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Wake up to reality!


Now some media seems to be kicking up a sensational dust about funds - especially in MILLIONs and CRORES. Be Aware, Just looking at these words may send some of the mass reeling in awe !

They say total assets may be $5.7 million and net gain for whole year may be approximately $ 2.2 million. This is PEANUTS .. We can't even buy a good apartment in New York for $2 million dollars. Most big cities good homes with gardens cost millions of dollars.

Now WE are running a global Organization. Most organizations in India and world wide have HUNDREdS of MILLIONS of dollars in net gain for their progress.
What can we do with $ 2 million dollars which is approximately Rs 19 crore when most political and spiritual and religious leaders gleefully came and inaugurated our 2012 Mission Vision project which needs Rs 205 CRORE just for build up!

How do we raise the rest of the Rs 185 crore from? which is almost $20 million ? We have seen lines and lines of people come for free stuff - free satvic food, free blessings, free medical camps, any free meditation programs, but when it comes to raising money or standing up for us where are they?

Instead we have a BUNCH OF ONE EYED YELLOW media looking at $ 2 million dollars and ballooning up and creating mass negativity and trying to sway the mass into negativity.
The projects we have were solely for the general mass, for the public - to raise their consciousness and intelligence.

See the lifestyle of our Master and all ashramites. It bare necessities, simple slippers, simple clothing, simple satvic food, basic travel, minimum belongings simple living - no TV, no glamour - Where as on the output side - full of positive energy working for 18 to 20 hours each day , solely for the mission, with full of LOVE AND COMPASSION, ever smiling and ever welcoming !

Can we find Such a lifestyle anywhere in the society ?

Wake up see the Reality -

Thank You


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