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A new wave of Terrorism EXPOSED!

A new wave of Terrorism exposed -> Psychological Terrorism: the culprit-> the media, their target ->the common man

The havoc that has been created by the media in the lives of the ordinary man can be termed as “Psychological Terrorism”. Terrorist organizations set out in creating fear in the minds of people. Terrorists: when they carry guns and rifles: people recognize them. Unfortunately, when they carry pens, camera and mikes, people are yet to recognize them for who they are. One is unclear what the terrorists gain by their actions. Why they go about planting bombs, killing innocent people. The same can be said about the “sensational news” and rumors generated by the media. One doesn’t know why they do it. But it is clear they want to create fear, confusion, chaos.

I see a similar pattern emerging in the current scenario. The terrorist activity is now turned psychological. The instrument in use is the media. Spreading false rumors, bizarre stories, overloading people with daily “sensational” news intended to create mistrust, loss of faith is the form that terrorism has taken today. People have been caught unawares. Their minds are simply being manipulated with daily doses of such ridiculously horror stories. Not giving the mind time to analyse what’s going on, not giving the people the time to use their common sense but to simply lap it all up straight from the mouth of the media!

Man without meditation becomes a victim to these psychological terrorist activities without even being aware of it. Sad to say… but the common man himself adds fuel to the fire by reacting to these and adding to these rumors by their violent reactions.

As many of us devotees are clearly saying “The media is throwing nonsensical rumors and headlines about Swamiji with such utter callousness. And this is happening everyday. Trying to mold the opinion of the common man – who may not have even heard of Swamiji until media put Him in the limelight!! The intention of the media wasn’t good which is apparent from the fact that they choose to put information that does not even stand for itself! ”

Shame on the media… Shame on the journalists who work for these media… Shame on them for not having tried to find out the truth…

Nithya Rakshita


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