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Healing Needed


My Dear Swamiji,

I am not bouthering about any news in TV, Magazine and any persons thoughts and comments. I am 100% Swamiji is TRUE. NYo one can Breake it. I am requested swamji to start leela enable to proof SATHYA and THARMA. Not only swamiji proof themself. I thing most of the devoties full supporting to dhyanapeetam. I am happy to supporting swamiji in this situvation and pray Arunagiri Yogeswara to come back swamiji start again only beleiving persons.

I am also expecing to start healing tower to heal those who calling in healing tower. I am very eager to meet swamiji. I am once again asking swamiji to heal me and heal my father and mother. I am affected gudiness problem due to stress and tensed. My father and mother severly affected knee pain unable to tolerate. Kindly inform swamiji to heal me and my father and mother also.

I am also expecting once again healing initation from swamiji (I am already healer) to start deeply to heal any affected person. I am very much interested to heal. Because I am affected and I want to relife it. The same process to heal for any affected person with SWAMIJI healing power.

Kindly inform this message to Swamiji for the same.

Thnaks & Regards
Rasipuram & Coimbatore


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