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Swamiji is one of my beautiful masters!

Dear all,

I consider Swamiji Nithyananda Paramahamsa as one of my many
Masters with a living body.
My main Master is Guruji Sri Sri Ravi Shankar (from Art Of Living).

Unlike most other disciples/devotees (in all organizations), I see
all Masters as different forms of the same One All-pervading
Consciousness. So I do my best not to miss a chance to be in the
physical presence of any of these Beings, although I just follow my
Gurudev's techniques for my daily Sadhana (otherwise too many
techniques causes confusion).

A friend of mine had introduced me to Swamiji's youtube videos,
and I simply got hooked by them. The connection was instantaneous.
I just love His videos and am so glad that they are free on youtube.

Whenever I watch His discourses, the Being in me just resonates
in agreement. Something inside me says "Yes! That is Exactly how it is!
How else could it be?". He puts Truth in such simple, beautiful words.

Each new video I watch, I almost feel as if something within me opens.

It is hard to believe that a fake can do that. Whenever I hear His
discourses, intuition tells me that He is speaking the Truth from Direct

I have never found any difference in what Swamiji says from what
my Gurudev (or for that matter from what any True Master) says.
They just use different words and different examples.

Although sadly each devotee/disciple keeps arguing that only his
Master is the greatest of all (just like religions). Most of them limit
the Master to his physical form and name.

This is why I was impressed when Swamiji (in one of His videos)
encouraged seekers to go to different Masters (not in the wrong
sense of Guru shopping, but to appreciate that techniques and
Grace of all Masters are equally valid and would lead us to radiate
Love and Enlightenment). This prevents devotees from becoming
close-minded and developing a fortress mentality ("ours is the only
and the best way" kind of thinking).

After nearly an year of watching His videos, I finally had a chance to
attend one of His Kalpataru programs in Los Angeles in His physical
presence last year (October 2009). It was a one-day event at the
beautiful Vedic Temple. I had done quite a few meditation programs
under different Masters before so I went with no special expectations.

I have to be honest here. That experience literally blew my mind away.
I had done several meditation programs under different Masters, but
that meditation in Kalpataru program with Swamiji was by far the most
intense meditation I have ever done!!! It was simply unbelievable. Literally

I don't know why all this scandal happened. I am not sure even if I am
qualified to guess. Words cannot express how grateful I am to have
come across Swamiji and His Teachings in my life. I believe it to be
because of the grace of the Guru.

I will only say this "May Truth Win"

Jai Gurudev,


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