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Support for Paramahamsa Nityananda from Australia

Staunch Supporters of Nithyananda in Australia

We vehemently condemn the news media of India. This is not the first time Media is playing with Masters' like Swami Nithyananda, media did this several other Master's in the past and continue to do this to several other Masters' in future. We all support Nithyananda Mission very strongly to go to any extend to stop Media from attempting to defame our Master in fuure. We all had strong experience with the initiation received from the great master. Although we are thousands of miles away from India, we get the strong feeling that our mother land's culture and tradition is felt through our Great Master's discourses in you tube.

We support with strong voice against those responsibile for this unfortunate happening and wish to suppress Media along with rotten political hands involved in this incident. Please go ahead and file a defamation case against those responsible and we offer our strong support in connection to this action against those responsible.

Jai Swami Paramahamsa Nithyananda

(Nithyananda's Mission Support, Australia)


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