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Support from Yoga Teacher for Swami Nithyananda

My name is Giuliana, I teach yoga in Italy and travelled many times in India. i never met Swamij, but last summer in Trivandrum I bought by chance some of his books. I read most of them and enjoyed immensely. The freshness of his teachings and at the same time the simplicity and depth of them have stimulated my spiritual drive.
Being many times in India I can say that one thing stands out in this situation: the stupid moralistic standing on such a happening, in my eyes such an event is just a normal human expression of love with no dirt or anythyng wrong about it, just love and devotion, hugging somebody and keeping closeness to another persone is pure LOVE and heals more than anything else.
I do not know which forces are behind all this turmoil, I suppose as usual in the whole worls is IGNORANCE, ENVY, STUPIDITY, MISANDERSTANDING , POLITICAL and RELIGIOUS POWERetc............People do not want to see other people happy, they cannot stand what they cannot understand with their limited stupid mind, is an overall problem HUMANITY is BROKEN and CORRUPTED INSIDE, and they want to break others.
So, my support is total, my deep thanking anc closeness are total ,God bless him, people who go away are not real devotees...there will be enough people stayng and new people coming........I will keep enjoyng and thankful to Swamij for all his beauty and inspiration.
With love and support Giuliana Rodolfi

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