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Swami Nithyananda Shows us the Way

Swamiji's spiritual message has awakened and uplifted me and
continues to uplift me. I at first felt brokenhearted to
think that someone close to him would invade what little
privacy he has. I felt brokenhearted that those who live
with Swamiji would deny him anything, even what is said to
appear on the infamous video, given all that he does
everyday for others. But by and by the peace he instilled
in me so beautifully during Inner Awakening this past
December came again to fill my inner space in full, and all
the little cracks in my heart are mended.

I have been somewhat carried away by the back-and-forth in
the aftermath of the video's release, and completely
startled by the enmity of all those who have temporarily
forgotten that what we see is just a mirror reflecting our
own inner space. I am so thankful that Swamiji always
maintains an awareness of the inherent beauty and innocence
within himself. In this he shows us the way. If we all
knew our own, we would never feel a need to attack or

Thank you for this opportunity to lend a voice in support of
our Beloved Guru.


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