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Nithyananda Swamiji: You have burnt our Karmas

Dear beloved Divine,
What am I experiencing is pure bliss, and how I'm not stressed up even though Your programs are not running anywhere, You are not around physically, I dont even know whats the outer world scenario today! But yet how am I able to really remain calm! How am I able to relate this with Divinity's Leela!!
How come unclutch is an automatic process without me giving any effort at all!!!
You have not only taken the brunt of accusations, but also dissolved all our Karmas negative engrams, not only that, sacks and sacks of the people's grumblings and issues vomitted on You, for over a long period.
The IRONY is You have drunk all of our karmas and our ILLNESS OUR DISEASES but yet.....people are hardly aware of that, and are stuck in suspicions of the poisonous infectious stories aired by dictators across the world.
You are in the process of dissolving and conteracting these poisons,
Meanwhile its our duty to stick to our mundane chores, living all the truths that You have delivered to the world!
Gratitude and Salutation to Your magnanimity!!!!
gayathri, chennai


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