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Support and humble pranams to divine Swamiji!!

My Support and Humble pranams from Swamiji!!!!
My humble pranams to divine sri sri Paramahamsa Shri Nithyananda.... I met swamiji three years back and since then my life has completely changed........I cant believe sometimes that I have spiritually awakened so much.......I would like to thank swamiji for coming in my life and also for many other thousands of human life. The recent media bashing against swamiji did not had the capacity to shake me or disturb me as with swamijis support I am being able to live the truth which swamiji has taught us......
The only sad part I felt was for general public who without even verifying they came to conclusion and passed judgement.
I have visited swamijis ashram many times and I found it to be the most disciplined and peaceful ashram...I enjoyed my time and had great spiritual expereinces to take back.
I would request all people to have patience before coming to conclusion.
We all canadian devotees support swamiji and infact if I tell the truth then we need more support from swamiji.....
My humble support to divine swamiji...
Arun from Canada......

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