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Swamiji - You are a light on Planet Earth

To my dear Satguru - Paramahamsa Nithyananda

Oh my compassionate guru, you made me experience DIVINE LOVE and LOVE as it is
Your compassion healed me from all my pains, guilt and cervix cancer
Your unconditional love taught me how to express the same unconditional love to my loved ones & fellow beings.
Your teachings awakened my bio-memory of why I've taken this birth - to realise my Self, no more unconscious births.
Your endless courage and inspiration gave me the strength to follow my heart by taking a jump, I am liberated from the grips of society.
Your innocence helped me to regain my innocence and play like a child with my son
The divine motherly quality you exude awakened my own divine feminine consciousness - that of a beloved and a mother
It's was only through this latest epdisode, I truly experienced the Shakti, Buddhi, Yukti, Bhakti & Mukti.
You gave me a new birth, a life of a Jivan Mukta.
You know that many souls are eagerly waiting for your healing and blessing, please come back
You said that everything is choicless auspicious, even though I know intuitively this scandal is a part of your divine leela, I felt the pain that you are carrying for all the unconsious negativities and suffering.
Oh my beloved guru, I truly await to the day you create a major shift in consciousness on planet earth!

In eternal gratitude,
Siew Yong


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