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Vairagya - Support to Swami Nithyananda

Swamiji, I sat in your Presence more than once (April & Nov 2009, Bellevue, WA) and felt the purity, enormity, integrity and authenticity of your spirit, space and compassion (upanishad).
>The truths you manifest as an enlightened Master I have sought, and only fleetingly experienced, for more than 40 years. You have shown me how to rise above, go beyond, “unclutch” from more than 30 years of pain (vairagya).
>Your teachings resonate (diksha moksha, over---“click”) with so many of the techniques I have learned from ordinary and extra-ordinary teachers, which I use as a holistic physician, counselor, jyotishi and spiritual teacher. >We both know that many humans stuck in the web of physical desires and samskaras are not ready for the truth of enlightenment and cosmic intelligence and will be threatened by your message, beauty, grace and power. (Rahu in Dhanus).
>May the Universal cosmic Light, which surrounds you and fills you also sustain you and allow you to float above the stormy seas of criticism, based clearly on fear, which only confirm what you are teaching.
> Thank you for your many Blessings and gifts toward enlightenment and your daily Presence in our hearts, as you promised. OM namah Shivaya NIthyanandam, Namaste, jyodevi (chitrajanma)
>To Lifebliss: you may use my comments, but please omit/ protect my email address!

Truth is relative! Add Light to your life. jo/jyo="Light" augur

- Jo Deevey

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