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Email from Swami Shivapriyananda of Ramakrishna Kendra

Nithyananda an Incarnation of Swami Vivekananda

pranams and Nithyanandam ,

I am Swami Shivapriyananda , Ramakrishna kendra registered my feelings as a humble devotee of Srmath Paramahamsa Nithyananda.

The tree is known by its fruits . Swamy Nithyananda Paramahamsa is known by his books and teachings.
They are against him. Because he tries to unite all hindu organs in tamilnadu under a unique platform. He has 4.5 million devotees in 3 dozen countries and has 1500 centres throughout the world. They afraid for him . They afraid that conversions may impossible if such unity virtualy comes in tamilnadu. Not only him the anti hindu elements afraid about recent reformers in hindu society like Nithyananda, Maa Amirthananda mayee, Isha Jakii vasudev, Ravisankar , Bangaru adigalar etc who have millions of the followers for them. Note this in future one by one they too face such problems. Global level there is a master plan desighned for destroy hindu reform movements in India which would be a great danger to conversions.
Recently a research report indicates the slow down of the conversions of hindu society due to the impact of these reformers .
Yes , so they (ANTI HINDUS) are against him, -AND SEEING that its not easy to grapple with him , they try to hinder, abuse and vilify him in every way and lenin karuppan and some has came to their help- they must have gone mad with self centred desires, he (lenin) has told them that swamiji was a big fraud and rouge. And again he telling themthat he is leading a sinful life in specially unchaste for that they prepare this video.
My brother/ sister no good things can be done without obstructions. It is only who preserve to the end of succeed. Swamy Nithyananda Paramahamsa doing the lords work and whatever godleads he follow.
If this kind of false propaganda continues , in india please note this, after a decade “ you will be hanged in this country if you come to preach sanadana dharma, you will be burnt alive or you stoned out of the so called secular(anti hindu) elements.
Brother /sister we cant get rid of every things but not the cursed jealousy, that is a national sin with us ,speaking illof others.as said by swamy vivekananda ,acentury ago.
The wicked critisises the conduct of magnanimous which is extraordinary and whose motives are difficult to fathom.
We pity on the media ( not all but who involved in this dirty) which does not see the beauty of sanathanadharma. We pity the people who does not understant the ancient order and life of rishis and saints.
The media and so called secular(anti hindu) elements never react as this louder when the other spiritual preachers face real complaints even with strog evidence. The reason is they are non hindus and they are by religion minorities. Vote bank is there.
One thing not known to us , Sadhu Sangamam conference on 31/12/09 at bidathi ashrama many sadhus and sanyasis praised paramahamsha Nithyananda as An avatar of sri Ramakrishna and swami Vivekananda .now where they gone? Are they said lies on that day or now they afraid to come to support. If their words were true then why they denounce Him Now . if they do such thing even Vivekananda or sri Ramakrishna face such problems . how is their faith and speech.


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