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Swamiji Nithyananda is not a ordinary being

Subject: Swamiji Nithyananda is not a ordinary being.

Swamiji did so much to the society, it's impossible to perceive by ordinary eyes.
Swamiji transferred millions of peoples lives to live much much better way than ever before.
Swamiji provided all tools to run beautiful life by teaching the essence of our Vedas, which is impossible to grasp in a short time.
Swamiji is a courageous being, who doesn't comprise to express Bold & True statements which might have hurt egoistic & influential people.

I believe the recent incidents against Swamiji is not the work of one person but by well planned influential egoistic team.
I believe the same old conspiracy created by egoistic people, who can't stand successful religious Guru's mission.

We (well wishers of Nithyananda) must team up to protect our guru, who is on a mission to help us & society.
We need to organize meetings to see what we can do to deal with forces against nithyananda.
I can put up a website for this cause, if it helps us (well wishers of Nithyananda) to communicate, coordinate, and organize actions.

I appreciate your comments.


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Sophia said...

Nithyanandam Suresh,

You are absolutely correct, the actions against Swami are an organized plan by egoistic and greedy parties who feel jealous. But more than jealous, they are driven by fear: fear of his influence, of his popularity and of his ability to create rapid positive change.
Evidence points to a coalition between political and right-wing religious interests. They have a great deal of money and have bought as much as they can in testimonials, police cooperation etc.
Witness the rapid reaction when it became known that the "tape" (oh god, I am so sick of hearing about that @@#$% tape) had insufficient evidence to prove rape. As we say in US, "Duh!" Meaning so obvious that only very stupid people would see otherwise.
BUT -- instantly the police "discover" a "victim". Discover = bribe and victim = greedy person accepting money to make -- anonymous of course -- statement.
In US this would not fly. Victim would be grilled and also put on court questioning by defendant's attorney.
I am really bewildered by Swami's poor legal counsel. I hear he has best counsel possible -- but they are doing a horrible, horrible job.
I am now wondering if they too are part of conspiracy. I have only basic legal understanding, but I could defend him better than they are doing.

Please put up your website! The more visibility the better!

in NIthyananda

Ma Sarvavidyaa Nithya

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