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The other side of the coin

Dear Swamiji,
My respects and love to you.
I had a very recent first time exposure to you on 10th January 2010 at Bidedi which was close to my conference site at the Eagleton Resort. I visited the ashram which was quiet and peaceful. Although very little knowledge about Nithyanandam, i recognised divinity which i always seek for, regardless of faith. It was there. Thank you. I would just like to express my support for you in this issue. I am in no position to preach or advise you but certainly in a position to back your physical self.
The atma in you is not reachable and beyond all so please don't be disheartened.
Love and hatred are the other side of each other. It belongs to paramathma. The matter came from abode and it will return to the aboad. Meanwhile accept all of this with love. Not only your devotees who know you well are behind you, but the general public who is yet to benefit greatly in the future are also next to you. The wind of allegations will not stand in the absenceof sathyam. It will crumble. This is also your gretaest test i think to love your devotees and forgive them if they have turned against your physical self. It is human nature to believe and propogate.It is divine nature to forgive. Please forgive them. Also forgive those who are all out to bring you down. My current understanding is when your physical self steps aside, then the true you, the god himself will settle this puny matter.
Let talkers talk, let the media dominate. We all know it is difficult to control these things.True investigation and physical proof is vital on setting your physical self free. I reckon you desire the same too. Those who throw stones will realise that they are degrading their physical self. they will quickly realise and seek you again. In fact whats dwelling in them is also dwelling in all of us. Please accept this predicament with love. You will win the battle and war.In fact joy and sorrow are two sides of the same coin and this you know more than anyone.
Im writing this also for the public who has opinions about this. Who dares to say they know enough, and if they don't then they should stop concluding.Please look through the swami's teachings( or any holy scriptures carefully) and you will find your answer on how to handle the current situation. I know enough at least to express that it will all pass as it always did and its just the game of the divine within us. Accept anyting with love.

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