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Swamiji is divine

Dear All,

I have been meaning to write about my experiences with swamiji. I was totally lifted from the grief i was going through due to my husband in the last stages of cancer. After he passed away in last June I attended 'Inner Awakening' in December. The meditations and his life solutions were so helpful in achieving peace. Even the smallest problem would disappear once i attached the awareness to my problem. Normal chores became much more joyful. It seemed like impossible strength was given to me. The physical strength and mental clarity was all his doing. Swamiji also teaches about facing the fears. I love my life but if i have to die tomorrow, i would have no fear. Before i met swamiji even hearing about someone's death, i would cringe.

All these kind of experiences not a normal human can give to anyone. If somebody says he is using some magical or tantric powers, so be it, if it is for the human good. How many people can give these kind of experiences and make people feel blissful.
Talking about the Lust , there is no way he could or would have anything of that, Because he can eliminate that from other people.
He is my guru and will always be. If ever anything happened to him for next 70 years media will definitely have to answer for that.

- Vilas Amin


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