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Please come back swamiji ....

Swamiji words and teachings are amazing gifts to the world.

The main reason for the these types of rumours to spread is that in the people mind they have some shaft of the scandals and negative news. Once any type of these scandals are heard from media they associate the news with other scandals in their mind (without even bothering weather it is true or not) and create shaft of bad things.They are elongating this negative shaft unconsciously which is more and more dangerous . Media and other sources takes this advantage very much and make the news more and more complicated to run their business . Its time to realise that these shafts does not exits and stand only for the experience that happens which is beyond these ups and downs.

After hearing the news today I am really shocked and its really paining to see the negativity of the society. If anyone judging the person based on the facts than it will be perfectly alright. Instead people are collecting the arguments for the predetermined unconsciousness judgement. Let them keep on judging based on the false news generated from the medias and other sources.

Now we want to realise ourselves through teaching of the beloved master. Please comeback for the sake of true devotees and please guide us towards Jivan Mukthi swamiji.

Please come back Swamiji and continue to direct us.Please come back Swamiji , Please come back...

My Mother and Father stay in India. Whenever i feel lonely in abroad Swamiji words and discourses and meditation techniques are the only weapons to attack any depressions.

I am Agni Appojit Nagaraj working in one of the Software company in Netherlands. I am devotee of Pramahamsa Nityananda


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