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Extending my support to Swami Nithyananda

Dear devotees/supporters of Sri Nithyananda,
I'd like to extend my support in these trying times. I regularly read through this website "standup-for-nithyananda" and cannot but see how many lives have been touched in a positive way. I've never seen swamiji in person, in fact I didn't even know about him until sept of 2009 when his he was planning his trip to NY, USA.

One suggestion/request I'd make is please start a website/blog etc that'll "debunk" all this non-stop nonsense coming out of the media. There is simply so many inconsistencies, rumors, hearsay and gossip mongering that's masquerading as "News"...

Setting up a website that'll debunk the myths that's being peddled in the name of News is the best service to Swamiji at this time.... Even if actual truth is not available at this time, to expose the inconsistencies in the media reporting itself will go a long way to counter the negativity...

Please do the needful.
Best wishes


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