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Jai Bhagavan Nithyananda!

First of all,I would like offer my gratitude on my beloved swami's lotus feet.
Swami had transform my whole part of life.Before I know him,I lived like a wild animal,even worst than that.My life was full of chaos and depression in the age of 14 itself.There was no peace in my life.BUT SWAMI HAD CHANGE THE WHOLE DIMENSION OF MY LIFE.Now i am living a blissful and wonderful life because of him.He showers love,compassion and guide me like a father,mother,friend,life partner and master in every moment in my life. Thank you swami.He is the ultimate person in this universe that i know.Swami is this cosmic energy or in other word the god that had incarnated in the human form JUST FOR US.I do not know how to describe him in words because he is not a normal person or thing to be describe BUT HE IS AN EXPERIENCE TO BE ENJOYED.Please don't miss him.
With gratitude,

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