited for being good!

What a shame that in the country where more than 80% are Hindus, and in the motherland of Hinduism, a proponent of Hinduism and a reviver of the rich Indian tradition is being maligned and framed and hounded left and right by religious fundamentalists, atheists and so many negative elements!

And there is no unity amongst Hindus to raise their voice against the wild allegations. If we don’t oppose, we support – the huge conspiracy against Hinduism, against India. The billions of dollars pumped in right from the top of the Church cannot be countered by the weak money power of Hindus; it has to be countered by our spirit, by our unity against this mass conspiracy that is happening right under our nose.

We have to act fast otherwise it is too late. The richest and oldest tradition is at a serious grave risk of just perishing if we don’t stand up right now!
As Hindus, let every individual Hindu and all Hindu organizations raise their voice as one and eradicate this malaise once and for all. Let history not repeat itself over and over and over again. It is time to put an end to the violent atrocities against Hindus. This time they should not get away!

By - Spiritual Warrior