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Help me out here...


After the news of Swamiji's arrest, I decided to see why He was arrested...most topics from the media on the net goes like "An Indian Guru arrested over alleged sex scandal"...and then some media news mentions different courts that are refusing to give Him a bail...strange...I saw some had decided to deny Swamiji a bail back in March (already?). I also saw a Senator mentioned, He was promising to give a tough penalty to Swamiji...and the story goes...Swamiji is being accused of something they are calling 'obscenity'. Whatever that is I have no idea...actually the people who video taped, produced and shared with public should be accused ...at the age of 40 years I could not even get through a few seconds of what I heard was the most descent video they produced....Throughout my life I have heard many scandals..of top people but NEVER had ever seen that kind of disrespect...To be truthful...just by the topic anyone knows what it means...but the media could not leave it there...they just went on and on...I was touring Bangarole around that time...even in the PM there were vendors walking around the moving vehicles selling papers with Swamiji..or whoo they claimed to be Swamiji in those weird positions..and they were bringing it to people's faces....

After traveling from South to Northern India...looking at the papers, the media, Bill boards, even the tiniest television screen in the Train Stations, advertisements...everything almost or over 80% have sexual connotations to go with it...some are so obscene, surely it feels very funny when sitting and looking at it with kids or even older adults....and they put it right in front of EVERYBODY....and nobody says anything...they just enjoy quietly...and now media comes up with Swamiji scandal and everyone is talking...I saw a post of westerner asking "Is it illegal to have sex in India?"...The media is treating sex a if it is a new breakthrough...and they are treating Swamiji as if He is the first one to do it...The post continues...the Shiva Linga stands for union of male and female...and the act is a coomon phenomenol, that is how most of us got here...So what is the big deal...

My imagination about Indian culture, is that of brotherhood and sisterhood...I hear Bhaiya and Amma, and Ma being used at the beginning of most sentences...How would anyone allow themselves to watch their brother or sister, mother or father in those positions....Swamiji is my Mother and my father...I could not watch even more than seconds...How would I watch something like that even if it is untrue..It is like watching my own mother and father....even the thought is too strong...for most, Swamiji is a son, how would one watch or even think of a son in those positions....

Bob Marley said "You can fool some people, but you cannot fool all the people all the time"...I am sorry I am not able to take this whole thing at the face value....deep in my sixth sense, Swamiji's innocence, is speaking very loudly and flying very high...

For the new seekers, this is the game with Guru's with large following...I belonged to TM Movement for many years, this was the game, actually it was worse,...but we stuck through it ALL..He (Maharishi) was our Father...How could we leave our father...we were at home...so much security He gave us, warmth and love.... if you read books by Osho, you will see how many times He was arrested for no good reason...Swamiji is not an exception to this rule...He is too revolutionary and works fast, He is too scaring to the mind....If you have to leave a Guru, do not do it, in a hurry, do not do it because of a scandal, do not leave because of Family pressure...just do it because you learnt enough from that guru and it is time to update yourself or learn something else...And one most important thing leave with gratitude. With Gratitude...existence can only place in 'better hands'.

Hearing all these, I think it depend on an individual to decide..if we want to pursue our sadhana and be liberated or just keep coming and suffering life after life.....the sad thing seems like scandals are here to stay...so every time we are born some scandal will happen..with one Guru or the other...so it is our decision to stay or fly off....and try another time, and another etc

Be Blissful

By, In and With Paramahamsa Sri Nithyananda Forever

Ma Nithya Lavanaa


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