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Support for Swami Nithyananda

I live in Canada, and it is a shameful thing what some Indians and Indian government are doing to Swami Nithyananda ji.

I attended Swamiji's seminar once in Toronto in September 2009, and I was so impressed by the depth of his knowledge, clarity, compassion. I could genuinely feel the spiritual power of Swamiji. I have read many of his books and watched many sessions on You Tube since. Swaminij's discourses and discussions helped me tremendously in my spiritual quest. I also know many others who have been benefited a great deal by his teachings.

It is hard to believe that India with such a long tradition of spirituality can be so disrespectful to an enlightened being - it is really sad and disturbing.
Whether the alleged sex tape is all true or not is not the issue. If some of it is true, some things need to be corrected. But tt does not make Swamiji a criminal.

Besides, all the contributions that Swamiji has made towards humanity in all parts of the world, particularly India, are absolutely forgotten by these manic people accusing Swamiji of criminal activities.

Swamiji has so much to offer to humanity.
His love for humanity is deep, He hurts no one.
He deserves respect.
He needs to be left in peace to do his work.

Wake up India!!

Vicky S.


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