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Support for my Master Nithyananda~!


Since the year 2007 changes had happen in my life eventually. Before that, I was very busy with my daily routine and had never think about my inner world because I was not in that path. All that I was doing is experiencing my outer world. After attended several swami's meditation such as ASP, NSP, BSP, KALPATHARU, HEALER'S INITIATION & NITHYANANDAM, I can see and feel my innerworld awakened with ultimate joy and all my hidden potential was revealed. My connection with swami is always in "MAHA BHAVA" and whenever I think of him I feel his presence although in my dream.

After I attentded NITHYANANDAM PROG. September 2009 which was conducted by swami himself in Bidadi ashram I changed to an energetic person even though I'm in my middle 40's. This is because I trust our master's word and fully surrender when a meditation technique is done with HIS presence & guidance which I understand as an "alchemy process." From the moment I do swami's meditation till now I can say I am in ocean of bliss.

So, I am proud of my guru PARAMAHAMSA NITHYANANDA because in this challenging situation HE never blame anybody but promise to heal all of us. WE MUST UNDERSTAND OUR "MASTER IS THE ULTIMATE LUXURY."





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