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Lion King and the Hyenas


When God created the jungle with the deers, LIONS and other animals, he also created packs of HYENAS.
These hyenas breed in the dark and when they come out they don't hesistate to tear anything down and have a piece of the game with their eerie laughter. That is just their true nature.

For all those who have seen the Disney movie Lion King, it is easy to see how the pack of hyenas behave.
They can never be the Lion! These hyenas which are having a field day on the internet or else where can NEVER surrender their life to the betterment of humanity and do what the young Master has done in his life right from his infancy.. for the sake of spirituality, for the sake of sharing the wealth of Vedic wisdom with everyone without bothering about age, creed, nationality or any boundaries.

It is upto us to decide whether we will keep on looking at these hyenas behaving in their natural instincts and get agitated about it..
Or just start start sending good wishes and good thoughts for our Master and the world. Let us strenghten what our Master has built for us.

It may be a futile effort on our part to convert a hyena into a Lion. Let hyenas be hyenas. Ignore them!

Thank You.

Blissful Devotee


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