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A tribute to Swamiji Paramahamsa Nithyananda

A tribute to Swamiji Paramahamsa Sri Nithyananda!

Who is Paramahamsa Sri Nithyananda? This is a tough question to be answered unless we go little deep into ourselves.It was May 2007, I attended Atma Spurana meditation program with Swamiji in Seattle, USA. The experience that I had was very intense that I could see my favourite deity Lord Siva in him. Usually when I meditate on Siva, I have similar experiences. Next day, Swamiji initiated us into self healing. Usually in US, Swamiji gives only self healers' initiation. During the initiation, we were going one by one to get the energy darshan. When he touched my agna chaka(the space between the eyebrows) with this thumb, I could see the flame of light went inside my agna chakra and it settled in my eyes. After the darshan, I came back and sat in my seat. I was suprised and excited to see the light in my eyes like a filament in lighted bulb. I started playing with it. When I close my eyes, the light is there. I asked other people nearby if they feel anything like this. They said no. I started thinking that I am very special. The moment these egoistic thoughts coming in, the light has disappeared from my eyes. I did not worry also because I thought it is a magic done by swamiji. I came out of the meditation hall after the program. While driving home, I could see everthing fresh and new as if I am seeing it for the first time. It was very ecstatic and joyful towards everything around me. At that time I did not know what these experiences are. I did not know that my life has been transformed completely towards joy and peace. I became busy with my regular life. After a month, my husband went to Angkorwat temple in cambodia with swamiji. He also had a profound experience which proved that swamiji is the existence in human form.

After few months, we moved to Hyderabad, India. We became the volunteers and organizers for the hyderabad ashram. We came to Bidadi ashram to attend swamiji's meditation programs such as Nithyanandam, Inner awakening etc. After Nithyanandam meditation program with swamiji in July 2008, I started doing Nithyadhyan regularly. I had many spiritual experiences that I cannot express in words. I could see the light coming back into my eyes and forehead. I can feel that I am not doing anything, somebody is guiding me and taking care of me each and every moment. I still do not know what is that light on my forehead. All I could say is, though I am not with swamiji, he is there with me in the form of light taking care of me in every step of my life towards my betterment. I feel ever grateful for swamiji and I will continue to do his misson work to share the joy and peace that I am experiencing. NOt only me, he has touched millions of people around the world. He always says during energy darshan, "I am with you". Now we want to tell swamiji, "We are with you! Together we will make it happen,"The transformation of society through transformation of the individual which is living enlightenment"!

Thank you,
Neeraja Karthik

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