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It's high time...

High time to go with the slippers & the broom sticks & banners to stop the malicious defamation attempts & assacination of the charachter & personal privacy of the master & his ashram, in large mass to ETV, SUN TV & Lenin's house,police department & judicial department.Like how kalki bhagavan's dasjies demanded the arrest of those who tried to defame the pure relationship with their Guru/Bhagavan infront of the police & judges.Let us do hunger strike to release Nithyananda & to protest the arrest without even giving the benefit of doubt & trail. will they arrest cm's or pm's son if anyone complaints of rape, molestation, smuggling,illegal occupation of the land ect in the same way?Yadiyurappa has occupied the whole streets of shimoga city as his private property. anyone is there to question the execution of dharma on this earth?Nithyananda's lawyer should be a person with deep commitment to get justice to the Ashram & it's founder.many blessings to your defamtion petition.

- Kalika


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