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People start acting immediately

Hi All,

I am writing this mail, because i am in sick of frustration, i am regular reader of swamiji's presentation in net.
From first day i am being the regular student of swami. Even i cannot sit without thinking of swamiji in the current situation.

But i am wondering how many people got cured by his touch.. How many people got awakened by his teachings. How many poor people got meal for their hungry stomach... why no one, I am wondering why you people could not able to raise against the culprit.. Lenin Karuppan (crimincal case against this guy in salem for illegal selling of magnet bed).

- Why there is no support rally didn't take place..?

- I am asking you people.. After joining a political party, after working their as a sweaper for three years.. if i tell these political leaders took money or they rapped several girls.. If i tell that will police man arrest that leaders without any proper evidence? first of all will they accept that complaint ?

- If i tell "they raped me " in phone as a mimicry artist can do this.. will they accept this as a victim..

- See, if a girl really got rapped by swamiji, definitly she would have come forward.. (as a girl came against sitting minister in karnataka).. Why no-one came forward.. because no -one is there?

- What they want, they wants to defame "Swami Nithyananda!" they wants to defame hindu Gurus.. they wants stop hinduism...

- Why nakkeeran and other media is defaming swami.. ? They wants money from missionaries.. They wants to do "jaaldra" for suntv.

- I feels shame because this lenin karruppan is a tamilian...

- People who ever got healed by him.. please come forward.. send telegraphs/emails to President, PM, CMs, judges.. what you have got.. Tell them how is ur mother/father/sister/brother after getting healing from swamiji..

- I am appealing the devottees from all oever the world file a case against that lenin karuppan by asking to him to produce "vitness",, by asking "evidence" in front of the court..

- I know No-One is perfect in this world.. But before telling against anybody please see yourself first?
I am praying .. People who ever got healing.. got transformation please raise!!



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