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Wake up!!! It's been long enough

Hi All,

I am Manoj Thomas,

Let me tell you I never knew god existed until i saw speeches of nityananda swami,
Already we made the biggest mistake of our life time by crucifying our lord Jesus Christ.
Now whenever some one is kind and nice. It is our nature to crucify him/her and extract the blood out of them.

In no religion it says we cannot have sex, Ex: The person with the most wisdom in christianity (Solomon had 700 wifes and 300 concubines and in hindu, krishna had 34000 wifes, bramha ( the creator married his own daughter ( Saraswati ) and many more thousands of examples.
This does not mean they all are bad persons and should be punished.
Its their personal life, so we cannot comment on that. What we really want is , they we kind and helpful to mankind.

I personally support nityananda swami for his immense knowledge, I dont care who he sleeps with, its his business.
You point your finger towards him when you can prove you are clean and you never sinned even once.

So people think of the good things he has done to humanity, Let not lose him and worry later.

Please think positively and take wise decision.

Once i heard a speech by swamiju telling the difference between UPASANA AND VIPASANA.
its so true

Our people did not believe or lord ( jesus christ ) when he lived among us, how would they believe that you are the chosen one.

Wake up people, its high time...


Manoj Thomas
Toronto, Canada


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