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Come and support the master!!!

Calling All Disciples & Devotees,

The injustice continues. Please put down all the work you are doing... and come in hundreds and thousands to the High Court in Bangalore on Friday.

Show Your support to the Master who has supported you night and day in your spiritual journey without judging you, with just an out pouring of Compassion.

Come and show Your peaceful support and be with the Master !!!

( If your immediate biological family member was in the court today, would you be at home or at your work? No... )

This Master has embraced each one in worst sufferings as HIS own child and healed and cured and uplifted all of us !

COME by the Thousands ! Come and support the Master !

Thank You !

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Sophia said...

Nithyanandam friends,

I'm there in spirit! My body is in Seattle awaiting my visa to return to India -- but my heart and soul are at the Bangalore High Court supporting SwamiJi!!!!

Deep thanks to those of you who are attending in person!!!

in Nithyananda

Ma Sarvavidyaa Nithya

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