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Appreciation to Swamiji

My first experience about SwamiG was - He speaks the truth, that I myself haven't realized. I do not want to say I am always right, but this truth wasn't about an ordinary thing that I myself can check on some information source, if it is truth or not. This truth was about life itself and seemed that the questions, wich were answered by this truth, cannot be answered at all, though there are millions of philosophical books. This truth was the answer before You even ask a question. This truth was not only for the sake of the truth, but it has brought tremendous inner peace to me. I do not know how someone could imagine that I could believe in someone's lies about SwamiG instead of the truth that attracted me to his teachings in the first place.

The wisdom and joy of SwamiG has really helped me to be in peace in hard moments and to succeed in my career, though I only saw Him on Youtube videos. At the moment I have a master degree in Bussiness administration and work in the government institution. His teachings is very practical and with no doubt I could recomend it to anyone as the best solutions to their own life situations.

with Love and Appreciation,
Mindaugas Baronas from Lithuania, European Union


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