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Thank you Swamiji!

Dear Swamiji,
I have wanted to write for many days but was unable to put into words the things I wanted to say. Today, I watch your utube clip with Rajiv Malhotra before your silent meditation and listening to you, tears started to flow. Many things have happen in these last few days which have invoked many to question you and your teaching. I have answered many people whom I thought you want me to reassure of the certainty of faith and belief in the ultimate. I know that this is your divine play and it will be played out according to the lessons needed to be learned by us and also by the whole world. I pray to you swamiji to guide me to play the part I'm suppose to play in this drama and not to fail at any single moment.
Thank you for your infinite compassion and love you have enveloped us with and continue to shower on us.
Mog B


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