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Whatever might be the situation, Paramahamsa Sri Nithyananda is my Guru

I attended swamiji’s NSP program in November 2009.During a meditation session, he wanted us to be with ultimate vitarka and do the maha mantra (“hmmm...”) meditation.
I was initially not able to control my mind into vitarka but I felt ripples of energy from swamiji flowing through me and in an instant I got vitarka and the awareness that I identified when the feeling of “me” was pulled into myself. It was like I –the being- am at the centre and at a distance from the ultimate me, I could see (my) body and understood that Nithyananda swamiji and I were the same. I also understood that the body is NOT me but mine. Only the sound “nithyanandam” was going through the ultimate me as an answer for whatever thoughts arised. I understood that the thoughts were NOT from me but the body and was flying across me up in the dark sky. When my body thought of Vaishnodevi temple, I answered “nithyanandam” with cosmic bliss, when my body thought of jwala mukhi temple; I answered “nithyanandam” with the same everlasting bliss. Even when my body worried whether this experience will soon be lost, I answered “nithyanandam”. I see the world in a different eye from then on. I even forgot how I used to see the world before this experience but i do know that I have changed a big way and have at last found me.
Once while doing the nithyadhyaan, I seemed to enter into a same situation but this time i understood that I am infinity but also nothing. I am bliss but also silence. I am both the extremes, like ying yang. These were some of the biggest experiences with swamiji.
Whatever might be the situation, Paramahamsa Sri Nithyananda is my guru!!! Nithyanandam!!!

Please take care of your health Swamiji

Dear Swamiji Take care of your health.You are looking to be weak as we watched in recent interviews.We stand for you Swamiji.Nothing can disturb our Devotion for you.Kindly take care of your health Swami.

- Kavitha Shyam

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Inspired by Paramahamsa Nithyananda

we have been listening to your discourses since 2005... Veryy deeply inspired by your works such as ramanin attma vittai,7 chakras... watched all of your videos in youtube.. v dont have a cable network in our home...Its good... Please do not allow anybody esp woman in your personal room... Deep respects to nithya sacchithanandha..when i heard about some allegations i told to everyone i will still listen to his discourses,practise meditation... i still trust to u and ur organisation... This trust is UNCONDITIONAL... It does not depend on you... It depends on me...
Good luck...


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Support for my Master Nithyananda~!


Since the year 2007 changes had happen in my life eventually. Before that, I was very busy with my daily routine and had never think about my inner world because I was not in that path. All that I was doing is experiencing my outer world. After attended several swami's meditation such as ASP, NSP, BSP, KALPATHARU, HEALER'S INITIATION & NITHYANANDAM, I can see and feel my innerworld awakened with ultimate joy and all my hidden potential was revealed. My connection with swami is always in "MAHA BHAVA" and whenever I think of him I feel his presence although in my dream.

After I attentded NITHYANANDAM PROG. September 2009 which was conducted by swami himself in Bidadi ashram I changed to an energetic person even though I'm in my middle 40's. This is because I trust our master's word and fully surrender when a meditation technique is done with HIS presence & guidance which I understand as an "alchemy process." From the moment I do swami's meditation till now I can say I am in ocean of bliss.

So, I am proud of my guru PARAMAHAMSA NITHYANANDA because in this challenging situation HE never blame anybody but promise to heal all of us. WE MUST UNDERSTAND OUR "MASTER IS THE ULTIMATE LUXURY."




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Jai Bhagavan Nithyananda!

First of all,I would like offer my gratitude on my beloved swami's lotus feet.
Swami had transform my whole part of life.Before I know him,I lived like a wild animal,even worst than that.My life was full of chaos and depression in the age of 14 itself.There was no peace in my life.BUT SWAMI HAD CHANGE THE WHOLE DIMENSION OF MY LIFE.Now i am living a blissful and wonderful life because of him.He showers love,compassion and guide me like a father,mother,friend,life partner and master in every moment in my life. Thank you swami.He is the ultimate person in this universe that i know.Swami is this cosmic energy or in other word the god that had incarnated in the human form JUST FOR US.I do not know how to describe him in words because he is not a normal person or thing to be describe BUT HE IS AN EXPERIENCE TO BE ENJOYED.Please don't miss him.
With gratitude,

Om Hreem Nithyanandaya Namaha


I offer my heartly gratitude to lotus feets of Swamiji.
Swamiji.. We always stand up with you ...

.......with bliss......


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Thank you Swamiji, You will come out of the scandal

Respected Paramahamsa,
Warm greetings and pranams at your holy lotus feet,
Yes, I am feeling better with the PR at the weekend national media networks. I am filled with serene gratitude for all Siddhas. I thank Mr Rajiv Malhotra for his time and PR. May your devotees and others benefit by your temorary silent meditation.
Joy and peace shall fill the hearts of parents and friends.
At your feet,


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Swami NIthyananda is THE GURU

Swami Nithyananda is THE Guru and all those who are the Judas's and doubting Thomas's will miss the greatest advent on planet earth.

I am eternally grateful to Him for happening in my life and for making me realise that life is much more than what our limited vision assumes.

When I heard that such a damaging video was being telecast, I told my informant, "uncluth, and go to sleep, it has to be graphics". There was no doubt then,nor do I care about such madness. We have limited time on earth, and it is too precious to waste on such rubbish. I will be with my Swami eternally, With his Grace I remain his ardent devotee

Ma Nithya Chitrabanu (Radha)

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Saranam, Saranam, Nithya Guruve Saranam!

My most humble pranams to the lotus feet of Swamiji.
In You we trust, Swamiji.
My wholehearted support is for you.
Savathiri, Singapore

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This too will pass

Dear Swamiji, I have been inspired so much by you and your experiences and your discourses for years, and I am very grateful for all of that and I want to express my deepest concern for you and your painful experiences at this moment, all I can say is that to me and all people who are on a path of truth it is just another challenge to become stronger and remember "this too will pass",
with love and compassion
Christine de Jong

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My Guru Paramahamsa Nithyananda

Nithyananda was the first Guru I ever learned about or met. I was introduced to him through the Vedic Temple in Delaware, Ohio. I listened to his video sessions, read his books and took classes that would help me become more enlightened. I found him to be very inspirational, very profound in what he said and what he wrote about. I still cherish his books and would recommend them to anyone who is looking for a better understanding of themselves and their place in this world and the next. I became very connected to all the wonderful people at the temple and always looked forward to meditation, yoga or special events with them. Nithyanada was the reason I went to India. He and the desire to take his three-week workshop along with Ma Shivananda's prompting and encouragement was the the driving force that got me to India. Without either of these two forces, it would not have happened under the circumstances. I will be forever grateful and indebted to both of them for the life-changing and incredible events of my trip to India. May they and the temple be blessed forever more.


Ene Katrin Oro

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My voice and support to Swamiji Paramahamsa Nithyananda

It's legally,socially,legally,spiritually wrong to look into one's bedroom and publish his nirvana photos in magazines.
We all should relook the habit of critizizing others without minding others privacy.
I think it is a sin.
Every one should atleast learn now the morality not to look into others privacy.
It's a very cheap activity.
Every heart can understand the pain of such critizizing and public revealation of one's Private things.
It's very indecent. I cant even think as a revenge to my enemy.This is a way of terrorism to destroy an induidual.
I feel guilty for my unability to help swami directly at this sitiuation.
When i write this i feel like crying.
My Sincere Thanks to SWAMI PARAMAHAMSA SRI NITHYANANDA for still being available for the sake of Humanity.I love you Swami.
I pray to yourself for your Betterness.
I can never forget Swami for the good things he had done in my life.
With Love
Sri Ananda Devaathman.

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Valka Jai Shree Nithyananda Swami

Dear sawmi,
I am k.s. senthilkumar healer in tirupur . we always with you. this are simple matter. this is the time to emerge vigrously.
we all are with you always.
best regards

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Vote for Paramahamsa Nithyananda

Dear Swamiji,
Since we know you till now,we always your sincere devotees.Your teaching & blessing are pure. Your love are always blossom towards
us .Swamiji, whatever happen we know you always be strong and will solve with your patience. Actually, its all a lesson to all us as a normal
human being on how to handle when a problem a rise. Swamiji not only a Master but a wonderful 'Guru" in the way of all his teachings.
Nowards to say more as you are so wonderful appearance in this earth to bring us towards to Existance.
We always love you & support you .Nithyanandam.
Your Devotees,
Ramu Family
Johor Bahru, Malaysia '

Support to Sri Nithyananda Swamigal

Dear Thiru Nithyananda Swamigaluku
Iam Devraj Prakash living 20 years in batam island indonesia and i am the person who choose by the Athi Vinayagar to build the Temple for " Sri Lalitha Maha Tiripura Sundari Temple " located in Batam Island
Last 2 months ago we are planning to send the invitation to yourside to visit Batam Island - Indonesia for our temple but unfortunetly we got the messgae like this and makes me totally upset .
To be frank i am your follower but i always admire the sergvice render for the person like Bapak ( Swamiji ) , We will pray to Divine Mother ( Graet Cosmic Power ) for Swagi to overcome all the hassels.
Devraj Prakash

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A tribute to Swamiji Paramahamsa Nithyananda

A tribute to Swamiji Paramahamsa Sri Nithyananda!

Who is Paramahamsa Sri Nithyananda? This is a tough question to be answered unless we go little deep into ourselves.It was May 2007, I attended Atma Spurana meditation program with Swamiji in Seattle, USA. The experience that I had was very intense that I could see my favourite deity Lord Siva in him. Usually when I meditate on Siva, I have similar experiences. Next day, Swamiji initiated us into self healing. Usually in US, Swamiji gives only self healers' initiation. During the initiation, we were going one by one to get the energy darshan. When he touched my agna chaka(the space between the eyebrows) with this thumb, I could see the flame of light went inside my agna chakra and it settled in my eyes. After the darshan, I came back and sat in my seat. I was suprised and excited to see the light in my eyes like a filament in lighted bulb. I started playing with it. When I close my eyes, the light is there. I asked other people nearby if they feel anything like this. They said no. I started thinking that I am very special. The moment these egoistic thoughts coming in, the light has disappeared from my eyes. I did not worry also because I thought it is a magic done by swamiji. I came out of the meditation hall after the program. While driving home, I could see everthing fresh and new as if I am seeing it for the first time. It was very ecstatic and joyful towards everything around me. At that time I did not know what these experiences are. I did not know that my life has been transformed completely towards joy and peace. I became busy with my regular life. After a month, my husband went to Angkorwat temple in cambodia with swamiji. He also had a profound experience which proved that swamiji is the existence in human form.

After few months, we moved to Hyderabad, India. We became the volunteers and organizers for the hyderabad ashram. We came to Bidadi ashram to attend swamiji's meditation programs such as Nithyanandam, Inner awakening etc. After Nithyanandam meditation program with swamiji in July 2008, I started doing Nithyadhyan regularly. I had many spiritual experiences that I cannot express in words. I could see the light coming back into my eyes and forehead. I can feel that I am not doing anything, somebody is guiding me and taking care of me each and every moment. I still do not know what is that light on my forehead. All I could say is, though I am not with swamiji, he is there with me in the form of light taking care of me in every step of my life towards my betterment. I feel ever grateful for swamiji and I will continue to do his misson work to share the joy and peace that I am experiencing. NOt only me, he has touched millions of people around the world. He always says during energy darshan, "I am with you". Now we want to tell swamiji, "We are with you! Together we will make it happen,"The transformation of society through transformation of the individual which is living enlightenment"!

Thank you,
Neeraja Karthik

By supporters of Swamiji Nithyananda


Dear All

Our Swamiji is Very very very true Enlighten master... when we in depression, Sorrow, he’s Speech, Meditation give-up Solution for our problems. We need our “SATHGURU” I am Praying for u Swamiji Arunagiriyogieswar & Annamalaiyar will definitely save our Swamiji. One thing I can Able to say swamiji without u I can’t imagine our life. I strongly & intensely believe you defiantly came
Again we are waiting for Your “DHARSAN” Swamiji. I never forget gratitude to our master

Very Proud to Say
Swamiji Devotee Family
Ma.Ananda Deva Jothi
Andha Dhanapalan
Ma. Nithyapriya
Venkatachalam (Rtd Head Master Govt School)

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Support for our beloved Swamiji Paramahamsa Nithyananda

I have known him for ever. Though technically I knew him since March 2009. He has given me so much that there is a traffic jam (as Swamiji says) because of too much information. I will narrate this as it comes to me. It is like the water flowing when the flood gates are opened.

I can start with the first Kalpataru experience. I was in very difficult situation that time. It was very difficult financially, emotionally and my energy was very low. I was a spiritual seeker for many years (about 15+) and was still facing this and was extremely mad. Somehow despite these troubled situation and my mind state, we were still volunteering for Kalpataru that was going to happen in Dallas. One of those days, I told my wife that I was a fool and wasted so many years of my life on all these things which does not have any power to change anything in your life on this relative plane. So I should stop wasting my time and start working on getting more and more money. Next day or so, I got a call from my wife about the Kalpataru in Houston and she asked me whether we can attend that. Somehow I agreed and we went to Houston.

That Kalpataru, I still can not forget, it is as if the whole thing is etched in my memory. The day went very nicely and I enjoyed most of the meditations. The climax was the darshan part. When I went to Swamiji, he as usual was about to touch my aajna with his thumb, but when I asked for healing, he just changed and put his hand on my head. With that one touch, he changed the whole thing. I lost the track of time and I did not know how long his hand was on my head. I could very clearly feel (as if I am seeing it) a column of energy descending from his hand into me and that column went till it almost touched the naval center. But it stopped before that. I was in complete state of peace and joy.

He gave me a big hug and I could smell a very sharp fragrance which was not from this world. I was surprised by it. More surprised because my wife has allergy towards any perfume and she did not say anything about the fragrance. I did not tell her for next two days and waited for her to say about it. When she did not talk about it at all, I told her about it. This was confirmed by our daughter too. After this I attended Dallas Kalpataru, YSP, Healer's initiation in US and then LBE in Bidadi.

Swamiji has changed my life in many ways. He has given me enough means to lead a very happy and conflict free life. During LBE, I could feel his divinity many many times and experienced many other miracles. That time I requested him that I wanted to work only for him which he agreed due to overflowing compassion on his part. I am so happy that I met him and found my Guru, God and Goal in him. He is the infinite consciousness I always used to meditate on. He is the Shiva whom I used to meditate on always. Just being around him is such a joy! After spending so much time around him, I can clearly say that - He is absolutely pure without any taint of impurity.

This life is for Nithyananda, with Nithyananda, and in Nithyananda!


Swamiji, the world awaits your divine blessings

Nithyanandam.Beloved Swamiji, Pranams at Thy Lotus Feet.All our bodies, minds and spirits are with You.Accept our surrender and bless us.Never we are away from You, we always carry Your Cosmic Presence in our heart.Let Divine Silence Meditation You intend to do open the conscious of the people who have failed to understand Your Divinity and enhance the Vitharka and Shradda in Your devotees and be more closer to You.Swamiji the day is not far to realize who You are and what is Your Divine mission.We are blessed to be defined as Jeevan Muktas by very Parameshwara in the form of Paramahamsa Nithyananda.Swamiji, we offer all our sincere prayers and meditations thaught by You at Thy Lotus feet.
Swamiji accept our Grattitude and Love and Bless Your bloved Children and offer Your Divine Darshan to all Your devotees at the right time You decide.This very Media which took no hesitation in talking about You will beg to Talk about You in the times to come.Nithyanandam
Sri Nithya Sri Priyan (Dr.T.Ganesh)
Sultanate of Oman

NCourage Swamiji Paramahamsa Nithyananda

Dear Swamiji
Only One thing Swamiji , The miscreants who have Planted all this have done a grave mistake
by hatching a Sinister plan , Please see that these elements are thrown out of the Country
and also from this world.
Even at death , We swear to be with you , because we know what you are?.

Nithya Sri Omkaran

Support from Croatia

Hi dear all,
I want to give my full support to Swami Nityananda. Even though I am not his disciple he has changed my life a lot! For more than 3 years I've been watching regularly his videos and studied his teachings. He is rare light in this world!!
Much love to Swamiji and to all of you!
Roshan, Croatia

I always support my Guru Nithyananda

I always support Swamiji no matter what the outcome of the current inquires will be , I believe swamiji ,I will support him through out my life time this and the following all births ,
my humble worships to my Guru..


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With love and respect to Swamiji Nithyananda

Dearest Swamiji,
Thank you for coming forth and making a public statement. Thank you for being candid and honest with us. It pains me to see the way that you have been treated by the media and it hurts to read the comments that so many uninformed people will leave on facebook or youtube. I do not believe the misrepresentations of your private life that I have seen. I feel the sincerity in your teachings and know that they are solid truths given by the Master. Please continue your mission, the world needs you now. I love the youtube videos of your teachings. I watch them regularly before my meditations and will continue to do the same.
With Love and Respect,
Melissa Crowder

The other side of the coin

Dear Swamiji,
My respects and love to you.
I had a very recent first time exposure to you on 10th January 2010 at Bidedi which was close to my conference site at the Eagleton Resort. I visited the ashram which was quiet and peaceful. Although very little knowledge about Nithyanandam, i recognised divinity which i always seek for, regardless of faith. It was there. Thank you. I would just like to express my support for you in this issue. I am in no position to preach or advise you but certainly in a position to back your physical self.
The atma in you is not reachable and beyond all so please don't be disheartened.
Love and hatred are the other side of each other. It belongs to paramathma. The matter came from abode and it will return to the aboad. Meanwhile accept all of this with love. Not only your devotees who know you well are behind you, but the general public who is yet to benefit greatly in the future are also next to you. The wind of allegations will not stand in the absenceof sathyam. It will crumble. This is also your gretaest test i think to love your devotees and forgive them if they have turned against your physical self. It is human nature to believe and propogate.It is divine nature to forgive. Please forgive them. Also forgive those who are all out to bring you down. My current understanding is when your physical self steps aside, then the true you, the god himself will settle this puny matter.
Let talkers talk, let the media dominate. We all know it is difficult to control these things.True investigation and physical proof is vital on setting your physical self free. I reckon you desire the same too. Those who throw stones will realise that they are degrading their physical self. they will quickly realise and seek you again. In fact whats dwelling in them is also dwelling in all of us. Please accept this predicament with love. You will win the battle and war.In fact joy and sorrow are two sides of the same coin and this you know more than anyone.
Im writing this also for the public who has opinions about this. Who dares to say they know enough, and if they don't then they should stop concluding.Please look through the swami's teachings( or any holy scriptures carefully) and you will find your answer on how to handle the current situation. I know enough at least to express that it will all pass as it always did and its just the game of the divine within us. Accept anyting with love.

In support of Swamiji Nithyananda

I have just read a few small books by Swamiji and listened to a few lectures and yet greatly influenced by them. I am convinced that only an enlightened master can bring out such profound truths in such a simple manner.

I was with Swamiji before the planned attack on him and I am with him more strongly than before. I look forward to seeing Swamiji in the same ashram with greater glory than before.

Hemanth, Bangalore

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Swami Nithyananda Shows us the Way

Swamiji's spiritual message has awakened and uplifted me and
continues to uplift me. I at first felt brokenhearted to
think that someone close to him would invade what little
privacy he has. I felt brokenhearted that those who live
with Swamiji would deny him anything, even what is said to
appear on the infamous video, given all that he does
everyday for others. But by and by the peace he instilled
in me so beautifully during Inner Awakening this past
December came again to fill my inner space in full, and all
the little cracks in my heart are mended.

I have been somewhat carried away by the back-and-forth in
the aftermath of the video's release, and completely
startled by the enmity of all those who have temporarily
forgotten that what we see is just a mirror reflecting our
own inner space. I am so thankful that Swamiji always
maintains an awareness of the inherent beauty and innocence
within himself. In this he shows us the way. If we all
knew our own, we would never feel a need to attack or

Thank you for this opportunity to lend a voice in support of
our Beloved Guru.


full support for swami nithyananda

we are all with you in these times of crises, which is manipulated for selfish interest.
All are aware how the media works,but ultimately truth will prevail,& things will be back to normal.
hope to see you back as soon as posible.
bharath mandon
doha, qatar.

Thank you Swamiji!

Dear Swamiji,
I have wanted to write for many days but was unable to put into words the things I wanted to say. Today, I watch your utube clip with Rajiv Malhotra before your silent meditation and listening to you, tears started to flow. Many things have happen in these last few days which have invoked many to question you and your teaching. I have answered many people whom I thought you want me to reassure of the certainty of faith and belief in the ultimate. I know that this is your divine play and it will be played out according to the lessons needed to be learned by us and also by the whole world. I pray to you swamiji to guide me to play the part I'm suppose to play in this drama and not to fail at any single moment.
Thank you for your infinite compassion and love you have enveloped us with and continue to shower on us.
Mog B

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Support from Yoga Teacher for Swami Nithyananda

My name is Giuliana, I teach yoga in Italy and travelled many times in India. i never met Swamij, but last summer in Trivandrum I bought by chance some of his books. I read most of them and enjoyed immensely. The freshness of his teachings and at the same time the simplicity and depth of them have stimulated my spiritual drive.
Being many times in India I can say that one thing stands out in this situation: the stupid moralistic standing on such a happening, in my eyes such an event is just a normal human expression of love with no dirt or anythyng wrong about it, just love and devotion, hugging somebody and keeping closeness to another persone is pure LOVE and heals more than anything else.
I do not know which forces are behind all this turmoil, I suppose as usual in the whole worls is IGNORANCE, ENVY, STUPIDITY, MISANDERSTANDING , POLITICAL and RELIGIOUS POWERetc............People do not want to see other people happy, they cannot stand what they cannot understand with their limited stupid mind, is an overall problem HUMANITY is BROKEN and CORRUPTED INSIDE, and they want to break others.
So, my support is total, my deep thanking anc closeness are total ,God bless him, people who go away are not real devotees...there will be enough people stayng and new people coming........I will keep enjoyng and thankful to Swamij for all his beauty and inspiration.
With love and support Giuliana Rodolfi

Vairagya - Support to Swami Nithyananda

Swamiji, I sat in your Presence more than once (April & Nov 2009, Bellevue, WA) and felt the purity, enormity, integrity and authenticity of your spirit, space and compassion (upanishad).
>The truths you manifest as an enlightened Master I have sought, and only fleetingly experienced, for more than 40 years. You have shown me how to rise above, go beyond, “unclutch” from more than 30 years of pain (vairagya).
>Your teachings resonate (diksha moksha, over---“click”) with so many of the techniques I have learned from ordinary and extra-ordinary teachers, which I use as a holistic physician, counselor, jyotishi and spiritual teacher. >We both know that many humans stuck in the web of physical desires and samskaras are not ready for the truth of enlightenment and cosmic intelligence and will be threatened by your message, beauty, grace and power. (Rahu in Dhanus).
>May the Universal cosmic Light, which surrounds you and fills you also sustain you and allow you to float above the stormy seas of criticism, based clearly on fear, which only confirm what you are teaching.
> Thank you for your many Blessings and gifts toward enlightenment and your daily Presence in our hearts, as you promised. OM namah Shivaya NIthyanandam, Namaste, jyodevi (chitrajanma)
>To Lifebliss: you may use my comments, but please omit/ protect my email address!

Truth is relative! Add Light to your life. jo/jyo="Light" augur

- Jo Deevey

Support and humble pranams to divine Swamiji!!

My Support and Humble pranams from Swamiji!!!!
My humble pranams to divine sri sri Paramahamsa Shri Nithyananda.... I met swamiji three years back and since then my life has completely changed........I cant believe sometimes that I have spiritually awakened so much.......I would like to thank swamiji for coming in my life and also for many other thousands of human life. The recent media bashing against swamiji did not had the capacity to shake me or disturb me as with swamijis support I am being able to live the truth which swamiji has taught us......
The only sad part I felt was for general public who without even verifying they came to conclusion and passed judgement.
I have visited swamijis ashram many times and I found it to be the most disciplined and peaceful ashram...I enjoyed my time and had great spiritual expereinces to take back.
I would request all people to have patience before coming to conclusion.
We all canadian devotees support swamiji and infact if I tell the truth then we need more support from swamiji.....
My humble support to divine swamiji...
Arun from Canada......

Always support my guru Paramahamsa Nithyananda in this scandal

Paramhamsa Nithyananda swamiji
Today I live with joy and peace because of my guru nithyananda. He is my beloved guru always. Swamiji service is required for all kind of people in all over the world. He is only guru make this earth with joy and peace. If we loose him, we are the big looser. It will not impact him (guru) at any way. So please do not believe the rumours spreaded by media. We will give our full support to our master. It is possible to heal the earth only by our master.

Lingeswaran Jayaraman

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Email from Swami Shivapriyananda of Ramakrishna Kendra

Nithyananda an Incarnation of Swami Vivekananda

pranams and Nithyanandam ,

I am Swami Shivapriyananda , Ramakrishna kendra registered my feelings as a humble devotee of Srmath Paramahamsa Nithyananda.

The tree is known by its fruits . Swamy Nithyananda Paramahamsa is known by his books and teachings.
They are against him. Because he tries to unite all hindu organs in tamilnadu under a unique platform. He has 4.5 million devotees in 3 dozen countries and has 1500 centres throughout the world. They afraid for him . They afraid that conversions may impossible if such unity virtualy comes in tamilnadu. Not only him the anti hindu elements afraid about recent reformers in hindu society like Nithyananda, Maa Amirthananda mayee, Isha Jakii vasudev, Ravisankar , Bangaru adigalar etc who have millions of the followers for them. Note this in future one by one they too face such problems. Global level there is a master plan desighned for destroy hindu reform movements in India which would be a great danger to conversions.
Recently a research report indicates the slow down of the conversions of hindu society due to the impact of these reformers .
Yes , so they (ANTI HINDUS) are against him, -AND SEEING that its not easy to grapple with him , they try to hinder, abuse and vilify him in every way and lenin karuppan and some has came to their help- they must have gone mad with self centred desires, he (lenin) has told them that swamiji was a big fraud and rouge. And again he telling themthat he is leading a sinful life in specially unchaste for that they prepare this video.
My brother/ sister no good things can be done without obstructions. It is only who preserve to the end of succeed. Swamy Nithyananda Paramahamsa doing the lords work and whatever godleads he follow.
If this kind of false propaganda continues , in india please note this, after a decade “ you will be hanged in this country if you come to preach sanadana dharma, you will be burnt alive or you stoned out of the so called secular(anti hindu) elements.
Brother /sister we cant get rid of every things but not the cursed jealousy, that is a national sin with us ,speaking illof others.as said by swamy vivekananda ,acentury ago.
The wicked critisises the conduct of magnanimous which is extraordinary and whose motives are difficult to fathom.
We pity on the media ( not all but who involved in this dirty) which does not see the beauty of sanathanadharma. We pity the people who does not understant the ancient order and life of rishis and saints.
The media and so called secular(anti hindu) elements never react as this louder when the other spiritual preachers face real complaints even with strog evidence. The reason is they are non hindus and they are by religion minorities. Vote bank is there.
One thing not known to us , Sadhu Sangamam conference on 31/12/09 at bidathi ashrama many sadhus and sanyasis praised paramahamsha Nithyananda as An avatar of sri Ramakrishna and swami Vivekananda .now where they gone? Are they said lies on that day or now they afraid to come to support. If their words were true then why they denounce Him Now . if they do such thing even Vivekananda or sri Ramakrishna face such problems . how is their faith and speech.

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I am your little ananda

Hi swami,How are you?
I am your little ananda.I love you swamiji.I love your little anandas programme that is held every sunday in port klang centre,malaysia.Now,i am really missing it.I hope they will start it soon.I really enjoy myself in little anandas.We are given freedom to express our creativity,talents and opinion.I also enjoy the activites in little anandas especially the dancing meditation where we can dance freely.Thanks swamiji for everything.
Your Little Ananda,

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A Sweet Poem for the Mother of the Universe (Swami Nithyananda)

I awake each day with a blissfull smile
And greet it with a laugh;
The world is a treasure to me
Because of you.

Every time I think of something sad,
I replace the thought- with you!
My mind is instantly changed
And my heart is filled with gladness n gratitude.

Every breath I take is meant for you,
I live this life surrounded in joy
And I bathe in the flowing of your love and compassion,
My soul belongs to you.

Each time I see something beautiful
I want to take it and bring it to you;
My life has so much meaning now

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Cosmos cannot be analysed

After I met swamiji,my life changed tremendously.His meditation,discourse and books gave me clarity and energy to face my daily life with more inspiration and courage.The connection that i have towards my master cannot be shaken by any of the scandal.There are some cosmic truth that can't be analysed by normal people.I love you swamiji.

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